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The Brief

As independent financial advisors in the UK, with a high level of customer service, IMC have access to a full range of financial products, but their old website just didn't reflect it! So IMC asked us to create a responsive and modern website, which reflects their experience and professionalism while also providing a detailed introduction to all of their services. Our aim was to draw customers in and get them past the home page!

The Challenge

IMC's previous website was outdated and didn't reflect their level of service and expertise - we had to design and build a user-friendly site that reflects the IMC brand and promotes the business.

The Solution & Key Services

We provided IMC with a holistic website design and build solution to bring the quality of their website in line with the quality of service IMC's clients receive face-to-face. Our key services included:

  • Brand evolution
  • Website design, development and build
  • Copywriting all content
  • Website and email hosting
  • Integration with an existing IRESS mortgage table, which streams the latest mortgage rates straight to the website

Each of the above services were vital to create the IMC website, but what about after the website has gone live? We also set IMC up with Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, so they can effectively analyse their website traffic and usage data to measure return on investment (ROI) and make intelligent marketing and business decisions. We're helping IMC to review their data and ensure they're making the most of their online presence!

The Result

IMC said that feedback since launch has been 'amazing' - this is down to a host of reasons: a great looking site which is user-friendly, an easy-to-use CMS and high-quality, ongoing support from the team here at Formoda!

"The number of users online has doubled and, business wise, we are able to reach customers from areas and countries we never thought of."

We provided IMC with a modern, responsive website which customers find 'easy to navigate and quite intuitive'. The client also said that the 'information is displayed in a very neat and clean way, allowing the user to focus on what really matters.'


The site runs on our bespoke CMS, which IMC described as 'simply great - it couldn't get any easier' to use. Our CMS, built in-house by the team, is very popular amongst our clients. It offers an in-content editing functionality, which makes it far more user-friendly and flexible than other solutions like Wordpress. We can also easily provide clients with extra, bespoke functionality without having to hack - it's details like this which can make a website even more appealing to users.

IMC also said that 'the Formoda team are always available to help. They have a great team that make things happen, and they are always so professional and supportive. We couldn't be happier!' No wonder our clients keep coming back!

As with all of our clients, we continue to provide IMC with ongoing support with any bugs or amends they wish to make.

If you're looking for a new website, we would love to hear from you! Contact our talented team on 01803 840 898.

<![CDATA[Celebrating 9 years of thoughtful creativity]]>

Can you believe it - we're already a quarter of the way through 2016! As Easter approaches, we're once again reminded that our company has grown another year older - and is now only a year away from double-digits!

It has been a busy year of challenges, improvements and expansion for us. Let's recap...

More accounts, new team members, company growth

While continuing to service our existing client accounts, we've also taken on some fantastic new accounts with exciting projects both on and offline. We've been contending with innovative business ideas, technical challenges, tight (!) deadlines, high-end print specifications, brand developments and more' and we've loved (almost) every minute of it! We've been pushing ourselves and our clients beyond the limits of what's "comfortable" - and it's incredibly satisfying when the end product delivers great results.

Of course, we couldn't do all of this without our incredible team, which has grown in strength over the past 12 months. Our Client Services team is bigger than ever before to make sure we continue to provide a consistently high level of service while our company grows. In addition, the Design and Development teams have both been joined by talented and enthusiastic new staff members.

So what's next?

Last year, we teased that 'something big is coming'. Before you think it was all just a big joke, we do in fact have some BIG news in the pipeline over the coming 12 months. With all that company growth and a weighty workload, our plans have simply been delayed a little bit but we're now back working full-steam towards our very exciting but secret plan.

Thank you

We'd like extend a huge thank you to all our clients for your continued support - we wouldn't be here without you and will be fondly thinking of you all when popping the champagne and cutting the cake a little later today. Whilst it's probably a little far for our clients in America, Africa and Asia, more local ones are welcome to pop over!

<![CDATA[Brochure refresh... A marriage made in heaven! ]]>

The Brief

Tasked with redesigning their wedding brochure, the driving force behind this was a desire to evolve the brand experience to offer a more truthful and accurate representation of Penton Park's unique offering.

The Challenge

The challenge was clear, and if executed correctly, was expected to deliver KPI's such as:

Converting initial enquiries to viewings, with the intention of ultimately, increasing wedding venue bookings.

Ensuring couples understood the brand, ethos and wedding offering ahead of viewing the estate. By doing this, Penton Park hoped to engage and educate couples to the point that they were 90% committed before booking a viewing.

What did we do?

Brochure refresh for Penton Park

Getting "under the skin" of Penton Park and its offering was key for us. In order to design a brochure that really worked hard, it was vital to understand the major driving forces behind Penton Park. As a unique family run business, we wanted to know their motives, unique selling points and all the stories in between! Attention to detail was paramount to creating a brochure that truly reflected the Rolfe family and their offering.

In addition, we ensured the brochure detailed key information, clearly answering clients' questions, and displayed easy to understand costings, leaving no surprises to deter them from committing to a date.

Essentially, we repositioned their offering so that Penton Park's visual identity was more in line with that of other prestige competitors. We simplified their brand message, and evolved this to create a more high-end, luxury and visual product.

The Results

Brochure refresh for Penton Park

Since Penton Park started using their new brochure, they have seen a significant increase in bookings. They directly attribute this to the new brochure, and are finding that the couples who choose to view the house are already completely sold on the venue.

"Since using our new brochure we have had a conversion rate of 85% on our wedding viewings from visiting for a viewing to confirming a booked date. Prior to introducing the new brochure our conversion rate was around 50%. Other more established wedding venues guide us that a conversion rate of 33% is good, so 85% is astronomical!"

Furthermore, an absolute testament to the brochure is that Penton Park recently received a booking from an international couple. On the back of receiving the brochure, they booked a flight to visit the house, pencilled in a date, and confirmed their booking the day they visited. "They had actually decided as soon as they saw the brochure and didn't even view anywhere else!"

For Penton Park, not only are they seeing an increase in bookings, but they are also saving time and money. All of their booked viewings are with couples who really understand their brand, ethos and offering. These clients are fully aligned with Penton Park's vision, hence why there is a higher conversion rate!

As a full service creative agency, we can help take your business forward with beautifully designed, visually consistent promotional material to suit your marketing strategy - online & offline. Call us now on 01803 840898 for a chat or arrange a meeting with coffee and cake!

<![CDATA[Web Performance Optimisation]]> When considering a new website, performance might not be at the top of your list of 'must haves'. Creative flair and engaging content are vital of course but did you know that a slow website is likely to cost you in lost revenue, reduced user engagement and lower search engine rankings? Speed matters.

Web performance optimisation is the act of streamlining your website to increase your site's speed. Read on to discover what impact this can have on site usability and conversion rates and gain insight on what can be done to improve it.

Why does it matter?

According to research, a 1 second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer views and a 7% loss in conversions. Website performance is even more important on mobile devices - users who are on the go expect the same level of responsiveness with 71 percent of users expecting sites to load on smartphones just as fast as they load on desktop computers.

Website performance optimisation helps your website on a number of different levels, most importantly user satisfaction and search engine rankings:

User Satisfaction

With the average (unfocused) attention span of humans dropping to 8.25 seconds from 12 seconds over 15 years, it's had a significant effect on our patience. An alarming 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, making it even more important to ensure your visitors have the best user experience possible. Wait time is a key factor that strongly affects user experience, reducing this will increase return visitors and the amount of time they will stay on your site.

User satisfaction

Getting your users on your site more frequently and getting them to stay for longer will ultimately have an effect on your site's conversion rate, allowing you to get the most out of your ecommerce platform, increase subscribers, propagate brand awareness and more. Walmart decided to better their web performance and found that for every 1 second of improvement they experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions. For every 100 ms of improvement, they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%.

Search Engine Rankings

There are two ways to measure your website performance. 'Time to first byte' (TTFB) is the time it takes for the web server to respond to your page request while 'Page load time' (PLT) is the total time it takes for your website to load. Both should be optimised as a lower TTFB is proven to have a positive effect on your search engine rankings whilst PLT is an important factor from a user's perspective.

Time to first byte

Google and other search engines look at site and social statistics to determine whether your site is the right fit for a searcher's query. The knock-on effect from providing a better user experience means that your site will undoubtedly rank higher. Win win.

What We Do

At Formoda we thoroughly optimise code and content to get your website to your users as quickly as possible. Here's just some of the optimisations we apply to the sites we design and build:

Hosting & Cloud Services

At Formoda we recommend hosting your website in the country where the majority of your visitors will be from. Having the website hosted on a server closer to your visitors will significantly reduce the TTFB. Our main web servers are hosted at a purpose-built data center in Maidenhead, UK which provides good connectivity throughout the UK and western Europe.

When you have a particularly high traffic website, are hosting many files, or have a global audience we can integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. AWS provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, from file storage to virtual servers and because the same technologies are used to power Amazon's range of global e-commerce sites, you can be sure they are robust, reliable and well supported.

Darren Heath, world-renowned F1 Photographer, approached us to build a website to showcase his photos. As his website attracts tens of thousands of visits per month from 180+ countries, he needed a scalable solution for the storage and delivery of his high-resolution photography. We integrated Amazon's S3 file storage service to provide unlimited storage and Amazon CloudFront to provide the fastest possible load time for his images and static assets.

Time to first byte

Another advantage of using AWS S3 is that you can optionally integrate Amazon CloudFront. With CloudFront, your content (be it images, videos, files) is replicated across many servers around the world. When a user requests your content, their request is routed to their nearest geographical server which helps reduce the response time so they get the content faster. There are also other Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that we can integrate with including MaxCDN and CloudFlare.

There are a plethora of other cloud services that can help speed up your site. If your site has a large amount of data to search we recommend using a dedicated search service such as Algolia. Algolia uses their powerful indexing algorithms to provide relevant results at the speed of a keystroke without the need to maintain your own hardware. Here's a site that uses Algolia.


Caching is simply the process of storing data that has already been generated once so that it is quicker to retrieve the next time it's requested.

All sites built on our latest CMS platform are cached on the web server. This involves storing a pre-generated version of the page and serving that to all website visitors to help significantly reduce the time the page takes to load. A secondary advantage of the Formoda caching system is that you can make amends and edits to your site without them going live immediately. Once you are happy with the changes, you simply click 'publish' and the content management system will regenerate the cache and start displaying your changes.

The other side to caching is on the client-side. This simply means storing website data on your computer so next the time you visit it, everything loads much faster. Without client-side caching, for every page you visited your browser would need to re-fetch the website's assets, many of which could be unchanged, wasting time and bandwidth.

For appropriate client-side caching, pages and data sent from the web server need to be sent with a correctly configured cache-control header. One of the most important values here is 'max-age' which controls how long the resource remains stored on your device. The longer the max age, the longer that resource will remain stored. It's important to try and find an appropriate balance so that resources are cached for as long as possible whilst not too long so as they become out-dated. There's no need for you to worry about this though, as we configure and monitor this so that you don't have to.

Minification and Compression

Everyone likes a website with fantastic sharp imagery. However, images take up 64% of the average web page so it's important to keep the right balance between having sharp imagery and the impact it could have on your website's performance.

Reducing the amount of images your website uses and their quality can provide quick improvements to your site's speed.

Bandwidth consumption comparison chart

Other methods of reducing the amount of bandwidth and time your images use are compression and the use of sprites:

Sprites are specifically for images that are used as icons. A sprite image consists of all your icons placed side by side in a single file, we then tell the browser which section of that file to use to display the correct icon. The use of sprites cut down the amount of files your browser would have to request from the server as many images can live in a single file. Although the sprite file would be larger, reducing the amount of requests speeds up your site.


All images contain metadata such as which device took the photo, when it was created and other unnecessary image data that isn't used when the image is used on a website. Running all your images through an optimiser or compressor (such as ImageOptim) helps strip out all that redundant data reducing file size significantly.

The code that's used to create your site also takes up bandwidth. This can be reduced by passing the code through a minification process. This process removes any unnecessary whitespace and characters, reducing file size significantly. The small minification example below saves 54% of data. Combining code files reduces the amount of requests the browser will have make for your sites assets, this and minification are done automatically for us as a part of our development process.

CSS minificaton, before and after

Server configuration can also have a big effect on performance. All data that's served by our web servers is configured to be compressed using a technology called Gzip. By compressing the pages, there is less data to send from the server to your browser, in some instances up to 70% less, which can have a dramatic effect on page load time for your users. Site's hosted by us have this feature turned on automatically.

So what can I do?

If we have piqued your interest on why performance is important and you're concerned your existing site might not be fast enough, why not contact us for a FREE site speed audit to determine where the slowdown is? We will put together a comprehensive report that scores your site on the factors discussed above and provide advice on how you can improve your site's performance and conversion rates. Email or give us a call on 01803 840 898.

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Graphic Designer]]> Formoda is a brand-focused, full service design and communications agency based on the banks of the Dart in Totnes, Devon. Established in 2007, we've rapidly built a reputation for effective creativity and delivering results. With a global client base across a variety of industries, life is never dull.

Graphic Design wanted in Totnes, Devon

We're now looking for a talented, enthusiastic Graphic Designer with agency experience to work on a wide range of projects, both print and digital.

The role involves...

  • The design of cutting edge, responsive digital solutions
  • Designing a variety of brand and print collateral
  • Creation of email marketing solutions
  • Working closely with both the project management and development teams
  • Offering support and guidance to junior designers

You will need...

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator)
  • Knowledge of the website design process
  • Ability to work closely with a development team to provide stunning digital solutions
  • Knowledgeable in print production
  • Educated to degree level
  • A great communicator
  • A drive to deliver a successful solution for our clients
  • A team player with a positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm
  • An ability to work to deadlines on multiple projects (and keep a calm head)
  • Relentless attention to detail

The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients.

If you can see yourself in there then we'd be interested in talking to you. In the first instance, send us your CV and examples of your work with a covering letter to the Creative Director, David Gurney by emailing with 'Graphic Designer' in the subject line.

<![CDATA[Formoda Christmas Opening Hours]]> Formoda Christmas Opening HoursIt's that time of year again! As Christmas fast approaches, we just wanted to give you the heads up on our opening and closing times during the holidays. After a busy and exciting year, we're all ready for a bit of celebration!

Our office will be closed over the Christmas period from 5pm, 23rd December and re-opening 4th January. We'll be periodically checking our email accounts during the holidays, so if there is anything important it won't be missed.

In addition, Formoda will be closed from 3pm, 17th December. The team will be enjoying a well-deserved Christmas party - mulled wine and festive songs at the ready!

If you do need to get in touch during our closedown, please email and we'll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

<![CDATA[Fantastic Results after a Website Refresh for Colehouse Farm]]>

Colehouse Farm offer luxurious, spacious and award-winning holiday cottages set in 56 acres of farmland in the heart of Devon.

The brief

We originally built the website in 2012 to great success. As industry trends are constantly changing and affecting how people interact with websites, we identified a few problem areas earlier this year - with the objective to improve website performance and increase bookings through their 'shoulder' months and into 2016.

The challenge

  • A high bounce rate on the homepage, with the majority of users not navigating past the homepage. The website was not sticky enough!
  • Desire to increase bookings for the 'shoulder' months and into 2016
  • Lower budget with a need to maximise return

So what did we do?

To maximise on their budget, we provided Colehouse Farm with a homepage redesign. The new design had a much more modern, fresh, user friendly and intuitive interface designed to push people beyond the home page, so they could really gain an understanding of what Colehouse Farm is offering. Ultimately, we wanted potential customers to visit the individual cottages pages, which would really bolster bookings.

During this time, we also cleaned up the responsive side of the Colehouse Farm website. With more people now turning to a device to search, this was a vital amend.

The result

Since launching the home page design refresh, there has been an increase in booking figures for these holiday cottages. Compared with the previous period, Colehouse Farm saw a 59% increase in sessions on the website, as well as a 74% increase in page views only four months after the design refresh went live. We also found that people were staying on the homepage for longer - 45% more time compared to the previous period. Along with a boost in the market overall, the website refresh has contributed to an increase in bookings.

"We have been very pleased with results of the website makeover. It has shown how making even small key changes can have a big and positive affect on our business, by keeping up with the ever changing trends of the internet."

- Gavin Jackson, Colehouse Farm

<![CDATA[It's easy to let your clients know you care at Christmas]]>

Calling all corporate companies! Reward your clients and contacts this Christmas by sending them some festive cheer. It doesn't always have to be a gift, but it does have to be high quality- you're putting your logo on it!

Whether you want to reach out to your clients, contacts, or (not forgetting) potential clients, you can't go wrong with a simple, but beautiful, Christmas Card. If you can hand-write it, with a personal message, that's even better. If budget doesn't quite permit cards, how about email marketing?

