West Charleton Grange - Logo Design for Print for Self Catering Accommodation Devon

West Charleton Grange have high quality self-catering accommodation and needed high quality printed material and website to help get their message across.

The brand

When West Charleton Grange first met Formoda back in 2007 they were happy with their style and marketing material but Formoda opened their eyes as to what was possible.

By slowly introducing a new style, fonts and colours Formoda have subtly evovled the brand to compliment the 5 star nature of their accommodation.

West Charleton Grange - Brand development

Design for print

One of the first tasks Formoda were asked to help West Charleton Grange with was their printable brochure from the website. It was imperative that potential guests were conveyed with the high quality nature of the cottages. Further marketing material and advertising have since followed suit.

West Charleton Grange - Design for Print

Website design

The new West Charleton Grange website was launched in Feburary 2010.

West Charleton has a fabulous location and the high quality of their cottages have earned them the Enjoy England Gold Award. Formoda's task was to convert this into a website which illustrated this on the computer screens of their potential holiday visitors.

Use of good photography was essential as was creating a website that was easy for visitors and West Charleton to use. West Charleton can keep the website up to date using Formoda's simple but clever content management system Also the new website will work on many more browsers and computers than ever before and therefore be accessible to many more potential vistors.

Hazel and John Bustin from West Charleton Grange were always happy with their existing website and got many good comments but they felt that it was time for a change.

Some quotes about the new website from West Charleton Grange visitors:

  • "Wow the new website is faaaaabulous and amaaaaazing"
  • "Btw, have just seen your new website - congrats, looks awesome!"


West Charleton Grange - Website Design West Charleton Grange - Website Design

What they think

Keeping our clients happy is the way we build our business and our reputation.

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West Charleton Grange - What they think