Property Frontiers Innovation in Investments - Corporate Branding and Email Marketing for Oxford base investment company

We've built up a wealth of on and offline material to support one of the world's leading property and alternative investment companies.

The brand

Property Frontiers had a long established brand, which all agreed wasn't quite in keeping with their successful international investment reputation. Following consultation we decided to evolve the brand rather than completely redevelop it.

Once we had evolved the brand we re-designed their stationery, business cards and email signatures. We also created a corporate style guide which would ensure that all of their marketing material, whether designed by Formoda or not, would follow these core brand guidelines.

Property Frontiers - Brand development

Brochures & Prospectuses

Property Frontiers showcase each of their investment opportunities with a detailed Investment Prospectus.

Each of these prospectuses or brochures is designed incorporating the Property Frontiers brand and the individual images, brand and style of the relevant investment opportunity.

Property Frontiers - Brochures & Investment Prospectuses

Emails and Landing Pages

Property Frontiers have embraced the benefits of email marketing as a successful and cost effective way of promoting their investment opportunities.

Formoda have created a range of email templates to ensure that each investment is marketed correctly and the calls to action encourage receivers to contact Property Frontiers.

Email receivers are then directed towards website landing pages, where they are encouraged to subcribe to receive a brochure or investment prospectus.

Property Frontiers - Emails and Landing Pages

What they think

Keeping our clients happy is the way we build our business and our reputation.

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Property Frontiers - What they think