A healthy budget helps you to go down the gift route - make sure it's right for your target audience and try to make sure it's something functional. Chocolate, booze and biscuits are always nice, but a branded mug warmer or diary will be on their desk for the next year.

Saying that, if you're thanking an entire team, but don't want to blow the bank, a hamper will really make their day. Encourage them to tweet you pictures of the team enjoying it!

At the higher end of the corporate gifting budget are gadgets. Branded USB memory sticks with your work on them are a great starting point, but if your loyal and valued customer deserves an iPad, go for it!

And we know it's a lovely gesture, but we'd suggest leaving it to your Great Aunt Agnes to send goats and chickens to Africa on your behalf.

Luckily, you have us to design and print your Christmas cards, brand all of the gifts you want to send out and design the email campaigns to entice your clients to remain loyal! Email us at or give us a call on 01803 840 898 - we're always happy to help!

<![CDATA[Why brands should start thinking about their Christmas marketing in October]]>

So you haven't even thought about your Halloween costume yet, you're sad that the weather has changed so dramatically and disappointed that it's now dark when you get up. Christmas cheer feels like miles away. But, as you already know, the 'cheer' (which soon turns into stress as you can't find the right gift for your mother-in-law) quickly comes around the corner. Before you know, it's the end of November and you haven't even thought about the Christmas marketing for your business yet.

The trick with Christmas marketing is to get in there early, no matter what you're selling. If it's last minute, you won't get the results you want. But it can be easy to make sure your customers feel special, sometimes a simple email campaign or email newsletter will remind them that you're there.

We can't forget that Christmas 2014 was characterised by rapid online growth, with almost 30% of Christmas spending being made via a smartphone or tablet. In the UK alone, that's over £5 billion spent. Is your ecommerce website up to scratch for an onslaught of shoppers? If not, it's vital to make sure it's responsive before November (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Most retailers make more than half of their sales in the 3 months before Christmas and sales in-store fell by 2.1% in the UK last year - everyone is going online to shop. The rate of spend is only going to grow. In fact, the UK spends the most money in Europe during the festive season, 59.2% of which is on gifts.

Don't forget, people will hit the online retailers hard on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with UK shoppers spending £810m on Black Friday and £720 on Cyber Monday. There's money to be made because this side of the market is growing fast. Even on Boxing Day, there's a huge amount of profit be made.

For our B2B clients, we recommend bespoke designed, on-brand Christmas Cards to send to all your contacts - whether it's using the traditional printed Cards or as HTML email.

We're here to help you get your Christmas Marketing organised! Get in touch via or give us a call on 01803 840 898 and we'll brainstorm ideas that suit your business and budget!

We can provide you with a holistic marketing solution, making use of all of the channels you use to get in touch with your customers.

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Junior Graphic Designer]]> Formoda is a brand-focused, full service design and communications agency based on the banks of the Dart in Totnes, Devon. Established in 2007, we've rapidly built a reputation for effective creativity and delivering results. With a global client base across a variety of industries, life is never dull.

Graphic Design wanted in Totnes, Devon

We're now looking for a talented, enthusiastic Junior Graphic Designer with agency experience to work on a wide range of projects, both print and digital.

The role eventually involves...

  • The design of cutting edge, responsive digital solutions
  • Designing a variety of brand and print collateral
  • Creation of email marketing solutions
  • Working closely with both the project management and development teams
  • Working closely with the rest of the design team to continually evolve and enhance our design offering

You will need...

  • Raw talent. Lots of it.
  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator)
  • Basic knowledge of the website design process
  • Ability to work closely with a development team to provide stunning digital solutions
  • Basic knowledge of print production
  • Educated to degree level
  • A great communicator
  • A drive to deliver a successful solution for our clients
  • A team player with a positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm
  • An ability to work to deadlines on multiple projects (and keep a calm head)
  • Relentless attention to detail

The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients.

If you can see yourself in there then we'd be interested in talking to you. In the first instance, send us your CV and examples of your work with a covering letter to the Creative Director, David Gurney by emailing with 'Junior Graphic Designer' in the subject line.

<![CDATA[What's the difference between a logo, an identity and a brand?]]> We imagine by now you've heard the big tech/design news: internet search giant Google has a new logo. Or they've rebranded... maybe a new identity? Does anyone, outside of the design industry, actually know what has been changed exactly? In light of all this confusion, we've decided to take a closer look at what the language surrounding a 'brand' actually means.

Google is just the latest of several 'big' names that have refreshed their visual identities for the 21st century. Facebook, the social media overlord, also updated its logo and no one even knew. Josh Higgins, Facebook's Creative Director said of the change, "While we explored many directions, ultimately we decided that we only needed an update, and not a full redesign". So why was Google's update so widely broadcast while Facebook's 'redesign' seemed to slip under the carpet? Did you even notice it? In this article, we're exploring key terminologies used to describe brands, identities and logos. Hopefully, this will allow you to understand the difference, evaluate your own brand identity and how consistent it is.

What is a logo?

The definition of a logo is "a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition". Logos come in all shapes, colours and sizes; from typographic marks to symbols and everything that falls in-between. It is the mark of a company, person or organisation that is easily identifiable and creates part of an identity for the company or individual.

Google's globally recognised logo was given a face-lift to create a more contemporary look: For the first time in the company's history, the logo has changed from a traditional serif typeface to a sans serif one. Up until that point, the logo hadn't really changed since 1999; some small changes were made back in 2013 but these were very subtle. Although the new logo is seen to be a big change, Google did experiment with various styles that were much more abstract, but ultimately decided to reject these in favour of a logotype that retained their distinct multi-coloured sequence.

Google’s new designs

Meanwhile, Facebook quietly updated their logo - and most people didn't even notice! Rather than going for a drastic change, the company recently made a change to their word-mark, again, to freshen it up. Most noticeably, the letters 'a' and 'e' are different but, in fact, the entire typeface was altered.

Two Facebook logos, before & after

As you can see, the Facebook logo hasn't drastically changed. The brief for Eric Olson, the creator of the Klavika font (the original Facebook typeface) was to create a new customised word mark that had a friendlier look but was still identifiable as Facebook.

What is an Identity?

An identity is everything that represents the company visually; made up of positioning, messaging, colour palette, fonts and so much more, your identity should ensure that every visual element associated with your business (e.g. stationery, marketing collateral, signage, digital) is consistent. Each stand-alone element needs to be coherent and work together in establishing the identity. For an identity to work well it should be recognisable, even without the logo present.

Let's take Coca-Cola as an example: They have managed to establish one of the most recognisable identities across the globe, meaning you know the brand without the logo in sight. A great demonstration of this was the Middle Eastern Ramadan campaign; the Coca-Cola logo was removed from all drinks cans with the aim to encourage people not to judge/label one another. And even with the logo gone, the colour, shape and typeface ensured that the cans were instantly recognisable as Coca-Cola products with the iconic red and historic dynamic ribbon. This goes to show that the logo isn't everything when considering a brand.

Going back to Google, we can also see changes to other parts of their identity during the redesign process. The colour scheme has been slightly revised to "maintain saturation and pop", while new elements like their website icon, an upper case 'G' that uses all 4 'Google' colours, and the Google dots have all been introduced. These additions have been applied to everything surrounding Google meaning they have adapted their identity. Along the same lines, it's clear that the recent change to the Facebook logo isn't an update to the identity, it is only a change to the logo.

So, a great identity is essential to any business: without it, companies would struggle to be recognised and remembered - the key to creating a successful company.

What is a Brand?

This is where it becomes a little more tricky. People often think that a brand is made up of a few simple elements like a logo and a website; but there is a lot more to it than that. It is more than just the visual aspect of the company; a Brand is the 'biggest part of the picture'. The logo, the identity, the company values, marketing material and public image come together to make up the brand. Neither Google nor Facebook have changed theirs during their recent Logo and Identity updates; keeping the same ethics, values and aims, they just visually enhanced the company. A rebrand is defined on Wikipedia as "...a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders". So most of the time, what you see isn't a 're-brand', but more of a 're-identity' as companies update their visual components.

A brand is about both their visual and emotional persona. It needs to be something that people have a connection with or an opinion about. In the book The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier says, "A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It's not what YOU say it is. It's what THEY say it is".

This is how we feel - customers are essential in creating and keeping a brand alive. For example, a Coca-Cole Executive once said "If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business".

Having a strong brand foundation is crucial to a successful business and it's important to ensure the right messages are sent out your customers.

In conclusion...

So there you have it: each element of a brand's overall identity explained in bite sized chunks. Of course, this is our opinion and others' might differ but we hope that this has given you an interesting insight into the world of branding.

And just before we sign off... if you've ever asked yourself how your brand comes across to an outsider, there's an interesting way to test this. Give someone who has never seen anything related to your brand a piece of your collateral without your logo; then ask them if they know what your brand is. If you did this with a Coca-Cola bottle and covered the logo, you'd still know the brand, wouldn't you? Something to aim for perhaps.

We know a thing or two about brands, so if you feel you need a little more help with yours, please contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Rainbow-coloured madness and fundraising for Rowcroft Hospice]]> Last weekend, our Ops Director Toni joined 1,300 colour-crazy people in running (as well as dancing and walking) 5k in support of local charity Rowcroft Hospice.

Rainbow-coloured madness and fundraising for Rowcroft Hospice

But this was no ordinary 5k... the Colour Rush is an annual fundraising event where participants get covered in two tonnes of powder paint (including NEON) while completing the race.

Toni says "This wasn't just my first 5k, it was also my first Colour Rush, which made for an unforgettable day. I survived the 5k, got absolutely covered in super bright paint and, most importantly, managed to raise £231.92 to date in support of Rowcroft Hospice."

Overall, more than £70,000 has been raised for the hospice, which will help to support adults with life-limiting illnesses and their families in South Devon.

There's still time to donate and, in doing so, support Rowcroft Hospice's vital work of providing care and support for the patients. If you would like to sponsor Toni, you can click here to donate via JustGiving.

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Online Marketing Manager]]> Calling all online marketing experts! We have an extremely exciting opportunity to play a pivotal role in developing and driving innovative online marketing strategies for our exciting portfolio of clients.

Online Marketing Manager wanted in Totnes, Devon

Formoda is a strategic, integrated full service design and communications agency based on the banks of the Dart in Totnes. Working across industries from prestige property to sports photography, we offer everything from web design through to social media, strategic marketing campaigns and print design. Established in 2007, we've rapidly built a reputation for effective creativity and delivering results.

We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Online Marketing Manager to join our team based at our head office in Totnes. The ideal person will have experience creating online marketing campaigns for a variety of brands and have a strong understanding of Google analytics and community management.

You will have a diverse and varied set of responsibilities - from developing online marketing strategy and managing social media platforms, to developing content and strategy, managing the integration of wider online marketing activity, working closely with colleagues across all other departments to ensure joined up activity and excellent creativity, as well as keeping a close handle on campaign performance. There's a huge amount to get stuck into from day one and lots of areas for you to add value and make a great reputation for yourself!

The role involves...

  • Authoring strategy documents
  • Managing content calendars
  • Advising clients on strategy; developing and planning integrated campaigns
  • Practically managing deliverables within a production environment
  • Working on social networking, social media channels, engagement and client outreach tactics
  • Working on SEO, Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools etc
  • Using analytics packages to conduct research for clients whilst presenting findings in an easy-to-understand format
  • Analysing Clients' ROI
  • Oversee the continued expansion of Online Marketing as a core service offering

The Candidate

It should go without saying that you have a passion for the digital world and keep a keen eye on all the latest trends, developments and thinking within the space, always looking at how you can make these work for your clients.

  • Friendly, enthusiastic and hardworking personality
  • An interest in working in all industry sectors of marketing
  • Good spelling, grammar and proofreading skills - attention to detail is key
  • Team player who has the ability to collaborate and contribute fully as a member of a team
  • Practical knowledge of social networking, SEO, PPC, content marketing and email marketing
  • Experience of using reporting and analytics software
  • Interest in digital strategy, delivering ROI
  • Experience of self-management / working independently
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent research and time management skills

Essential Technical Skills

  • Comprehensive understanding of and passion for Online Marketing
  • Ability and experience of advising clients on strategy
  • Knowledge of social networking, social media channels, tactics to gain reach, and engagement
  • Knowledge of SEO and the Google product suite (e.g. Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools)
  • Knowledge of or experience in Content Marketing
  • Knowledge of or experience in Email Marketing
  • Ability to use web, social and email analytics and reporting packages to conduct research and present findings coherently
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Self-motivated and able to show initiative
  • Can do attitude
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Ability to provide clear reports to senior management and to clients

Why should you work at Formoda?

The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and thrive to push the limits for our clients. Collectively, we're addicted to cake, enjoy a good social outing and engage in daily battles to get our favourite songs on the studio's Spotify playlist.

If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment and would love to help us grow our Online Marketing offering, then we would love to hear from you!

In the first instance, send us your CV along with a covering letter to the Ops Director, Antonia Berning, by emailing with "Online Marketing Manager" in the subject line.

<![CDATA[Ops Director Toni to undertake South Devon's brightest 5k]]> Ops Director Toni to take part in South Devon's brightest 5k for CharityThe Colour Rush is an annual fundraising event in support of local charity Rowcroft Hospice, which serves the people of South Devon by providing specialist care to patients with progressive, life limiting illnesses.

The event promises to be the biggest, brightest paint-fuelled 5k in South Devon. Toni is planning to join hundreds of colour crazy people who will walk, run or even dance a 5k route along Paignton seafront. Toni says "I have recently started running and thought this would be a great opportunity to test my fitness levels - while also raising money for this great local charity."

With 2 tonnes of paint (including NEON), Paignton seafront is set to be engulfed in a super bright cloud of rainbow madness on Saturday 12th September.

Rowcroft Hospice is hoping to reach an all-time high in Colour Rush funds with a target of £85,000. Jess Goodwin, Events Co-ordinator at Rowcroft says "The funds our Colour Rushers raise will go towards providing care to over 2200 people facing life limiting illnesses across South Devon every year, as well as supporting their loved ones and carers. Over 70% of our funding comes from the local community so we are extremely grateful".

If you would like to sponsor Toni on her multicoloured escapade (and support Rowcroft Hospice's vital work of providing care and support for adults living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon), please give generously.

Click here to donate via JustGiving

<![CDATA[Four of the latest e-commerce trends of 2015]]> Wikipedia defines e-commerce as the "trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet". Sounds boring, doesn't it? Well we're here to assure you that there's much more to it than this, and like all things digital, the industry is ever-changing. With three in four Britons now shopping online (ONS, 2014), following the latest e-commerce trends is extremely important if you want to succeed and keep up with your competition.

The best way to introduce the topic of the e-commerce revolution is to present you with 10 mind-boggling facts:

1. E-commerce is a multi billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 20% in 2015 globally
2. The industry is expected to have a value of over $1,500 billion by the end of 2015
3. 89% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they've experienced poor customer service
4. Pizza Hut was one of the first major brands to experiment with e-commerce all the way back in 1994
5. Amazon was launched in 1995, but wasn't able to turn a profit until 2003 - that's 8 whole years!
6. 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores
7. 33% of UK online sales occur after 6pm (IMRG)
8. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine
9. 46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online and 84% refer to at least one social media site for recommendations before shopping online
10. Tablet users spend 50% more than PC users

Four of the latest e-commerce trends of 2015

So as you can see, this multi billion-dollar industry is already fast becoming one of the most important ways for a company to sell their products or services to an international market.

But we're not just going to dazzle you with fascinating facts on the history of e-commerce, the real purpose of this article is to introduce you to the latest trends in the industry, so you can make sure your site caters for new movements and technology.

So let's get stuck in...

1. Big Phones

In 2014, market-leaders such as Apple and Samsung introduced phones that were bigger than they have ever been before and this trend has carried through to 2015. The two latest smartphone releases from Apple are the iPhone 6 Plus at a staggering 5.5 inches and the iPhone 6, with a screen size of 4.7 inches. Samsung's S6 Edge+ dwarfs both of these models at 5.7 inches.

With that in mind, you may not be surprised to learn that experts predict a huge rise in people making purchases on their phones - as long as the user experience is easier than ever!

2. Apps

When apps first came about, companies went crazy and it seemed like every business you could think of was launching a mobile app. However, because of this surge of activity, only a few apps actually took hold and became successful. eBay is a brilliant example of an app worth downloading - so much so it is now automatically built into the majority of new phones.

Many high street retailers have recently re-launched enhanced versions of their original apps, which are doing much better this time around. The focus is now on improving the user journey and experience, to drive sales, increase consumer interaction and to encourage repeat purchases. It is expected that many smaller sites will also begin to follow suit after seeing the success of the larger brands (Econsultancy, 2015).

3. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the latest innovations to rock the e-commerce industry. It was launched in the US on the 20th of October 2014 and in the UK on the 14th of July 2015. Apple describes it as "Your wallet. Without the wallet", where paying in shops can be done by the touch of an app. It uses contactless payment technology so that you don't have to carry your bankcard everywhere you go. Major banks have also started to embrace contactless technology; according to The Guardian, Britain's banks have already issued 54m contactless cards and usage rates are soaring, with over 1 billion Visa contactless purchases made in the last year (Visa, 2015).

It is expected to be revolutionary for e-commerce because you can use it to pay within apps with one touch of a button, ensuring it's a fuss-free way to make purchases (Apple, 2015).

Apple Pay may take a while to reach its full potential because not all shops in the UK have the contactless feature at their checkouts... yet. However, with the increase in contactless bank cards, in the next couple of years, it will become more and more mainstream, as time-restricted consumers use it as a convenient way to make purchases in a matter of seconds.

4. Video-based marketing and virtual shopping

It's becoming more evident in recent years that online stores are beginning to use video marketing to encourage customers to make purchases. It has become the nearest contender to the in-store experience and, in fact, by 2017 (according to Cisco), it is anticipated that video will count for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Often if a customer is searching Google for a product of service, any company that has a video embedded on their website will rank highest on the search results. Given the limiting patience of modern audiences, video is a great way to grab the attention of existing and future customers, and show off the full potential of the products or services.

Companies such as Ted Baker and Karen Millen have taken this one step further by introducing virtual stores, which give customers across the globe the true shopping experience, by allowing them to browse and navigate around their stores. Using 360-degree panoramic photography, consumers can 'walk around' in a similar manner to Google Street View and can click on any item they see, which then opens the product on their e-commerce site.

The recently funded start-up Trillenium are taking this to the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform that Facebook bought for $2bn, which means you'll soon be able to 'virtually' wander around a shopping centre, socially with your friends. This is still in the early stages, however it is thought that it will become more and more popular for large retailers, and customers who enjoy the in-store experience but can't physically access the stores that they would like to.


E-commerce is here. And it's here to stay. It is a very clear response from modern consumers on how they wish to make their journey through the buying process: Make it fun. Make it simple. And try to make it take less than 3 minutes to complete a purchase!

If you're looking for inspiration for your online shop, we'd love to chat through some ideas! While we make sure that we keep up with latest industry trends, we also understand that they might not be right for every business. Creating a solution that works for you is what we do best.

So what are you waiting for? Please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email and let us help you take your online shop to the next level! We'll even provide coffee and biscuits.

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Account Executive]]> Job Vacancy: Account ExecutiveBusiness is a-booming.

Formoda is a strategic, integrated design & digital agency delivering impact through effective creative. Working across industries from prestige property to sports photography, we offer everything from web design through to social media, strategic marketing campaigns and print design for our wonderful set of clients.

We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Account Executive to join our Account Management Team based at our head office in Totnes.

  • You should be a university graduate with a background in business, marketing or management.
  • You will need to be able to advise clients on strategy, develop and plan integrated campaigns and practically manage the account and deliverables with the production teams' support.
  • Your performance will be evaluated based on your ability to deliver work on time and to budget, create good relationships with your clients as well as up sell to your clients.
  • You will need to be passionate about marketing with great knowledge in your subject.

The Role

  • Client liaison and relations
  • Scheduling and managing projects and deliverables
  • Managing delivery of work produced by in-house and external teams
  • Authoring proposals and strategy documents
  • Daily client servicing, including meetings, email and phone contact

The Candidate

  • Friendly, enthusiastic and hardworking personality
  • An interest in working in all industry sectors of marketing
  • Good spelling, grammar and proofreading skills
  • Team player who has the ability to collaborate and contribute fully as a member of a team
  • Ability to self-manage & work independently
  • Interest in social networking, social media channels, tactics to gain reach, and engagement
  • Interest in digital and print strategy, delivering ROI
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent research and time management skills

Essential Skills

  • Passion for digital and social media, web analytics, content marketing, SEO and print
  • Confident communication skills and ability to work with a digital and creative team
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Self-motivated and able to show initiative
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to work towards and meet deadlines
  • Interest in using analytics packages to conduct research and present findings coherently
  • Ability to take tech speak and convert it into easily understandable and exciting content
  • Can do attitude
  • Ability to provide clear reports to senior management and to clients
  • Fast learner - to follow company processes and framework

In return we will provide excellent training, salary and benefits.

The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients. We also love cake, socials and Spotify (no Backstreet Boys, please).

If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment then we would love to hear from you!

Applicants should send a C.V. along with a covering letter to Mrs Antonia Berning by emailing with 'Account Executive' in the subject line.

No agencies please. Seriously.

<![CDATA[Everything you need to know about Responsive Web Design ]]> Everything you need to know about Responsive Web DesignNowadays, more and more people are using their mobile devices to go online - Internet searches, browsing social media channels, checking emails, booking holidays, reading the news and doing online shopping (even ordering the weekly shop!) are now carried out across a multitude of devices.

Historically, people would use their desktop computers to perform these tasks but online behaviour is changing - and so it's vital that websites keep up with this fundamental shift!

This is where Responsive Web Design comes into play.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

In the past, you might have had one website for desktop users, and another one specifically for mobile users. This can often feel clunky and requires site owners to manage both.

Responsive Web Design, on the other hand, can handle both types of users. Simply put, a responsive website responds to its environment and optimises its content for the screen size it's being viewed on. Working across a range of devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), responsive sites aim to provide optimal viewing for the end user. The content, images and structure of the site remain the same, but with a little 'responsive magic' the website will adapt to its device. Because the website's front-end design and user experience change depending on the device used, the code behind the scenes is somewhat different to a non-responsive site.

Why should you care about Responsive Web Design?

Google rolled out its 'mobile-friendly' update back in April, and now boosts the rank of responsive sites within mobile search results. In a nutshell, this means that if your website is mobile responsive, it should be placed higher in the search results, and most certainly above those that aren't mobile responsive. Whilst this change is important, a variety of other key factors also continue to be used to rank search results such as site relevance, freshness of content, site performance and user experience.

The most important piece of information to take away from this update is that Google recognised (and acted upon) the huge increase in mobile usage. Naturally, Google want their searchers to have the best experience possible when using mobile devices. Returning searches with high quality and relevant content, websites that are easy to read (no pinching and zooming!) without horizontal scrolling is a high priority of theirs. Put simply, websites are expected to facilitate the mobile experience - not hinder it.

Aside from the search benefits, a responsive website will help to increase conversion rates. The bottom line is, if a website isn't responsive, then it is very unlikely visitors will convert when using mobile devices. A recent study by Zapp, a mobile payments company, and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) revealed that commuters now spend £9.3 billion per year via smartphones and tablets - it would be crazy to miss a slice of this action because your website does not work responsively!

Another great thing about making your website responsive is that you can control where the conversion elements are placed on both mobile and tablet devices. This gives you ultimate control in guiding customers through a strategic sales funnel towards both products and services.

In addition to this, user experience can be crafted to each device, ensuring that individuals feel considered. It is proven that when a user has a positive experience on a mobile device, they are more likely to buy a product or use a service. Responsive design ensures that users have optimum interaction, easy reading and navigation, minimum panning, resizing and scrolling and clear call to actions.

So... how can you make your website Responsive?

The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work in harmony with your site grows every day and it's essential that your website is able to keep up with these changes. With more and more people using their mobiles and tablets to search and make purchases online, you have to cater to that audience by having a mobile responsive site.

At Formoda, we can work with you to create a responsive website solution that not only fits your business' needs but also ensures you're staying ahead of the competition. Increase your conversion rates and take potential customers away from your competitors (chances are, they're not making use of responsive designs)! We'll talk to you about the various options from adapting your current website to working from the ground up to create a new website that provides the ultimate responsive experience.

<![CDATA[We're 8 years old today!]]> We're 8 years old today!Another year older, another year wiser... or so the saying goes! We can't believe it's been 8 years now since we started out in the midst of the recession and have since built a creative agency that is continually going from strength to strength.

A busy year

Over this past year, we have been incredibly busy servicing both existing and new clients alike; we've launched some fantastic projects and have lots more exciting work in the pipeline. Our team has not only grown in strength but also in size with new staff coming on board in all areas; additions to the Design, Tech and Client Account departments, as well as an Office Manager, means we are now even better placed to expertly look after our clients (and team) alike.

By strengthening our service offering we're able to continue doing an excellent job for each and every one of our clients. Unsurprisingly, with all these new additions to the team, things were getting a bit crowded at The Byre, so we moved to a new, bigger studio space at the Waterside in Totnes over the Christmas period.

Something big is coming...

With all these changes, you'd think it was about time to stop and rest for a minute... but where would be the fun in that?! We're working on some very exciting, top secret plans for our 9th year while continuing to produce the best possible design and digital work for our clients. Just watch this space!

A toast

For now, we'd like to thank each and every one of our clients for your continued support - without you, we wouldn't be where we are today! Now, where's that cake?

<![CDATA[We've moved!]]> Formoda are excited to tell you we've movedWe're really excited to tell you that Formoda have moved to Totnes. As you all know we have been very busy this past year with lots of projects and we've also taken on a number of fantastic new members of staff. Therefore, The Byre was getting a little crowded and so we've been looking for the right office for a while now.

Our new office is bigger than the previous one in The Byre providing more space and allowing us to grow our business further. In a great central Totnes location overlooking the river Dart, the new Formoda office is situated on The Plains just next to The Waterside Bistro. Whilst we are all moved in, we're still making improvements here and there and have some boxes left to unpack.

We can't wait to show off our new premises - just give us a few more weeks to put on the finishing touches!

Please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Our Christmas Opening Hours]]>

It's that time of the year again - Christmas songs are blasting from the radio, the smell of mince pies is everywhere and present shopping is looming.

As we're getting into the festive spirit, we just wanted to give all of you the heads up on our Opening & Closing dates & times over the holiday season.


Christmas closure

After lots of hard work this year, we're all in need of a well-deserved break. Our office will be closing over the Christmas period from 25th December to 1st January. We'll be periodically checking key email accounts and mobiles during the holidays so if there is anything important it'll get through - otherwise, we'd love to catch up in 2015!

In addition, Formoda will be closed on the afternoon of Friday, 5th December so we can enjoy a well-earned Christmas party. Festive jumpers at the ready!

If you do need to get in touch during our closedown - please email and we'll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

For now - we're wishing you a very merry festive season!

<![CDATA[Cutting-edge website design for global bamboo company]]> Cutting-edge website design for global bamboo companyAs the largest owner and operator of commercial bamboo plantations outside of China, EcoPlanet Bamboo is leading the industrialisation of bamboo.

Formoda has been working with EcoPlanet Bamboo for a number of years and we were excited when they asked us to re-design and develop their website in order to better display the company's position as global leaders in the development of sustainable bamboo as a raw resource.

The new site needed to be high-impact and engaging, drawing users in and clearly showing the scope of EPB's operations whilst of course always remaining on brand. With a modern, clean interface, the site is easy to navigate and quickly conveys EcoPlanet Bamboo's mission and objectives.

Some of the key design elements were...

  • Full-screen video on the home page, which is a striking visual display of what EPB are all about.
  • Strong infographics, which are used to clearly convey EPB's bamboo based solutions
  • Map showing the plantation operations, which highlights the company's global nature

The new EcoPlanet Bamboo website is fully responsive, meaning the content reshapes to provide optimal user experience (easy reading and navigating with minimium need to 'pinch-and-zoom') across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

We've received lots of positive feedback on the new EcoPlanet Bamboo site

Click here to check it out - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Bohemian-style branding for start-up jewellery company]]> Bohemian-style branding for start-up jewellery companyNaked Faun is a brand new jewellery company that specialises in providing jewels and treasures sourced from different cultures around the globe. Formoda were recently tasked with creating an iconic brand for Naked Faun that would reflect the unique nature of the products.

The client was keen to combine a bohemian look, with an edgy feel. This gave our designers the idea to incorporate ancient rune-like lettering, giving the brand a simple and clean look, with a traditional crafted element.

We have since worked with Naked Faun on a range of marketing material, including sleek business cards (with a spot UV finish), luxury packaging (with embossed and silver metallic foil finish), and a template for regular email updates and promotions. We also designed the new Naked Faun website and built it on the Bigcommerce platform (a great ecommerce & shopping cart solution). Since launching at the beginning of November, the Naked Faun brand and products have received lots of positive attention on social media with orders coming in thick and fast.

Click here to check it out - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

If you're a retailer and would like our expertise and support to help grow your business or are thinking about selling online, then please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Meet Jaz & Nic - the newest members of the Formoda team!]]> Meet Jaz & Nic - the newest members of the Formoda teamWhat a busy year we've had! As we've continued to expand our service offering and embarked on exciting new projects for a number of different clients, our team has grown with us to allow us to continue to offer the high level of service that we have become well known for.

Jazmin Page - is the latest member to join our Graphic Design team after graduating from Plymouth University in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication with Typography. Alongside her studies, she managed to squeeze in plenty of work experience and has collaborated on multiple design and digital projects. Jaz's favourite areas of design are branding, typography and photography and she is already producing beautifully designed work for Formoda.

Nicola Scott - joined the Formoda team as Office Manager. With over 10 years of business support and customer service experience gained across a variety of sectors, Nic has excellent organisation, administration and multi-tasking skills. This combined with buckets of enthusiasm allow Nic to expertly look after our clients and the Formoda team in an effort to provide support where required and help us expand.

We are excited to grow as a creative digital agency. With a fantastic team made up of creatives, developers and project managers, we're continuing to increase our scope of services and make a real difference to our clients. Please feel free to pop in some time to meet the new (and old) team members or find out how we can help grow your business!

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: PHP Developer]]> Job Vacancy: PHP DeveloperFormoda are urgently seeking a middle-weight PHP developer to join our growing team in South Devon.

You'll need to have drive, ambition and at least 2 years agency experience, understanding commercial demands and working well under tight deadlines. In return we will provide excellent training, salary and benefits.

Required skills include:

  • Solid object-oriented PHP experience
  • MySQL database design and optimisation
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Version control (Git or Subversion)
  • Responsive design experience

Bonus points for:

  • Yii framework experience
  • Performance best practices
  • Test-driven development
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Linux server administration
  • SASS
  • ..and more: Impress us! What can you bring?

We are looking for enthusiasm and attention to detail, someone who is keeping pace with current technical trends and can help us to push the limits for our clients.

Your day-to-day role will include:

  • Writing modules for our CMS platform
  • Supporting existing projects
  • Developing new projects from wireframes and PSDs
  • Brainstorming & UX sessions
  • General technical support

Formoda are a strategic, integrated design and digital agency delivering impact through effective creative. From web design through to social media, advertising campaigns and print design, Formoda is one of the South West's leading creative agencies. The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients.

Formoda HQ is a great place to work. We operate an informal studio environment and we love Macs and cake. Quarterly reviews take place in the pub (with breakfast), we'll give you Spotify Premium and we enjoy regular social outings as a team. Staff who go the extra mile are always rewarded.

Salary: £20-£22k + benefits

If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment then we would love to hear from you!

Applicants should send a C.V. along with a covering letter to Mr Richard Rawlings by emailing 'PHP Developer' in the subject line.

No agencies please. Seriously.

<![CDATA[Near-gold Dartmoor Classic for Creative Director David]]> Near-gold Dartmoor Classic for Creative Director DavidIt was with slightly more bravado and enthusiasm than actual fitness that David, our Creative Director, entered his first cycling sportive on Sunday, 22nd June.

The Dartmoor Classic is now bigger than ever with 3000 entrants and the (medium length) 67 mile course over some of Dartmoor's iconic hills, marks it as a firm favourite amongst the nations cyclists.

A gentle, rolling first few miles are soon forgotten as the climb to Haytor begins only to be followed by hill, upon hill, upon hill. As anyone who knows Dartmoor will attest, the views across all of South Devon are stunning. Fuelled by a not inconsiderable quantity of energy gels, David eventually finished in four and a half hours, a few minutes from a gold. Pleasantly stunned by his achievement David claims he'll be back for gold next year. We'll see.

David will, given time, starting walking properly again soon.

<![CDATA[Tech Director Rich in Guinness World Record skydive]]> Tech Director Rich in Guinnes World Record skydiveLast Saturday (21st June), our Technical Director Rich was part of a successful Guinness World Record attempt right here in Devon. The goal: Most tandem skydives in a 24 hour period. The record was officially broken and a great time had by all who were involved.

Organised by Skydive UK at Dunkeswell Airfield near Honiton, 279 participants took to the skies, the majority jumping for their chosen charity. Each person left the Beech 99 aircraft at 15,000 feet and had 60 seconds of free fall to take in the spectacular views of our beautiful county. The weather could not have been more perfect.

Rich is hoping to repeat the jump one day, to support Tamba (Twins & Multiple Birth Association), a charity close to his heart as the Dad of twins. He is trying to convince the other Formoda team members to join him - maybe as soon as next year!

