Touchwood Save for the Future - Eco Investments and Plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand

With plantations and offices in 7 countries worldwide, Touchwood's brand and website needed to be professional, consistent and multi-lingual.

The brand

The Touchwood logo was widely known but needed some work. We weren't able to change it completely but evolve it to make it more consistent and professional. We also developed the brand to include set fonts, colours and guidelines.

The key next step was to ensure that the brand and guidelines were used consistently in different countries by different offices and designers. We therefore created their corporate style guide which stipulates how the brand should and shouldn't be used in any corresponce or marketing material.

Touchwood - Brand development

Web Design and Development

The re-development of the Touchwood website was one of the core remits of the re-brand and design.

As an International investment company, the Internet provides Touchwood with an excellent opportunity to promote themselves to a global market place. The previous website (like many) had been added to over time, so it was important to start again, create a fresh design and include the core elements much more effectively.

The new website is easy to update by a number of people in different locations and also available in multiple languages (many of which are currently being written).

Touchwood - Website Design

Brochures and Fact Sheets

Touchwood need to promote their investment products in a number of ways. All of the new designs from promotional brochures to powerpoint presentations are following the new corporate guidelines developed by Formoda.

Each product will have a fact sheet which provides some general information on the product and then a more detailed product brochure.

Each of these is designed and laid out by Formoda in a number of different languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese, to help Touchwood promote their investments in Europe, the US, Africa, the Far East and any other possible markets.

Touchwood - Brochures and Fact Sheets Touchwood - Brochures and Fact Sheets

What they think

Keeping our clients happy is the way we build our business and our reputation.

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Touchwood - What they think