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Your presence online needs to be found. For this you need an effective online marketing strategy from people who actually know how (us).

Online Marketing

So you have a great website but, unless people know your domain name, how will they find it? One of the key ways to get noticed amid the jungle of online competitors is to execute an effective online marketing strategy - helping you to get greater exposure and build up a loyal brand following. The two main ways to achieve this is by optimising your website for search engines and embracing social media.

We help you get the most out of your website and brand by training you and your staff in Online Marketing and showing you which solutions work best for your business.

Social Media not just for the kids anymore. Research has shown that many companies underestimate the power of Social Media - not only can it help you to build up your brand and engage directly with your clients and potential customers, but your company will also receive greater exposure. Who knows who will stumble upon your website because of something that was posted on a social network?

We'll get you underway by setting you up on the relevant social networks - making sure your corporate brand identity is followed throughout - and providing training for you and your staff so that you are in control.

Objectives - helping you to define what objectives you are hoping to achieve from social media to make sure you get the most of it.

Relevant networks - helping you to identify the social media networks that are most suited to your business needs and objectives.

Account set up - setting up your company's accounts on the relevant platforms, preserving your corporate brand identity throughout.

Training - showing you and your staff how to use your business' social media accounts and advising you on how best to achieve your pre-defined objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation

... is absolutely essential for achieving greater visibility on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Without optimisation, your website is in effect invisible to search engines and their users who tend to only visit the top-ranking websites, with many ignoring the results on the following pages. Which links do you click when doing an online search?

Undoubtedly, you already have a great website but we can help you remove the Invisibility Cloak from your site with bespoke solutions to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Keyword Research - researching which phrases are used by your potential market and which ones will work best for you.

Website Structure and Meta Data - making sure the website is coded appropriately to optimise visual appearance of key phrases and attractiveness to search engines, including key phrases in page titles and descriptions.

Mod re-write - turning your website address into search engine friendly page names.

Site Maps - both static and XML site maps will help increase your search engine rankings.

Link Building - publicising your website and generating good initial links.

Online PR - increasing the popularity of your website by writing and submitting press releases.

We can help you set and execute an effective online marketing strategy to make sure that your business stands out from the online crowd.

If you'd like to discuss what Formoda can do for your business just call us on 08450 510 366. We talk in plain English and we're very nice.

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