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Part-time Office Administrator]]> Job Vacancy: Part-time Office AdministratorWe're looking for a part-time Office Administrator to join our growing team.

We are seeking a person who has great computer skills, an extremely enthusiastic nature, an obsessive attention to detail and wants to grow with us as we continue to expand.

You'll be looking after our office, staff and client support so multi-tasking and organisational skills are a must.

Taking care of our office and team will mean that you'll be dealing with a broad range of tasks such as telephone calls, general administration, HR, hospitality for clients, managing office supplies, digitising our filing system and so much more.

Within your role, you would need have a strong customer service approach as you will be handling domain names, hosting, basic technical issues and general support for our website customers. Don't worry, we don't expect you to know everything and will provide training and support to help you grow in your role.

Below are just some of the attributes we're looking for:

  • Good attention to detail
  • Methodical and thorough approach to work
  • Organisational skills
  • Multi-tasking and time management skills
  • A great team player
  • A desire to show initiative
  • An interest in the creative industry
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure

We can offer you a competitive salary, friendly office environment including office social events, regular friendly reviews along with opportunity for progression.

So, if you are dynamic, ambitious, outgoing, organised and if you have excellent administrative and interpersonal skills then this could be the position for you.

This is a part time position, hours would ideally be 4/5 days a week, approximately 4 hours per day.

Formoda are a strategic, integrated design and digital agency delivering impact through effective creative. From web design through to social media, advertising campaigns and print design, Formoda is one of the South West's leading creative agencies. The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients. We also love cake and Spotify (no Backstreet Boys please).

If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment then we would love to hear from you!

Applicants should send a C.V. along with a covering letter to Mrs Toni Berning by emailing with 'Office Administrator' in the subject line.

No agencies please

<![CDATA[Property Investment Company thrilled with striking Sales Brochure]]> Property Investment Company thrilled with striking Sales BrochureQI Properties Asset Management (QIPAM) is a UK based investment company that provides clients with quality residential stock throughout the UK. They pride themselves in offering a variety of different schemes to satisfy the individual investors' requirements.

As part of an ongoing relationship with QIPAM, Formoda recently designed an informative sales brochure to promote their Quantum Property Bond. Visual brand consistency was a crucial element, as was creating a striking document that clearly conveyed the key selling points to the customer.

We began by reviewing their draft content and then re-worked it into sales-driven information, which was visually presented in the brochure. Our team designed an impressive graphic layout, elaborating on the fundamental content through simple, yet eye-catching imagery. This included creating attractive, but easy-to-understand charts and using clear, bold icons.

The brochure has been well received by both QIPAM and its clients, thanks to its high-quality, superior design.

If you work work within the property investment industry and would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Brixham estate agent's website raises standards]]> Brixham estate agent's website raises standardsBoyce Brixham is a veritable powerhouse of the Brixham property market. Established in 1925, the Independent Estate Agents pride themselves in their local knowledge and professional expertise.

Over the past year, we have been working closely with Boyce Brixham to update the firm's branded material and establish visual brand consistency across all of their marketing collateral - both online and offline.

As part of this process, we were asked to re-design their website as their previous online presence was visibly dated and neither showcased their properties in the best possible light, nor accurately conveyed their range of skills.

The new website design is very modern with large wide-screen images on the Home Page to set a very Brixham feel. The same size images are again used on the property details pages to really showcase the amazing local properties marketed by Boyce Brixham.

The all important property search pages include Grid, List & Map result views and the ability to refine the search results with advanced filtering options. Property details pages include a trove of information including key features, full property descriptions, floor plans, brochures, EPC details, location and more. Most importantly, website visitors can easily enquire to find out more.

Overall, the website design is clean with a clear user experience and local imagery; all of this helps to quickly establish Boyce Brixham as Estate Agents with local and professional experience and knowledge.

The website was built using the Homeflow platform, which provides website infrastructure and CMS for estate agents.

Since launching, the new Boyce Brixham website has generated a lot of positive comments from clients, staff and locals. It's a great example of a modern, sleek yet usable website design for Estate Agents and sets a new standard in a market where agency websites are often neglected.

Click here to check out the new Boyce Brixham website - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

If you work work within the property industry and would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please feel free to contact us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Sales Brochure design for US Investment Company]]> Sales brochure design for US Investment Company Castle Keep LLC is a bond investment company that specialises in promoting US property-based investments. Formoda were recently tasked with creating a brand new sales brochure to help Castle Keep promote their CK2 and CK3 US property investment bonds.

We wanted to create a visually impactful document, with simple but effective graphics, and clearly displayed information. It was also important that Castle Keep's corporate identity was consistent throughout.

Bearing this in mind, our team of designers used striking imagery of the US property market to draw people in, and created clear and easy to read graphs to get the key information across.

Since designing the brochure we have received lots of great feedback from Castle Keep, and we are looking forward to working with them on future projects.

We're proud to work with and support businesses of all sizes. If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Job Vacancy: Front-end Developer / Designer]]> Job Vacancy: Front-end Developer / DesignerWe're looking for something special.

And we hope you've got it. You're not a pure designer and you're not a pure developer. You're somewhere in between but you love both disciplines like your own parents. You are that elusive of all talents - you're a front end design developer. Or something to that effect.

You'll be assisting our creative and digital teams in Berry Pomeroy, Totnes. We have a diverse range of clients locally, nationally and abroad so you can expect to work on some great projects across multiple platforms.

Not only are you a dab hand with Adobe Creative Suite but you've got hands-on experience with HTML5, CSS3 and ideally some jQuery, plus a willingness to keep up with emerging technologies and ideas that can continually improve our digital offerings. Experience with responsive design is a big plus and exposure to PHP and Git would be a bonus but not essential.

In addition to supporting the creative team and their day-to-day needs, a key part of the role will involve the application of front-end styling to projects when the tech have finished the back-end build. You'll also provide UX knowledge in meetings to aid project planning.

The Formoda team is young(ish), dynamic and generally laid back. We love our industry and love pushing the limits for our clients. We also love cake and Spotify (no Backstreet Boys please).

We are offering a lovely package for the right person, including a good salary commensurate with experience, regular reviews (in the pub, with breakfast), flexible hours and plenty of opportunity for progression and bonuses. We'll nurture you, support your learning and help you to grow. We're growing and we want you to grow with us.

Think you've got what it takes? Then send your CV and salary expectations to and we'll go from there.

<![CDATA[Vintage web design for busy local music venue]]> Vintage web design for busy local music venueOccupying a prime position overlooking both the High Street and Totnes Castle, The Barrel House is a now legendary music venue and cafe with a varied monthly programme of events and menu of delicious homemade food.

Since it was taken over by new owners, the business has undergone extensive refurbishment to create both a spacious music venue and a comfortable cafe to relax and and meet friends. After a successful re-branding exercise, we were tasked with designing a cool website based on the new brand identity to create a visually consistent online presence and help improve their digital promotions.

Vintage web design

The Barrel House has always been known for its eccentric, shabby chic look, which was carefully preserved and built upon during the refurbishment. As such, it was imperative that this venue's physical retro feel would be translated into the digital world.

With fantastic photography, we created a visually impactful website design which perfectly represents The Barrel House's vintage look. Retro-inspired fonts, distressed graphics and gilded frames help to set the scene. This overall design is complemented by the vibrant poster artwork, mostly created in-house, to promote the varied monthly rota of gigs.

Up-to-date information

Formoda's own Content Management System (CMS) provides plenty of editing tools and allows General Manager & Events Promoter Chris to keep the website up-to-date with up-coming events listings (including links to book tickets online), general news images and more.

Images, calls to action and supporting information are available on every page and help to create a well-rounded user experience.

Great feedback

Since launching last summer, the website has received great feedback from regular and new customers, performers and suppliers and has helped the business to confidently approach bigger names in the music industry.

Check it out for yourself - click here to visit the new Barrel House website! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

We're proud to work with and support local businesses and hope to help more Devon businesses improve their visual identity and customer communications. If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803 840898 or email

<![CDATA[We're celebrating our 7th birthday!]]> We're celebrating our 7th birthday! It's official, Formoda is 7 today. And what an amazing 7 years it has been! Starting out in the midst of the recession, we are proud to have built a creative agency that is growing stronger and stronger every year.

A strong team

Over this past year, we have seen a lot of change with a new Director coming on board and new staff joining our team in all areas. We've also re-organised our office and offered new staff perks, resulting in a fantastic creative working environment, which has seen us produce some of our best design and digital work so far. As a result, we've added to our client base and are working on exciting new projects for both new and existing clients to create visually stunning and effective marketing material that makes a real difference to their bottom line.

Full-service agency

Our industry is constantly evolving and so are we. We're expanding our service offering into new areas when we're confident that we can do an excellent job. In addition, we continue to work with trusted external companies that are experts in their respective fields to be able to service our clients' every need. We're also happy to announce that we now have a dedicated in-house Online Marketing Manager devising and executing successful online campaigns utilising a range of tools to create bespoke campaigns that are tailored to the individual client.

The future

And we won't stop there. We have many exciting plans for our 8th year as we continue to expand, grow and strengthen our creative and digital services. Watch this space!

But for now, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to all our clients for their continued support - we wouldn't be here without you! We'll be toasting to you all as we enjoy our birthday cake and champagne to celebrate this day with our team.

<![CDATA[Social Media workshop a success at BMF South West AGM]]> Internal communication improved with Churchill Intranet Last Friday, we had the honour of attending (and getting involved in) our first ever BMF South West AGM. The one-day conference provided a variety of informative and essential workshops & presentations for businesses and individuals in all aspects of the marine industry.

Having only joined the British Marine Federation a few months ago, we were thrilled to be asked to get involved by running a hands-on Social Media workshop for the other members.

And what a success it was! Not only did the 2014 Conference have record attendance, but we were thrilled to provide advice and guidance on using social media for marine businesses on an individual basis. From setting up new Twitter accounts and providing information on how to use social networks, to discussing best ways to track on-site conversion or how to integrate Social Media in an overall Online Marketing campaign - we've had a blast meeting and helping some of the other BMF South West members during the drop-in Social Media workshop.

We're looking forward to next year's event already!

If you work within the marine industry and would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please feel free to contact us on 01803 840898 or via

<![CDATA[Internal communication improved with Churchill Intranet]]> Internal communication improved with Churchill Intranet Churchill Retirement Living is a UK based company, specialising in providing the 60+ market with purpose built retirement accommodation. Wanting to create somewhere for their staff to easily access HR documents, information about company events, and ongoing company news, Churchill came to Formoda to design and build a new company Intranet.

The Intranet had to be designed with the existing Churchill brand and website in mind, in order to reflect the values and ethos of the company. Taking this into consideration, our team of expert designers evolved and modernised the design, to create a simple yet stylish site.

User friendliness was another important factor, as Churchill wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to find the information they required. The site has an easy-to-use navigation, featuring all of the latest company information, an extensive list of searchable contacts, and a social section, where staff can easily download issues of the company newsletter, see upcoming sports & social events, and buy & sell their unwanted items.

With our comprehensive and intuitive Content Management System, Churchill are able to administer and update the Intranet as and when they require, by adding team members, news stories, projects and much more. Since launching the Intranet in November, we have had lots of great feedback not only from the Chairman, but also from the staff who use it on a day-to-day basis.

If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Wall Graphics make big impact]]> Wall Graphics make big impact at Collegiate's student accommodationCollegiate AC provide some of the best student accommodation in the UK. Since launching almost three years ago, they have been making waves in the industry with their attention to detail and high quality approach to the design, marketing and management of the properties in their care.

Having worked with Collegiate since the start, we've relished some of the great graphic design opportunities and challenges we have been presented with.

In the run up to launching a number of brand new student residences across the country last summer, we were tasked with designing multiple wall graphics to give each property that Collegiate feel while also creating a local identity.

The result? A series of graphics for different rooms and environments, namely:

  • inspirational typographic designs for in-house gyms
  • large-scale photographic wallpaper of film stars for on-site cinema rooms
  • location-specific common room graphics with graffiti effects
  • welcoming regional reception wall graphics
  • iconic bedroom wall graphics for London student residences

We're pretty proud of our work - and think it looks fab in the professional photos we've recently received!

<![CDATA[Ribeye's new website makes a splash]]> Ribeye's new website makes a splashBased in Dartmouth, Ribeye have been manufacturing RIB boats since 1998. Known for their distinctive look and unparalleled performance and powered exclusively by Yamaha, Ribeye's RIBs have gained global recognition.

Having worked with Ribeye for a while, we were pleased to be given the opportunity to re-design their website. Overall, the design brief was clear: to create an eye-catching, aspirational website design, which guides all types of users through the site to find the information they're looking for.

Stunning photography

Based on this, we designed a website that makes the most of Ribeye's fantastic lifestyle-led photography while creating visual continuity with other offline marketing material. Wide main images help to set the scene while additional imagery is used heavily around the website to show off Ribeye's boats in the best possible way and guide visitors to other areas of the site.

Think RIB, think Ribeye

The new Ribeye website includes plenty of useful information, images and downloads about their range of RIBs for different types of uses. Customers can easily request Test Drives or Call Backs to find out more about their chosen RIB model or series, providing the company with valuable customer data. There is also a helpful search tool to allow site visitors to find the best RIB for their requirements.

Plenty of useful information & Call to Actions

Another key objective for the website was to provide guidance and information for existing and potential new customers. A News area allows Ribeye to keep their customer up-to-date on what's happening in the RIB world, while the Knowledge Library provides useful information for looking after your Ribeye.

There are plenty of Call to Actions on the new website to help guide site visitors to the areas & information they're looking for and so improve user experience and increase interaction.

Approved Used RIBs

Finally, the company runs an Approved Used Ribeyes scheme to offer used Ribeyes for sale with complete peace of mind. The new website lists and advertises the latest available Used Ribeyes and prompts customers to get in touch.

Fantastic feedback

Since launching in August 2013, the Ribeye website has garnered a lot of positive attention in the marine industry. Ribeye have reported many positive comments from new and existing customers as well as an increase in enquiries compared to their last website.

Click here to visit the new Ribeye website and find out what all the fuss is about!

Following our British Marine Federation (BMF) accreditation, we're proud to work with Ribeye and hope to help more marine businesses improve their marketing material and customer communications. If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803840898 or email

<![CDATA[Meet Tara - our new Account Executive!]]> Meet Tara - our new Account Executive!We've seen many changes over the last year with a company reshuffle, new clients and most importantly new staff. You should have already been introduced to Adam and Ashley and we're pleased to announce that Tara Little has joined Formoda as Account Executive in a permanent capacity.

She is the newest member of our team and joined us in November after graduating from the University of the West of England earlier in the summer. There, she studied Business Studies with Marketing which has sparked her keen interested in digital marketing and branding.

As part of her university degree, Tara undertook a placement year at Trollbeads (a Danish jewellery company with worldwide distribution of unique charm jewellery), where she worked as a Business and Marketing intern. During this time, she was able to put into practice the theory that she learnt at university.

This hands-on experience and theoretical background make Tara a valuable addition to our team. She expertly manages new and existing client projects, ensuring all work is completed successfully - and to (sometimes tight) deadlines. A natural project manager, Tara is enthusiastic, organised and full of new ideas to help our clients move forward.

We're proud to grow as a creative digital agency. With a fantastic team made up of creatives, developers and project managers, we're continuing to increase our scope of services and make a difference to our clients business. If you would like to find out more about Tara or know more about how we can help grow your business, then please call us on 01803 840898 or email

<![CDATA[Re-brand for well-loved Totnes venue]]> Re-brand for well-loved Totnes venueThe Barrel House is a landmark cafe, bar and live music venue, which has been an integral part of the Totnes community for over 20 years. Occupying a prime position on the High Street, The Barrel House delivers a programme of live music events and delicious homemade food.

Recently taken over by new owners, the premises were lovingly refurbished to open up the space and provide a comfortable environment to relax, meet friends and enjoy gigs.

As part of this effort to breathe new life into the well-loved venue, new owners Richard and Sarah approached us with a view to create a new logo and brand for The Barrel House, which would form the basis for a new website, menus and other marketing material. Having enjoyed many gigs and cups of coffee at The Barrel House, we were only too happy to oblige!

The result is a distressed logo for The Barrel House, which represents the venue's eccentric vibe and underground appeal. The new brand identity is 'fuss-free' and easily recognisable to help increase brand awareness outside of the building.

In the end, we created 3 logo variations, which all follow the same look. The all-encompassing "The Barrel House" and two logos to represent each parts of the business: "The Barrel House Ballroom", known for its good music, and "The Barrel House Kitchen", serving delicious food using seasonal ingredients and local suppliers.

We're proud to work with and support local businesses and hope to help more Devon businesses improve their visual identity and customer communications. If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803 840898 or email

<![CDATA[Season's Greetings and our Christmas opening times]]> Season's Greetings and our Christmas opening timesWishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

We hope you've had as good a year as us? We've seen many changes this year with a company reshuffle and some great new clients coming on board (check out our Latest News to find out who we've been working with this year!). We've seen some new staff who have settled in wonderfully and we've increased our scope of services. So, all in all, we're pretty pleased!

Christmas closure

Formoda will be closed on the afternoon of Tuesday, 17th December so we can enjoy our well earned Christmas party.

After all their hard work this year, our staff have earned a well-deserved break! We'll be closing the office over the Christmas period from 24th December to 1st January. We'll still be checking emails over that time so if there is anything important it'll get through, otherwise we'd love to catch up in the New Year.

A big thank you

We know we wouldn't still be a successful company without the support of our fantastic clients. We hope we've managed to make a real difference to your business this year and we can honestly say we've enjoyed working with each and every one of you.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and wish you every success next year. Thanks for your continued support. If you have any new plans for next year, just get in touch and let's chat.

<![CDATA[Exquisite Christmas card design for Princess Yachts]]> Exquisite Christmas card design for Princess YachtsPrincess Yachts are manufacturers of luxury motor yachts based in Plymouth, Devon. Since launching their first 31-footer almost 50 years ago, Princess Yachts have a reputation for quality, strength and integrity of design and build. With fastidious attention to detail, each and every one of Princess' high performance yachts features timeless elegance coupled with impeccable build quality.

In October, we were incredibly flattered when asked to design a Christmas card that would reflect the high end luxury nature of the brand.

We carried out in-depth research and brainstormed different ideas and subsequently created a number of creative design concepts which perfectly matched the high class brand proposition.

Upon consideration, Princess Yachts chose a very clean and exquisite design created by our talented, young graphic designer Ashley Cox. It perfectly represents the harmonious & timeless elegance of a Princess while very subtly ringing in the Christmas season.

In order to further emphasise the luxurious brand proposition, the cards were printed on thick Stonemarque card, embossed and with white pearl and matt silver foil. The design and print of the Christmas cards for Princess Yachts are exquisite, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

We're proud to strengthen our active role within the marine industry following our recent British Marine Federation (BMF) accreditation and hope to help more marine businesses achieve better traction with their customers. If you would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please call us on 01803 840898 or email

<![CDATA[One-off 'Go Wild' charity events support the Philippines]]> One-off 'Go Wild' charity events support the Philippines"Go Wild" is a set of two one-off charity events created by the UK wildlife-filming community to support those ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. As supporters of several charities and after witnessing the level of destruction on the news, it was a no-brainer for us to get involved when asked by TV Presenter and Marine Biologist Monty Halls.

So far, we have created a suite of logos for the two events but will also be working on additional marketing collateral over the coming week.

Some of our most renowned wildlife and adventure TV stars are rallying together to create the Go Wild fundraising event in Bristol on 15th December. It's a unique chance to hear presentations, see film footage, meet the stars and bid at a fundraising auction. All money generated by the event goes directly to the work UK charity Shelterbox is doing in the Philippines.

The response to Go Wild has been overwhelming with all tickets for the afternoon event sold within 48 hours. As a result, a second special event has been organised for the evening - "Go Wild UNCUT". The evening will include short presentations from the speakers, including world class footage and an informal Q&A session.

Tickets are in the form of a donation of £10 to Shelterbox, who are working night and day to provide shelter, water purification, tools and hope to the people in the areas ravaged by the typhoon. Click here to purchase Tickets from Eventbrite.

If you cannot attend the event but would simply like to make a donation, please visit the Go Wild JustGiving page.

<![CDATA[New website launch for ePlanet Capital]]> New website launch for ePlanet CapitalWanting to streamline their online presence, longterm client ePlanet Capital came back to Formoda to work on a new-look website.

The previous version of the website had reached the grand old age of four and following a company name change and further successes, ePlanet felt is was time to review their digital message. The previous website held a wealth of information that was now not considered a priority and the step was taken to show ePlanet as a more streamlined and focused business.

The new digital presence is a whole new direction in terms of design for ePlanet. Whilst still on-brand, it features a very modern, clean interface. Load times have been scaled right back and all essential messages are both prominent and accessible.

The deadline was pretty tight but we're glad to say that we delivered both on time and on budget. We were also delighted for the project to be met with universal praise from ePlanet's partners from Silicon Valley to Beijing.

Following the successful launch we're now discussing how we can evolve other areas of ePlanet's presence, both on and offline. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, click here to check out the new ePlanet Capital website!

<![CDATA[Formoda sail through and receive BMF accreditation]]> Formoda sail through and receive BMF accreditationAs Formoda are becoming recognised for their creative prowess within the marine sector, such as recent work created for Ribeye, we have decided to take an active role within the industry by joining the British Marine Federation (BMF). We are pleased to announce that as of October 2013, we are now accredited members of the BMF South West.

In addition to recently completing design work for one of the UK's most prestigious marine brands, Princess Yachts, and supporting Ribeye's marketing efforts, we have already started speaking with Formoda's existing BMF member clients, looking at their strategy, online and offline presence and marketing collateral.

We are attending regular meetings with other BMF members to discuss some of the issues that many marine business face. Talking to them specifically on how they can better improve their marketing practices, from their online presence, to advertising, marketing objectives and exhibition attendance.

We strongly believe that by playing an active role within the UK marine industry, we can help marine businesses achieve better traction with their customers. There is a concerted effort currently by the UK Marine Industries Alliance, working in conjunction with other UK marine based organisations to help grow and promote the industry on a global stage. The objective is that by 2020 the UK marine industries will be renowned for the quality and value for money of their high technology products, systems and services globally, and for their overall and substantial contribution to the UK's economic, environmental and social well being.

The marine industries include over 5,000 companies across the UK, employ nearly 90,000 people, generate £10bn turnover and contribute nearly £3.5bn Gross Value Added to the nation's GDP.

If you work within the marine industry and would like our expertise and support to help grow your business, then please feel free to contact us on 01803 840898 or via

<![CDATA[Design for Print Literature for Devon Solicitors]]> Design for Print Literature for Devon SolicitorsWe have a close ongoing relationship with WBW Solicitors and carry out a range of creative design work for them on a regular basis. Most recently, we have been busy re-designing their informational literature to ensure that their corporate identity is consistent throughout all new marketing material.

As a large legal practice offering a full range of legal services both locally and nationally, Devon-based WBW Solicitors have an experienced team of partners, solicitors and legal advisors who provide expert legal advice in the most cost effective manner.

Over the past few months, our Design Team have been working on promotional leaflets for various departments, marketing postcards and now even Christmas collateral!

Alongside the above design for print work we have also been closely working with WBW to improve their online presence. Informative news stories, which are distributed via their website and social media channels, are part of a larger Content Marketing strategy.

As a full service creative agency, we can help take your business forward with beautifully designed, visually consistent promotional material to suit your marketing strategy - online & offline. Call us now for a chat or arrange a meeting with coffee and cake!

<![CDATA[EcoPlanet Bamboo scoops IAIR Award]]> EcoPlanet Bamboo scoops IAIR AwardWe were delighted to hear that our long standing client, EcoPlanet has just won the 2013 IAIR Sustainability Award in Milan.

EcoPlanet Bamboo is the largest owner and operator of commercial bamboo plantations outside of China and we've worked with them for a number of years, redesigning their brand suite, developing printed collateral, working on exhibition materials as well as designing and building their websites. What's made this process easier is that we believe in what they are trying to achieve - namely conscious capitalism. So much so that some members of our team have invested in the project.

It's great to see that not only has the company gone from strength to strength, with massive forthcoming expansion just around the corner but that they've been recognised properly for their endeavours. We've witnessed the dedication, hard work and idealism that everyone involved has put into building and developing the company to what it is today in such a short space of time.

Troy Wiseman, CEO said, "We are honoured to have been recognised for our commitment to conscious capitalism and the deliverance of truly triple bottom line returns. Although sustainability is deeply built into our corporate culture, our goal is to set an example for companies within the forestry and timber industry globally to follow suit. IAIR's award independently validates our belief that businesses don't have to choose between earning strong financial returns or maximising social & environmental impact. With the right commitment, execution and focus, you can do both"

Hear, hear.

<![CDATA[Formoda happy to support Paignton Zoo]]> Formoda happy to support Paignton ZooFormoda have a keen interest in supporting local charities and have sponsored several over recent years. When looking for a new charity to support, we wanted to select a local charity that plays an active role in the local community, not just to the public, but also to local businesses.

Everyone at Formoda loves animals, which is one of the reasons why we have a dog (Sam) at work and we were all keen to support animal conservation in some way.

It was unanimously decided that we would support Paignton Zoo and join their SOS Club. By joining the club, it helps us to support the zoo to help protect endangered species, conserve natural habitats and contribute to their valuable education programme. The club also enables businesses such as ours to engage directly with Paignton Zoo at various networking events held throughout the year.

We are a creative, full service agency, always on the lookout to promote our business, create new opportunities and to meet other local business professionals. The networking opportunities provided by becoming a member is of great benefit to Formoda. We have secured several pieces of new business and created numerous opportunities too via the SOS Club Business Breakfast - the breakfast itself isn't bad either. The Business Breakfast also features a different guest speaker each month, tackling issues such as cloud computing, online marketing and business tax issues.

By becoming a member we also received two 'Free Entry' passes, entitling our staff and clients to free entry into Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts and Newquay Zoo. This is a great opportunity for us to provide our clients with additional perks in being a client of Formoda. On becoming a member we have also been presented with a certificate to display proudly in our office and a plaque will be erected within the Paignton Zoo.

For any local business, we cannot recommend becoming a Paignton Zoo SOS Club member highly enough. To find out more, please visit the Paignton Zoo SOS Club page!

<![CDATA[Award-winning Creative Paul Mabin joins Formoda]]> Award-winning Creative Paul Mabin joins FormodaWe've been keeping it fairly quiet whilst we put everything in place but we've got some rather exciting news.

Formoda are absolutely delighted to welcome award-winning designer Paul Mabin to our creative and management teams. Paul was previously Creative Director and Managing Director at DNA Advertising and, having worked with clients such as Princess Yachts and Ettinger, he brings an absolute wealth of experience to the team.

Paul will take the position of Design Director and will be working closely with both new clients and old. His appointment means that Formoda can expand its growing list of services and offer greater creativity, insight, exposure and ultimately success to our clients.

We're proud as punch that Paul has chosen to go forward with us which is hopefully testament not only to our drive and vision but our attitude to both our work and our clients.

If you'd like to chat to Paul about any upcoming projects you'd like to work with us on then you can call the office on 01803 840 898 or email - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

<![CDATA[Online Product Catalogue and Retail Shop for Manhole Covers]]> Online Product Catalogue and Retail Shop for Manhole CoversAs one of the UK's leading suppliers of access covers and frames, Manhole Covers provide specialist drainage solutions for the construction industry in the UK and worldwide.

They contacted us with the objective to replace their existing website, which had been around for years, looked very out-dated and did not convey the company's services and experience well.

After a re-branding exercise in 2011, we created a new website design with a clean and professional look which showcases the company's services and focuses on their extensive product catalogue.

There were two main objectives for the new website: to become a useful resource for members of the construction industry and to provide a selection of their products for retail purchase via an online shop.

The new Manhole Covers website boasts their full product catalogue including size variations, while providing relevant service information to trade customers as well as showing examples of previous made-to-order work.

Powered by the product information provided for the Trade Catalogue, the retail section is a full blown ecommerce shop with an appropriate retail pricing structure and the ability to provide offers and discounts to customers.

With our easy to use Content Management System (CMS), Manhole Covers have the flexibility and functionality to keep their new website up-to-date and provide the most relevant info to their website visitors.

Manhole Covers are very pleased with their new website, commenting on the easy CMS, and have seen retail orders been rolling in since launching.

For all your drainage needs, or just to check out the new site, please visit!

<![CDATA[Calling all project managers!]]> What we've been up to...Or ones that want to work for us at least. We've got loads on and we want you on board. We've got a very diverse range of clients from all over the world, from blue chips to one man bands. We love them all equally. You will too.

You're going to have to be intelligent / articulate / charming / vibrant / organised / confident / committed / a team player / a go-getter and a hard-worker. A background in and understanding of our industry is a big plus but we take each case on its individual merits.

What can we offer? A dynamic office environment, a lovely studio to work in, warm and charming colleagues (mostly), a window overlooking fields with cows and sheep and a chance to build businesses in creative and intelligent ways.

You'll need to send us your CV and salary expectations to and we'll go from there.

<![CDATA[What we've been up to...]]> What we've been up to...We've been rather busy of late with lots of new developments but we thought it was about time we dropped you a line to let you know what we've been up to, tell you about some changes in the company and more ways that we can help your business to flourish.

If you haven't already received an email with all our latest developments, please read on. To receive future email updates from us, just email with the title "Subscribe"!

Introducing our new Director

Most of our regular clients will have had contact with Simon at one time or another and probably already know that he's no longer with us. Many of those same clients will also have had contact with Toni Berning, who has now been appointed Operations Director. For the past three years, Toni's excellent organisation and account management skills have ensured our projects run smoothly and successfully. She continues to oversee Formoda's accounts while leading the agency's drive to deliver strategic solutions and effective creative work to clients. She's already regretting the extra hours.

Getting busy

The first half of 2013 has seen projects coming in at an ever increasing rate. Whilst we've secured new national and multi-national accounts we're also delighted to work with a multitude of small independents too. The diversity of our client base, along with our sunny disposition, is hopefully one of the reasons we're attracting new business.

Closer collaboration with trusted photographic, PR and marketing agencies sees us add a greater range of skills and allows us to enter a project from an earlier stage, managing it from the origination of a concept to final delivery - whether that be showcasing your business socially, digitally or through good old print.

We're busier than ever before which has meant we've had to take on new members of the team.

New team members

Some of you will have already spoken to Adam Hardwick who has joined as our new Senior Developer. He came to us from GCHQ so we've no idea exactly what he's been up to over the last few years. At least that's what he says.

Our design team has also been bolstered by the arrival of Ashley Cox. A young, enthusiastic and above all very talented designer is already providing seasoned and intelligent work.

Office revamp

Our studio in Berry Pomeroy has also had a bit of a refit, along with a new suite of Macs. We'd love you to drop in and chat to us if you think we can help take your business forward. We've even got a new coffee machine. Give us some advance warning and you might even get cake.

Please feel free to give us a call on 01803 840898 or drop a line to

<![CDATA[Customer 1st target global customer service with new website]]> Customer 1st target global customer service with new websiteCustomer 1st International are one of the leading providers of online customer service with clients and partners throughout the globe. They have had a long term relationship with the Formoda team who were involved in developing their first website some ten years ago.

They had been working with another provider for a few years as part of a separate arrangement but realised their website wasn't preforming as well as it should do and they didn't have the levels of content management and ability to optimise the website for search engines in order to make it an effective tool, so they returned to Formoda and we were happy to oblige.

The new website has many features to make it effective to improve the online marketing strategy for Customer 1st International but some key elements include:

  • full content managed system
  • website news tag cloud
  • variety of promotional panels from text to images to key clients
  • downloads, videos and testimonials
  • integration with PayPal
  • So if you think your customer service levels aren't up to scratch or for a few tips or just to have a loko at another great Formoda website why not visit the Customer 1st International website, we think it is quite good!

    ]]> <![CDATA[Water and air pollution targeted by new South African content managed website]]> Water and air pollution targeted by new South African content managed websiteEcoPlanet Core Carbon is a South African company and part of the multi-national Ecoplanet Group. It is a manufacturer of activated carbon which is used in industry for the filtering and purification of water and air, as well as being a key process in the reduction of acid mine drainage.

    Formoda are the contracted design agency for the global EcoPlanet Group and all of their enterprises in different regions of the world. We had therefore already been involved in the corporate branding, signage design and other marketing design for EcoPlanet Core Carbon but were still delighted to be asked to create the new website.

    The website is primarily informational, to provide information for existing and potential clients. The technical datasheets are a fundamental part of providing information and the easy to use content management system enables EcoPlanet Core Carbon to update their website whenever they need to.

    So, to find out how a by-product of a bamboo plantation can help reduce water and air pollution, why not visit the EcoPlanet Core Carbon website and see if you are inspired too to seek how to help save the planet...

    <![CDATA[Luxury Beach Apartments in Costa Rica - perchance to dream?]]> Luxury Beach Apartments in Costa Rica - perchance to dream?Pacifica Azul is a new development of luxury beach view condominiums and penthouses in the beautiful natural sanctuary of Playa Azul, Costa Rica. Formoda have been asked to work with Pacifica Azul to help promote their brand to a wider audience and help to sell the apartments for full or fractional ownership.

    One look at the amazing photography, showing the stunning location and modern interior design and we knew that the website would be very image lead, hence the use of beautiful, large background images. We've also used galleries and our image "widget" to bring the location and apartments to life.

    The Pacifica Azul website is one of our excellent content managed FormodaLite solutions, making it easy for the client to keep their website up to date. Formoda are also helping the client to update the website, as well as planning to help with their online marketing and search engine optimisation. The website is just one of the design services we are offering to Pacifica Azul which include the following:

    • new logo design
    • roadside billboard designs
    • promotional brochure creation
    • content managed website
    • ...and more to follow

    Jonathan Abdilla, President of Pacifica Azul said "Really great, I like it lots! You guys really are the experts and I knew I could depend on you."

    If you'd like to titillate your fancy and see if there is a condo for you, then check out the new Pacifica Azul luxury beach apartment website and start to dream!

    <![CDATA[Website Developer Vacancy in Devon and Graphic Designer Job]]> Website Developer Vacancy in Devon and Graphic Designer JobWe are looking for the best people to join our team of website developers, website designers and graphic designers working in our picturesque office in Berry Pomeroy in the Devon Countryside.

    If you feel you have what it takes to join a great agency, based on the criteria below, then please forward your CV to with links to websites and developments you have worked on, explaining your role in the project.

    No agencies please.

    Although the specific roles will be determined by the skills and experience of the candidates we are looking for two new key roles:

    Website developer vacancy Devon

    You will either be a seasoned developer with agency experience behind you or a skilled developer looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills in an agency environment. You will have a passion for web technologies as well as a first class work ethic and good communication skills.

    Essential skills include :

    • LAMP
    • jQuery

    Preferred skills include :

    • Object-oriented PHP
    • Exposure to MVC frameworks such as Yii
    • Performance & caching techniques
    • Subversion
    • Xdebug

    Graphic / Website Designer vacancy Devon

    We're after an experienced or qualified graphic designer with the ability to design for print and web. You'll need to have creative flair as well as a first class work ethic to produce material for blue chip multinationals through to one-man bands.

    Essential skills include :

    • Raw design talent
    • Good working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite

    Preferred skills include :

    • Agency experience
    • CSS Coding
    • Html coding
    <![CDATA[Belting good business for Heistercamp ecommerce website]]> Belting good business for Heistercamp ecommerce websiteWith over 130 years of experience in the leather goods trade, Heistercamp LLP produce handmade leather belts, bags, guitar straps and more using traditional methods. Made to order using UK leather, every single one of their products is authentic and full of character.

    As a business that only sells via the internet, Heistercamp had an existing website but approached us with a view to creating a more flexible website with a full Content Management System (CMS) and useful tools to help market the business online and increase sales.

    Of course we were up for the challenge and created a rugged, artisanal and vintage-inspired website design that helps convey their brand values and shows off their leather products.

    Bursting with functionality, the new Heistercamp website is both a user-friendly online shop and an incentive-driven sales tool. Some of the site's key features are:

    Discount Codes
    Giving price or percentage discounts, the discount codes can be created as one-offs or in bulk. Heistercamp can further customise the codes and define minimum basket amounts, maximum uses (per customer), set an expiry date, restrict codes to certain products only and limit usage by user(s).

    Gift Vouchers
    Shoppers can purchase gift vouchers for their friends and family on the new Heistercamp website. If not all the voucher's face value is spent in one transaction, the outstanding amount is carried over and can be applied to the next order.

    Loyalty Cards
    Shoppers with an account on the Heistercamp website can now start collecting Loyalty Reward Points. For every £35 spent in one transaction, customers receive a point. After collecting 10 Loyalty Reward Points, users will receive a personalised Loyalty Discount.

    Click here to browse the new Heistercamp website and explore their wide range of leather products!

    If you'd like to chat to Formoda about our ecommerce solutions, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

    <![CDATA[Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, the Famous Five....who next?]]> Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, the Famous Five....who next?Great Western Features is a film, tv and commercial production team based in the South Devon town of Totnes and their team have lampooned some of the best known people in their time, getting some high profile stars to be involved.

    Christian Slater playing Winston Churchill, Steven Mangan as Tony Blair and Jennifer Saunders as Margaret Thatcher (twice) are some of the most notable but I think my favourite has still got to be Great Western Features' own Peter Richardson playing Al Pacino playing Arthur Scargill in the Golden Rose of Montreux award-winning "The Strike".

    Great Western Features currently concentrate on one off film productions and clever commercials. The next "Comic Strip presents..." is due to start filming in August 2013.

    They needed a website which has a fairly simple layout but with the scope to grow as new productions get underway. Also the "film" pages will develop with more details being added over time. A key element was the video content and we suggested that YouTube would be an excellent medium and by using Formoda's clever "video widget", they can then add these videos to any pages of their website with consomate ease.

    For more information on the the team and some of the productions the Great Western Features team have been involved with please visit the Great Western Features website and watch a few trailers!

    <![CDATA[Great Value Ecommerce Website for the Devon Soap Company in Dartmouth]]> Great Value Ecommerce Website for Devon Soap CompanyIf you are looking for an ecommerce website but not looking to pay the earth, then we might have the right solution for you. Formoda have recently launched a new ecommerce shopping cart using PayPal and our great value content managed website solution FormodaLite.

    The first website set up using our value shopping cart is for the Devon Soap Company. Based in Dartmouth, this is a new shop from a well established team, making natural soaps, candles and melts.

    They wanted to sell online but couldn't justify the initial up front development fees that most ecommerce shopping carts can cost, so we discuseed the flexible PayPal content managed FormodaLite option and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

    All you need to do is set up a PayPal business account and Formoda's clever system allows you to set up products on your website, which then automatically take buyers through to the PayPal page to finish their transaction via their card or PayPal account. We are currently working on our second website shop integration using FormodaLite with more to follow...

    For more information on the great features we can offer why not visit the FormodaLite website also why not visit The Devon Soap Company Website to see the shopping cart in action.

    <![CDATA[Complete graphic design service for Devon based WBW Solicitors]]> Complete graphic design service for Devon based WBW SolicitorsEntrusting one design agency with all of your design for print needs is a big step, so Formoda are delighted to be providing that service for WBW Solicitors, who have five offices in four locations in Devon.

    WBW Solicitors is one of the leading legal firms in the South West of England and therefore it is very important that all of their marketing material has continuity, a professional feel and correctly promotes WBW to their potential markets. The development or evolvement of the corporate brand is very important for a partnership such as WBW, helping them to articulate their professionalism in a competitive market which is home to many companies which don't have their diversity and level or legal expertise and skills.

    To date elements that we have already designed for WBW includes:

    • monthly newsletters
    • newspaper advertisements
    • leaflet design
    • new company business cards
    • corporate flyers
    • corporate folder design

    Formoda had already created the main WBW website a few years ago, as well as two microsites and therefore WBW felt that we were the best people to be responsible for all of their marketing design. We are currently looking at some developments to the website as part of a new online marketing strategy.

    <![CDATA[A step up with new ecommerce website for Alton Ladders]]> A step up with new ecommerce website for Alton LaddersEstablished Newton Abbot company Alton Ladders offer a comprehensive range of ladders, scaffold towers and more, which they are able to supply to individuals and businesses nationwide.

    Their previous website was several years old and not performing well anymore. While Alton Ladders were able to advertise and sell their product range via the website, customers found it hard to find what they were looking for. In addition to that, Online Marketing efforts proved futile because the outdated code prevented search engines from indexing their site properly. So Alton Ladders turned to Formoda to design and build their new ecommerce website.

    We worked closely together with the company to create an improved, modern ecommerce website design with an emphasis on user experience. Providing all the same information (and more!) as before, the new website is useful and most of all easy to navigate, creating a positive shopping experience.

    Packed full of great functionality, such as Special Offers and Next Day Delivery options, the new website is a great marketing tool for Alton Ladders. Furthermore, customers' information is kept safe with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and quarterly scans to ensure high security standards are maintained.

    As a company that prides itself on knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service, the SEO-friendly website mirrors this attitude featuring useful FAQs, News, instructions for installing Fixed Access Ladders as well as an easy-to-complete enquiry form.

    Nick Andrews from Alton Ladders comments, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Formoda for all the work you have all put into creating the new site for me and for the speed and patience you have shown in responding to many my questions."

    If you're in need of a new ladder or just want to have a little browse, please have a look at the new Alton Ladders website.

    If you'd like to chat to Formoda about our ecommerce solutions, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

    <![CDATA[Formoda 6 years old today!]]> Formoda 6 years old today!My, hasn't the time flown? Six years ago today David Gurney, Richard Rawlings and Simon Dolley, sat down together and started Formoda.

    Of course we didn't know it was going to be Formoda then, that came later that day. We all made suggestions and David's choice of Formoda won the day. For all those people who ask us, formoda is a Swedish word which means "suppose" or "believe". It was a nice simple name, fitted in with our clean style and we could also get the It could also be very incorrect latin for "for design".

    Initially there was just David, Richard and Simon (oh and Sam of course!) working from our three homes but now we have Adam, Ally, James, Kerry, Olly, Tom and Toni all here in our office in Berry Pomeroy overlooking the fantastic Devon landscape.

    We'd like to thank all our clients and associates, old and new, for helping us to be where we are today and we hope everyone else has a prosperous next six years too.

    <![CDATA[Our Devon website design team enhanced by new Internet developer]]> Our Devon website design team enhanced by new Internet developerFormoda continues to grow. We have just welcomed a new website developer in the guise of Adam Hardwick. He joins our experienced Devon website design team as an Internet programmer and should be able to help us to develop even more advanced solutions for our clients.

    Adam responded to our recent advert and decided to hand in his notice at his existing job to take the opportunity to join Formoda.

    He has a wide range of experience which comes from his time working for the Royal Navy and the Government, which should stand him in good stead for creating high end programming and advanced Internet security. He is a highly accomplished LAMP developer and Formoda are delighted this highlights our progress as one of the leading website development companies in the South West of England, with clients all over the world.

    If you would be interested in finding out more about how Adam and the rest of our website development team can take your Internet use to the next level, please contact us on 01803 840898

    <![CDATA[Donate to Rowcroft Hospice when switching energy suppliers with!]]> Donate to Rowcroft Hospice when switching energy suppliers with!Rowcroft Hospice and social impact company announce their partnership to raise money for the successful and much valued South Devon hospice.

    Since we launched the socially motivated website in October 2012, the company have been busy approaching national charities and local community groups to benefit from the Moneybackswitch scheme, which allows customers to donate to charities when switching energy suppliers.

    Charles Uzzell, Managing Director of said: "Our service is 100% impartial comparing energy prices and tariffs from all the UK energy suppliers so you will be able to access the best deals the market has to offer." When switching using the service, users are given up to £22 to donate to one of the charities working with

    The new partnership with Rowcroft Hospice enables volunteers and supporters to save money whilst raising money for the Hospice.

    Giles Charnaud, Chief Executive at Rowcroft Hospice, said is "a great way to get the best energy deal and raise funds for your local South Devon hospice. The money raised from MBS will enable us to take care further, helping patients living with life-limiting illnesses and their families."

    We are pleased to see that the Formoda designed and developed website has helped the company strike up this valuable partnership with Rowcroft Hospice. This is just the first step to creating relationships with major national charities and allowing UK consumers to get the best deals while raising funds for causes they believe in.

    Please visit to find out how you can switch, save and donate!

    <![CDATA[Design for Print to Promote Wooden Sign Business]]> Design for Print to Promote Wooden Sign BusinessSince launching their new ecommerce website back in November, local producers of high quality wooden signs Bespoak Designs have been very impressed with their new online presence and reported a clear increase in sales.

    The company regularly exhibit at agricultural and other industry shows to meet new customers and showcase their range of high-end, bespoke timber products. Very pleased with the clear, high quality look of their new website, they asked us to also help them design marketing material for these events.

    To help advertise their new website and the online sign builder, which allows site visitors to design and purchase their own oak signs, we created design for print elements for use at trade shows.

    • Posters - to show off the new online shop and sign builder
    • A6 Flyers - with their contact details and online discount codes

    With new product ranges being developed and an ever-increasing number of shows to attend, Formoda are looking forward to help Bespoak Designs grow their business and reach new customers.

    If you'd like to find out more about Bespoak Designs, their range of handmade oak products and create your own wooden sign, please visit the Bespoak Designs website.

    <![CDATA[South African biomass laboratory website helps promote new green fuels]]> South African biomass laboratory website helps promote new green fuelsBiomass is one of the buzz words of the 21st Century, as we strive for more sustainable fuel sources. It was even reported on last night's Countryfile programme on BBC1 that Heathrow's new Terminal 2 would depend upon the new combined heating and power plant fueled by biomass.

    So it is with great pleasure that Formoda have played our own part in this newly emerging environmentally friendly industry with the design and build of the new EcoPlanet Biomass Labs website. The Biomass Labs are based in South Africa and are a wholly owned subsidiary of the International EcoPlanet Bamboo Group basedion Illinois, USA.

    Although the primary function of the Labs was to be taking local products for testing, as the global demand for biomass fuels the boom in supply, they are geared up for and already testing products from all over the world.

    The front end of the website is simple but well designed, plus the website includes a more sophisticated Client Login system, which includes the following:

    • Biomass labs can set up users with their own login details and unique pages
    • they can upload and amend client documents online
    • they can create new pages and details either for everyone or unique users
    • users can create and amend their own password details

    Camille Rebello from Biomass Labs said "I love it! You guys have done a great job taking what was in my head and into this layout - it looks awesome. And the mix of images between lab style and actual biomass is great."

    If you're not up to speed on the fuel of the future, why not have a look at the EcoPlanet Biomass Labs website and see what you think

    If you'd like to get better results from your website, please contact Formoda on 01803 840898.

    <![CDATA[New copywriter joins Formoda team in Devon enabling us to extend our copywriting services]]> New copywriter joins Formoda team in Devon enabling us to extend our copywriting servicesFormoda are delighted to announce the latest addition to our team in Devon. Judi Williams is joining us as an associate copywriter, providing copywriting services for our customers enabling us to ensure that our clients benefit from the most effective use of the written word on both their websites and printed material.

    Judi has a wealth of experience after working in PR and Communications for some of London's largest PR Consultancies and then as In-house marketing for clients from Management Consultancy to International Property Investments. She has also edited and co-written several books on Property Investment.

    Copywriting is an important element of the process in getting your website or design for print as effective as possible and Formoda are always keen to ensure that our output makes a real difference to our client's businesses. Therefore we are really pleased to be able to extend our services into professional copywriting and help our clients by providing more services in one place and at one point.

    To find out more about how we can help you to benefit more from the written word, please call us on 01803 840898

    <![CDATA[Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter - where next for design and marketing for Collegiate student accommodation?]]> Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter - where next for design and marketing for Collegiate Student Accommodation?Collegiate AC are a national company promoting and managing high quality student accommodation. Formoda were therefore exceptionally pleased to be their chosen partner to provide design and marketing for each of their clients.

    Collegiate are one of the fastest growing providers of student accommodation in the country, already with clients in England, Scotland and Wales and new developments coming on board all of the time. Each location has different requirements providing Formoda with a diverse range of design elements to create and with different messages and benefits.

    For each location there is a wide variety of elements to design including:

    • show flat fascia signage
    • posters and hoardings
    • brochures and leaflets
    • Facebook, Google places and other social media
    • RightMove pages
    • students handbooks and documentation
    • website pages

    With new properties currently being developed, Formoda and Collegiate are looking forward to an even busier 2013 and 2014.

    To find our more about Collegiate and their properties, please visit the Collegiate Student Accommodation website design.

    <![CDATA[New website success via search engines in week one]]> New website brings success via search engines in week oneFinding new customers and clients is always hard but a Formoda client found it a lot easier than most recently. The Beauty Rooms at Aromatika launched their first ever website just before Christmas and were delighted to get a brand new booking via their website after only a few days.

    They became even more delighted when they found out that this new customer had searched via the Internet and the new Beuaty Rooms website had come up on page one for their search term. The news improved even more when it transpired that this new customer had actually been looking for another spa in Totnes but after enjoying her treatment so much, she has vowed to use nowhere else in the future. The icing on the cake was when she said that she was an important executive for a very well known multi-national corporation!

    The website had been built in the right way to make it attractive to search engines and with a little bit of help from Formoda, the Beauty Rooms spent a little bit of time entering their key phrases and optimising their website. The results have been excellent but The Beauty Rooms have vowed not to rest on their laurels, as good search engine optimisation requires good attention to detail and regular updating.

    If you'd like to see how you could benefit from a Totnes Beauty Treatment please visit the Beauty Rooms website or search for them on your favourite search engine!

    If you'd like to get better results from your website, please contact Formoda on 01803 840898.

    <![CDATA[Web Designer / Website Developer Vacancy in Devon]]> Web Designer / Wesbite Developer Vacancy in DevonFormoda are looking for new members to join our established team of web designers and website developers in Berry Pomeroy in Devon.

    The new roles will be determined by the skills and experience of the successful candidate(s) but ideally we are looking for a website designer and/or an Internet developer.

    Please forward your CV to with links to websites and developments you have worked on, explaining your role in the project.

    No agencies please.

    Web designer vacancy Devon

    You'll be either be from a Graphic Design background, with excellent creative skills and developed into working on website design, or come from a multimedia design background with good knowledge of website design and design packages.

    Essential skills include :

    • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
    • Html coding
    • CSS coding
    • Raw design talent

    Preferred skills include :

    • Agency experience
    • PHP Coding

    Website developer vacancy Devon

    You will either be a seasoned developer with agency experience behind you or a skilled developer looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills in an agency environment.

    Essential skills include :

    • LAMP
    • jQuery

    Preferred skills include :

    • Object-oriented PHP
    • Exposure to MVC frameworks such as Yii
    • Performance & caching techniques
    • Subversion
    • Xdebug
    <![CDATA[Extranet helps EcoPlanet keep its investors up to date]]> Extranet helps EcoPlanet keep its investors up to dateEcoPlanet Bamboo is the largest owner and operator of bamboo plantations outside of China. Based just outside Chicago, Illinois, they have investors throughout the US, Europe and into the Middle East and Asia and plantations in Central America and Africa.

    Keeping in touch with their investors is important in order to keep them up to date with their plot of land and the growth in their bamboo and investment. They also view the social and environmental impacts of their plantations as being very important and are very proud of their excellent record with staff, the local community and the local environment.

    Each investor has their own separate login with links to:

    • their investment details
    • statistics for their plot of land
    • photos of their plot of land
    • statistics on the social and environmental impacts of their investment (EcoPlanet has a strong dedication to ethical investments)

    The system is easy to update by the EcoPlanet team who are just makng the second round of updates.

    Creating easy to manage and use extranets and intranets are a growing part of the work of Formoda, as companies come to realise the strengths of communicating with their staff and customers online. If you would like to discuss what we could do for you, please call or email.

    <![CDATA[Festive Season Opening and Closing Dates and Times]]> Festive Season Opening and Closing Dates and TimesIt's that time of year again when the office is closed and we all try and put on weight and drink too much, so we won't be in the office quite as much as normal.

    We are shut down over the Christmas period, though there will be people in the office from time to time and we'll be checking our key email accounts and mobiles if anything is urgent but try not to call us on Christmas Day.

    • Open up until 4pm on Monday 24th December
    • Closed Tuesday 25th December to Tuesday 1st January 2013
    • 2nd January onwards - normal office hours - 8:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday

    If you do need to contact anyone during our closedown - please email and we'll reply as soon as we can. Have a great Christmas and New Year

    <![CDATA[New website encourages investment in the US property market]]> New website encourages investment in the US property marketMiddleton May are a Florida based US property company who specialise in investment in the United States property market from Europe.

    They therefore approached Formoda in order to help them target the European market more successfully and decided on using their 10 year bond as an excellent starting point. More bonds and investment opportunities will follow over time.

    Formoda started with the re-branding exercise and followed up with the design of the bond marketing material and have recently finished the new website.

    The new website is simple but effective and includes the key information the investors need such as bond information, more about the Middleton May team and what to do next. More information is then availablevia consultation with the Middleton May team.

    Please visit the new Middleton May Florida property website to find out more about their investment opportunities.

    <![CDATA[Putting the "Beauty" into Beauty Rooms with new logo design]]> Putting the The Beauty Rooms is a new development from the Organic and Natural Skincare company Aromatika, providing beauty and massage treatments from their new premises in the heart of Totnes, Devon.

    They needed a new logo, brand and graphic design for the new venture and approached Formoda to see what we would suggest. The existing Aromatika brand is clean and quite art deco in style, so we created some ideas which mirrored this quite closely and others that went off in a new direction. Ultimately they went for the clean, art deco style you see here.

    The new logo has already been used on a number of items including:

    • business card printing
    • shop signage design
    • poster designs
    • advertising
    • gift vouchers

    Lisa Hosking, the owner of Aromatika and The Beauty Rooms said "I love the new logo, an instant classic. It looks so striking when you walk into the shop and so many people have commented on how much they love it, thank you guys."

    The logo has also just been used on the new Beauty Rooms website, so please have a look and find that perfect Xmas gift for someone you love or maybe you love yourself more and feel like being pampered...

    <![CDATA[Orders for ecommerce website within hours of launch]]> Orders for ecommerce website within hours of launchHaving launched an ecommerce site just last week, our client Bespoak Designs was happy to report that orders were placed through the website within just hours of launching.

    Based in South Devon, Bespoak Designs produce high quality wood signs and other personalised timber products made to order. Trading for over 7 years now, they regularly exhibit at agricultural shows to bring in business and meet the demand for high-end, bespoke wood products.

    We were approached earlier in the year to create a new website design with a distinct quality feel, which emphasises the high-class, one of-a-kind, hand-made nature of their products and allows site visitors to create and purchase their own wooden signs.

    Due to the bespoke nature of their signs, we created a clever three-step online sign builder, which allows shoppers to design their very own oak sign made to order. The sign builder illustrates the customers' sign size, type and height of posts and finally lets users apply the finishing touches and then pay online.

    Since launching last week, the website has received a steady flow of new traffic, with the first two orders representing 2% of all unique site visitors to the new site at that point.

    In times when people are saving their money and many retailers are feeling the effects of the economic climate, it's great to see that an ecommerce website by Formoda is helping to make a difference.

    Please visit the new Bespoak Designs website to create your own wooden sign and find out more about this local business creating truly hand-made oak products.

    If you'd like to chat to Formoda about our ecommerce solutions, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

    <![CDATA[Email Marketing helps RadioCentre communicate]]> Email Marketing helps RadioCentre communicateSince launching a new website in January, RadioCentre have been busy keeping their new online presence up-to-date and turning it into the go-to place for the latest news, events and developments across the industry.

    Happy with the success of the new website by Formoda, RadioCentre's PR team contacted us with the brief to create email newsletters to help them better communicate with their members, while keeping these in line with the website's look and feel.

    After consultation to find out their exact requirements, we created three email newsletter templates for RadioCentre, which they can update and send themselves whenever they need to. Our Email Marketing system is straightforward and easy to use with excellent reporting facilities and allows RadioCentre to target different subscribers.

    Daily Press Summary Emails - by integrating our Email Marketing system with their website's CMS, Radio Centre can now easily send the same daily digests of national press coverage of commercial radio that are on their website to subscribers via email - with just the click of a button!

    Weekly Email Bulletins - the e-bulletin is a quick, weekly digest of key activity, which Radio Centre is undertaking on behalf of its members. These email newsletters make this work more accessible while serving as a useful reminder about activities that members might want to get involved with.

    Text-based Emails - with a simple design, these email newsletters allow Radio Centre to highlight and keep members up-to-date on key issues.

    As the trade body for UK commercial radio, these new email newsletters help RadioCentre in its aim to create a more competitive, diverse and creative industry by allowing it to regularly communicate with its members.

    All of the new email newsletters have become a success with RadioCentre, especially the Daily Press Summary Emails, which are easy to use and save time. Lucy Goodwin, Head of PR at Radio Centre comments, "We are loving the new daily press summary system on the website - can't believe we waited so long to do it! Makes life so much easier!"

    For details of Formoda's emarketing services just give us a call on 01803 840898 or email

    <![CDATA[Florida property company create new logo design with Formoda ]]> Florida property company create new logo design with FormodaMiddleton May are one of the most experienced teams in the US Real Estate market, currently specialing in Florida and South Carolina, so Formoda were flattered to be chosen to create their new brand and logo design.

    Having designed the new logo, it quickly had to be incorporated into their marketing material and investment details. These documents have also been designed and are ready to wow investors and explain why Middleton May believe now is the best time since the Great Depression to invest in the US property market.

    Formoda are also working on a new website which is due to go live very soon.

    Comments from the Middleton May team about the new designs include "...we are very impressed...", "...I like it. Looks simple and professional...", "...very impressive and slick..." - we're always glad when our clients like our work as much as we do!

    <![CDATA[Website design for self-catering holiday cottages in Devon]]> Website design for self-catering holiday cottages in DevonColehouse Farm Cottages are a set of three self-catering holiday cottages set in the rural idyll near Broadwoodkelly in Mid-Devon. Formoda re-branded the cottages earlier in the summer and a new website design was always planned to follow soon afterwards.

    After our initial meetings it was decided that new and good photography was very important and they used an excellent photographer called Tony Cobley from Ivybridge. Formoda used this photography and the new branding to create a stylish website which hopefully reflects the five star quality of the site and its beautiful setting.

    A new two person cottage is being launched this autumn, so making the website easy to update is imperative and also it is planned to make some more changes over the autumn and winter, showing that a website is never finished and needs to be regularly looked at to achieve its goals.

    Good use of photos was not the only thing; making use of floor plans, brochures and even video are imperative nowadays for holiday accommodation websites as users look to find out more about their destination before they visit.

    Why not visit the new Colehouse Farm Self Catering Holiday Cottages website design and have a look at the what is available and also check out the great photos, including the donkeys!

    <![CDATA[The Totnes Traders Association choose Formoda for new website design]]> The Totnes Traders Association choose Formoda for new website designThe Totnes Traders Association is a new organisation set up with the sole intention of making sure one of the biggest events in the Devon Christmas calendar, happens in a safe, successful and fun manner.

    The Totnes Late Night Shopping events are amazing, with so many people visiting this historic Devon town, that there had been concerns over safety and security. The Totnes Traders Association have brought together the local shops, traders and public bodies and needed a website to communicate with these and the public.

    Some key features elements that the Totnes Traders website includes:

    • Sponsors - allows the association to thank its key supporters
    • FAQs - key information about the event
    • Latest news - all the most up to date infomration
      • So why not visit the Totnes Traders Association website for more information

        ]]> <![CDATA[Switch, save and donate with!]]> Switch, save and donate with!After creating a logo design for new social impact company earlier this year, we have now launched their first ever website!

        Based on the new logo, the website design is clean with a friendly feel to appeal to the general public and make them feel they're doing good.

        As a socially motivated enterprise, the company's mission is simple: to help the public save money on their energy bills while raising money to support local community groups. These messages are clearly portrayed throughout the website, which also provides detailed information about the company, its charity partners and advice on energy tariffs.

        The website links to a 100% impartial comparison engine to find the very best electricity and gas deal for an individual's home. Users can switch providers both online and via free phone - once the switch has been completed, will make a fixed price donation to a local community group of the switcher's choice.

        We worked closely with the third party price comparison provider to ensure visual continuity across the energy price search engine and automatic email reminder and confirmation messages. In doing so, the brand identity is preserved across multiple channels.

        Please visit to find out more about this new social impact company and compare your gas and electricity prices!

        <![CDATA[Multi-lingual website for multinational Devon company]]> Multi-lingual website for multinational Devon companyWe have just launched a multi-lingual website for Fraser Anti-Static Techniques, a company specialising in industrial static electricity problems. The Devon-based business manufactures equipment for leading machinery manufacturers and processing companies worldwide - either directly or through a network of Distributors.

        Fraser approached us with a view to modernise their online presence. Their previous website looked dated, lacked a positive user experience and provided limited Content Management options.

        The new website design we created follows the company's existing branding while achieving a light, modern and professional look. All the information is clearly visible and laid out to draw site visitors further into the relevant sections of the new website.

        Fraser Anti-Static Techniques are very active in the French and German markets, so it was imperative to create a website which was not only accessible in English but French and German as well. The entire website is available in the three languages with country-specific domain names and language-relevant URL paths, to help the company increase their Google rankings in those countries.

        Our flexible Content Management System gives Fraser Anti-Static full control over the content on all website pages, allowing them to easily update the website. An up-to-date website further establishes Fraser as a fresh and modern but market-leading company.

        To find out more about Fraser, static control and practice your foreign language skills, please visit the clean, clean, functional and user-friendly new Fraser Anti-Static website!

        <![CDATA[Plymouth Builder website builds on success for Steve Mitchell Ltd]]> Plymouth Builder website builds on success for Steve Mitchell is the new website design from the well established and successful Steve Mitchell Ltd who have been operating in the Plymouth area since 1999.

        Their strapline is "Big Enough To Cope and Small Enough To Care" and we feel that a FormodaLite website is the perfect Internet solution for a company like Steve Mitchell Ltd.

        With prices from £499+vat set up and £299.99+vat per annum, we feel they are well within the budget of many companies who would love a great website but can't always afford the agency rates. Providing professional and bespoke design, plus quality programming and content management without paying the earth.

        If you too would like to know about getting a FormdoaLite website like then please give us a call. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Steve Mitchell : Plymouth Builder website and see how it works and looks.

        <![CDATA[Website puts smile on faces of Totnes Dental Surgery]]> Website puts smile on faces of Totnes Dental SurgeryManor Lodge Dental Surgery is one of the most successful dentists in Totnes and was established in 1935. They have a great team and an excellent customer base but they felt their existing website did not reflect their high quality or modern practices.

        So they contacted Formoda to see what we could do for them. After consultation, we all decided to go for one of our great value FormodaLite solutions but spend some extra time on the design process in order to truly reflect the nature of their business.

        Rather than changing their brand we used some elements of it in different ways and emphasised some bits more than others to create a good clean, contemporary style. We also made use of their excellent photos and this helped to balance up the website with more colour and images of their surgery and team.

        Some key features that the Manor Lodge Dental Surgery website includes:

        • Team section - easy to update profiles and pictures, including Oscar the trainee receptionist
        • News Feature - with news about the team, equipment and latest offers
        • Testimonials - what better than some good recommendations?
        • FAQs - simple but effective way of helping people to find answers to key questions
          • So why not visit the Manor Lodge Dental Surgery website Totnes to see for yourself and also work out who Oscar is...

            ]]> <![CDATA[South Devon based company launches their first ecommerce website design]]> South Devon based company launches their first ecommerce website designDo you like beautiful, hand-crafted items and maybe something different to what you can normally buy on the High Street? Then The Forest and Co could be the website for you.

            Based in South Devon, the ladies from The Forest and Co have taken advantage of the fact that Devon is home to a large variety of talented craftspeople and this enables them to bring these items (plus others from all over the world) to a wider audience through the new website design and development from Formoda.

            The website was designed to match the brand that was already established and make use of the good photographs, to show the products in the best possible light.

            Making the website easy to update and manage was imperative, as the products need to be updated regularly to cope with changes in the seasons, fashions, availability and demand.

            So why not have a look through the new Forest and Co website and see if there is anything you like, plus notice how great the website is!

            <![CDATA[New logo design for London IT consultants]]> New logo design for London IT consultantsFormoda are pleased to announce a new logo design for another client based in the South East of England. Colehouse Ltd are an IT and telecommunications specialst operating in the London and South East.

            Colehouse Ltd is the sister company of Colehouse Farm Cottages who are based in Mid-Devon. Formoda recently also re-branded Colehouse Farm and designed new stationery and marketing material (including a website due to launch in September) and Colehouse Ltd thought it was a good time to create a new design for their logo too.

            The new logo design has synergies with the Farm Cottage logo but also enough difference to highlight the variations between these two companies, their services and their clients.

            Colehouse Ltd are so pleased with the result that we have already designed business cards and letterheads and are now moving onto a new website design.

            <![CDATA[New website catapults social media company forward]]> New website catapults social media company forwardSocial Media is one of the fastest growing means of promoting your business and Social Catapult are providing a professional and personal service in Devon.

            Now, a social media company is nothing without a great website and Formoda were delighted to be asked to design and develop the new Internet presence for Social Catapult.

            Some key features that the Social Catapult website includes:

            • Easy to use content management system - Formoda ensure that our clients can update most elements of their website quickly and efficiently.
            • News Feature - keeping a website updated is very important and what better way than a latest news feature?
            • Testimonials - used to support information on the page you are looking at
            • Twitter feed - of course a social media company needs this
              • To find out more and see how Formoda have changed the way they use the Internet please visit the Social Catapult website

                ]]> <![CDATA[Website Designer / Developer Job Vacancy Devon]]> Vacancy : Office Manager / Administrator RequiredFormoda are currently looking for new team members to join their website design and development team in South Devon. Our continued success in working with local, national and International clients means that we are looking to take on a new website designer and/or a website developer.

                The roles will be determined by the skills and experience of the candidates but we are looking for the best people to join us to enable us to continue to offer the high level of service and success to our clients which has helped Formoda to grow from a team of 3 to 9 in less than two years.

                Ideally you would have already worked in a similar agency environment and be looking to hone your skills or take them to the next level.

                Graphic / website designers should have:

                • experience designing for the web (essential)
                • experience of Adobe Creative Suite (essential)
                • design and build of html emails (preferred)
                • CSS (preferred)
                • genuine creative talent (essential)

                Website developers should have:

                • experience of PHP development (essential)
                • Yii framework (preferred)
                • jQuery (essential)
                • Subversion (preferred)
                • HTML5, CSS3 and mobile development experience would be a bonus

                If you would like to join a successful website design and development team please send your CV to but please remember we are only looking for the best people here at Formoda. No agencies please.

                <![CDATA[Great Value new website for Cambridgeshire kennels and cattery]]> Great Value new website for Cambridgeshire kennels and catterySilver Birch Kennels and Cattery is the latest FormodaLite website to be launched, a solution which creates great value websites without compromising on design and functionality.

                Silver Birch are a small, friendly and successful Kennels based just outside Ely and were recommended to Formoda via a mutual contact, who thought that we would be perfect for them.

                They wanted a well designed website which was also easy to update and the FormodaLite solution was just what they needed. As the FormodaLite websites are built in a modular way, it allows the clients to choose which special features they want to include in their new website.

                The Silver Birch Kennels and Cattery website includes the following:

                • News Feature - very important for keeping the website up to date and to help with search engine optimisation
                • FAQs - nicely designed way of helping your customers and potential clients
                • Testimonials - much better for someone else to say how good you are rather than yourself!
                • Gallery - a picture paints a thousand words
                • Downloads - upload forms, newsletters and other documents that your website visitors might need
                • Videos - if a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a video paint?
                • Animated Slides - easy to update with pictures, text and links
                  • Please visit the Silver Birch Kennels and Cattery website to see whether you would like a website like them too!

                    ]]> <![CDATA[New Corporate Branding for Local Energy Company]]> New Corporate Branding for Local Energy CompanyCooks is a well-known company in the South West, offering a range of energy and renewable services to both domestic and commercial customers. The team is always "on the ball", offering cutting edge services while ensuring the selected solutions are right for individual clients.

                    The original Cooks logo was never designed with the business in mind, but has been in use for so long now that it and the blue company vans are well-recognised. Earlier in 2012, the company decided to refresh their image in order to better reflect their services and show how they had diversified over the years into the renewable energy market.

                    Cooks approached Formoda because they liked our branding portfolio and were looking for a local design agency with the expertise to turn their many initial ideas into reality.

                    After detailed branding conversations with the team at Cooks, we were in the perfect position to formulate a coherent re-brand strategy. Our experienced graphic design team came up with various options based on this brief and Cooks immediately had a favourite. We further spent some time fine-tuning this to get it just right.

                    The new Cooks Energy logo is a brand evolution based on their previous look, while also introducing new elements. Offering all-round solutions in different service areas is one of the company's core strengths and this is clearly represented in the new logo with clever use of colour, wording and graphical elements.

                    Alex Lyons from Cooks Energy commented, "The whole process was made very easy, the whole team are great to work with (very understanding!)". Pleased with their new logo, Cooks are now looking forward to further developing their new brand identity with new stationery designs, van signage, a new website and other forms of advertising.

                    We have already spotted the new Cooks Energy logo in the local area... its definitely garnering the right type of attention!

                    <![CDATA[Kingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic Website Impresses]]> New Kingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic Website ImpressesKingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic is a long-established Chiropractic clinic in the South Hams, which changed ownership at the beginning of 2012.

                    After a successful re-branding exercise, young owner Fiona Webb asked us to also create a new website for her in line with this visual identity.

                    Fiona's brief was clear: she was looking for a quality website design based on the new logo with a friendly feel. It was important to convey a sense of being healthy - but not clinical - to all site visitors.

                    Our design team created a clean website design utilising the new logo's warm colour scheme as well as pictures of sunsets. These help to create a friendly and relaxed environment in the clinic and we used similar imagery to translate the same feeling onto the website.

                    The new website is packed with great functionality and information, which Fiona can easily update herself using our FormodaLite Content Management System. With tips and tricks for back pain, information about Chiropractic care and alternative therapists at the clinic, the website provides lots of useful information for patients.

                    Since launching the website, Fiona has been busy updating the website with more information and is using it as an effective marketing tool. She has received lots of positive feedback from clients (some of which chose her because of the new website!) as well as other people in the industry, with one even calling it "one of the best sites I've seen!". Now we're blushing.

                    Please visit the Kingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic website to find out what all the fuss is about!

                    <![CDATA[Five star holiday cottages logo design reflects quality]]> Five star holiday farm cottages have new logo designed to reflect their qualityColehouse Farm Cottages are five star holiday accomodation providers set in the rural idyll of Mid-Devon close to Okehampton. They approached Formoda to talk about a new website design and it soon became clear that they needed a new brand and logo to help to reflect the high quality nature of their cottages, service and location.

                    The challenge was to show the quality but without making it look like a sterilised hotel. The Colehouse cottages are five star in quality but they are also set upon a farm and amongst the very tranquil rolling hills north of Dartmoor, so although we all wanted the brand to say "quality" we didn't want it to say "corporate", "city" or "cold".

                    The use of stylised trees and green colours worked very well to create a clean but warm and quite illustrative logo and branding.

                    Colehouse Farm are really pleased with the result and we like it a lot too!

                    <![CDATA[New South West NHS website and staff extranet]]> New South West NHS website and staff extranetPeninsula Pathology Partnership represent the three NHS trusts of South Devon Healthcare, Royal Cornwall Hospitals and Plymouth Hospitals and provide pathology services throughout the peninsula and beyond.

                    Formoda created their new branding and we also have been updating their promotional literature, reports and other design for print. However the new website was always a key part of the development process and we are pleased that it is now live and being used by staff and potential clients.

                    The main website is quite simple at this stage and is being used as a promotional tool for the partnership as they promote their services within Devon and Cornwall and further afield. Peninsula Pathology have already added to the website by creating a new page. Also a key feature of the website is the Staff Login facility.

                    The staff login is an extranet aimed at the 500+ staff members in the Peninsula Pathology partnership, allowing them to log in and see content for their eyes only. This section includes special information, FAQs, contact details and the opportunity to feedback on the progress of partnership.

                    Chris Winfield, the Programme Manager at Peninsula Pathology said "Formoda have done an excellent job creating a visual identity for our new partnership, one that retains links to our NHS roots, but with a new, clean and commercial design. In developing our website, Formoda have worked with us closely to understand our needs and find solutions that work aesthetically and practically. I can see us continuing to work with this design and development team as our business continues to grow and meet the developing needs of our customers."

                    To find out more please visit the Peninsula Pathology website and you'll probably learn a little bit more about what happens after you have a test in a hospital or medical clinic too!

                    <![CDATA[Devon Solicitor launches Clinical Negligence website]]> Devon Solicitor launches Clinical Negligence websiteWBW Solicitors is one of the leading firms in the South West and Formoda have been working with them for a few years creating design for print, advertising and also their main website.

                    Perineal Tears might be deemed an unpleasant subject but it is something very serious for those who have suffered it through medical incompetence during or after childbirth. The clinical negligence team at WBW are there to help people find help and advice on what to do if they think they are victims of this.

                    The website is built using the FormodaLite system and is therefore easy to update by the WBW team. It is also the first of a few to be launched by the team to target specific audiences, so Formoda are making them easy to build and manage.

                    To find out more please visit the Perineal Tears website and we hope you never need to make use of the resources of the WBW clinical negligence team with regards to this subject.

                    <![CDATA[US property company choose Formoda for branding and design]]> US property company choose Formoda for branding and designFormoda has been successful in winning another US client, as Redmount Real have commissioned us to create their new logo, branding design, brochures, other marketing material and a new website.

                    Redmount Real is a new property investment company based in the US and they had seen the design work we had created for EcoPlanet Bamboo, ePlanet Capital and other blue chip American companies and asked us to help them get established for their new ventures in the US and Europe and we were happy to oblige.

                    Although Redmount Real is a new company, the team have a wealth of experience in high yielding property investment projects on both sides of the Atlantic and will be working with some long established companies.

                    Part of the challenge therefore was to create a new brand (which does go much deeper than just the logo) which had the feel of a fresh vibrant company but also portrayed the security and experience of the team.

                    Formoda create a number of design concepts in the initial logo design process and after we had presented this first stage to Redmount Real, one of the Directors said "They all look will be difficult to choose which one to go with..."

                    We think they made a good choice!

                    <![CDATA[New Logo Delights Kingsbridge Chiropractor]]> New Logo Delights Kingsbridge ChiropractorKingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic has been long established in the South Hams, providing Chiropractic treatments for people suffering from all kinds of conditions.

                    The clinic has been under new ownership since January 2012 as the previous owner went into retirement. Since then, young new owner and Chiropractor Fiona Webb, who originally hails from Scotland, has been busy converting the business into a bigger, more friendly and comfortable clinic.

                    Fiona contacted Formoda with the objective to create a new logo for the clinic to help visually portray this change in identity. With many more ideas for the future, the brief was to create a friendly, warm and welcoming logo, which would appeal to patients of all ages and allow the clinic to grow further.

                    The result? A clean, friendly logo with spinal elements that further emphasise Fiona's 'getting you moving' approach. We used a warm colour scheme consisting of different shades of orange to further tie the logo to the clinic, where pictures of sunset scenes help to create a relaxed and friendly environment.

                    Upon seeing the final logo design, Fiona commented "Amazing - thank you! Your designers have really picked up on exactly the elements I'm looking for. Nice work!"

                    What can we say...? We aim to please!

                    <![CDATA[As seen on BBC - Monty Halls new website goes live]]> As seen on BBC - Monty Halls new website goes liveA well known BBC TV presenter, marine biologist, ex-marine, travel writer, public speaker and diver, Monty Halls already had an impressive CV. Then he and his team decided to open a shop in Dartmouth, South Devon offering wildlife trips and diving courses to locals and visitors, with a chance to buy Monty merchandise and meet Monty and Reubs.

                    With all this in mind, Formoda were approached to create a new brand for Monty Halls Great Escapes, which also led to a new brand for Monty himself and subsequent brochures, signage, leaflets and of course, the website.

                    The most important thing about the new website was to ensure that it was easy to update using Formoda's fabulous website content management system, as Monty's busy life, TV schedule, public speaking events, and regular trips and courses mean that the website information needs to be up to date and current.

                    The new website covers a lot of information:

                    • Monty's TV series
                    • Monty Halls merchandise
                    • the team's Corporate Traning packages
                    • wildlife and diving trips - check out the shark diving course to South Africa in November!
                    • details about the Monty Halls team
                    • upcoming events and courses
                    • lots of great photos

                    The new website has gone down really well with Monty's band of loyal fans, the only slight complaint is that there might need to be more pictures of Reuben! Monty, Tam and Suze who have been doing most of the website updating have found it really easy to do and like many of our clients, are finding it much more fun than previous websites they have had to update and will be adding more of Reubs to keep everyone happy. Monty loves the new website and said it all when he said "It's the dog danglies."

                    To see what all the fuss is about, please visit the new Monty Halls website. You might want to book a fun and fascinating wildlife trip on Monty's rib (Simon has been and can highly recommend it) or you could be more daring and find yourself swimming with the sharks in South Africa in November.

                    <![CDATA[Ally Moates joins the Formoda team]]> Ally Moates joins the Formoda teamWe are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Formoda team, as Ally Moates joins us as our Office Administrator.

                    We were delighted with the high calibre of candidates we got applying for the new role but Ally stood out as perfect for the position.

                    Ally is a local lady and has a lot of experience in providing administration services for Devon based companies. In addition to other roles, Ally worked as an operations and finance manager for a large, local company for ten years before setting up her own company SwitchFox in 2010, providing admininstration services to a number of companies in the area.

                    We already had contact with Ally through networking and some joint projects and persuaded her to apply for the role. After interviewing we decided she would be a great addition to the team, so we were delighted when she said yes.

                    Ally's main role will be ensuring the smooth operation of the company and co-ordinating with our Accounts Manager Kerry Marot to maintain our effective and successful client communication and maintenance.

                    We can all improve and hopefully Ally will help Formoda to be even more organised, communicative and successful in the future.

                    <![CDATA[South African company new website design and blog]]> South African company use new website design and blogEcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa is a subsidiary of the US based EcoPlanet Bamboo Group and are based in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.

                    Formoda had already created their branding and design for print material before starting on the website. A key remit was that the website and blog, as well as informing and encouraging investment in the region, should educate on the environmental impact that EcoPlanet Bamboo are trying to help redress.

                    Deforestation has been a big issue in Africa and EcoPlanet Bamboo are helping to tackle this in a sustainable way and to the benefit of the local population, as well as their International investors.

                    In May 2012, Formoda also designed and helped them set up their own blog which is being updated by local team member, Johan. Visit the EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa Blog.

                    To learn more about the work that the company is doing and to see how Formoda make attractive and easy to update internet solutions please also visit the EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa website.

                    <![CDATA[Content managed website helps Permaban target the UK and beyond]]> Content managed website helps Permaban target the UK and beyondPermaban are an award winning manufacturer of concrete formwork and armoured joints, based just outside Plymouth in South Devon.

                    A successful and growing company, Permaban needed a website to reflect this. They also needed a website solution which would be easily updateable and help them to continue their growth both in the UK and internationally.

                    Formoda were introduced to Permaban by their marketing company SharpEdge Marketing, lead by Annette Harpham, and asked to create a new content managed website. Formoda also created their new branding which has gone down very well with team members and clients.

                    The new website is a well crafted and easy to navigate and contains a lot of information without it being overwhelming. Depending upon your needs and interest, you should be able to find the details you require quickly and effectively.

                    Simon Dolley from Formoda said "Annette and the Permaban team were fundamental to making this project a success. They worked tirelessly to create engaging content and help our team with succinct and useful feedback and I believe the success of the website reflects this."

                    Take a look at the new content managed Permaban website to see if you agree!

                    <![CDATA[Google Chrome is winning browser wars - for now]]> CGoogle Chrome is winning browser wars - for nowAccording to latest data from StatCounter, Google Chrome has finally passed Microsoft's Internet Explorer to become the most widely used web browser in the world.

                    Google Chrome first topped the browser statistics in the week ending May 20th with a global user share of 32.76%, while the incumbent Internet Explorer was a close second with 31.94% of web traffic.

                    This marks the first full week that Google's browser has beaten Internet Explorer. In March, Chrome had previously topped IE for a single day.

                    Although the difference is minimal, Chrome has been on an upward trend for quite some time, while Microsoft's IE has been on a downward spiral. Mozilla Firefox is the third most popular browser followed by Apple's Safari browser in fourth place with just more than 25% and 7% of the global web traffic respectively.

                    How long can Chrome keep up its leading position? Tech-savvy Internet users, like all of you reading this, tend to prefer browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari due to their minimal user interface and fast loading speeds, however IE still is the default web browser for Windows machines, which constitute to 90% of the world's computers.

                    Furthermore, the launch of Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 later this year throws up the question whether Windows tablets will limit third-party browser functionality.

                    Although seen as a reliable barometer on browser popularity, StatCounter's data might tell a different story to analytics concentrating on unique visitors.

                    Nevertheless, we're hopeful that this trend will continue its upward journey - minimal distractions, faster loading speed, good CSS and HTML 5 support and greater browsing security are helping us to create better websites and ensure that your clients will have a better user experience on your website.

                    Please follow this link if you would like to download Google Chrome!

                    <![CDATA[Clean Logo Design for New Social Impact Company]]> Clean Logo Design for New Social Impact is a new venture, which is aiming to help the public save money on their energy bills and donate a fixed sum to a local community group of their choice.

                    As a socially motivated enterprise, the company's mission is to generate income to support local community groups while their 100% impartial comparison and switching service on both web and free phone will provide the public with excellent value for money electricity and gas.

                    We were flattered to be chosen to help with this exciting new project and, as a new company, first and foremost asked us to create a new logo design, which would form the basis for their corporate branding and other marketing material.

                    They wanted to create a clean and friendly branding which clearly promotes the website. With so many other price comparison websites around, the competition in the market is fierce and the logo needed to be easily recognisable while reassuring users that they will save money while doing good.

                    We're currently working on other items for, namely

                    • A brand new website
                    • Design for print items

                    Until the official launch, we cannot reveal anything more but we just know that will do well by doing good!

                    <![CDATA[Regional NHS Group Re-brand with Formoda]]> Regional NHS Group Re-brand with FormodaPeninsula Pathology is a partnership of the pathology departments from Royal Cornwall Hospitals, Plymouth Hospitals and the South Devon Healthcare Trust, offering pathology services to GPs and hospitals in their areas and beyond. They currently have over 500 staff in the region and are looking to develop their services primarily in Devon and Cornwall but also in the rest of the UK in both the public and private sectors.

                    They approached Formoda and other agencies in the South West and London to talk about a new logo design, style for their corporate branding and new website development and it quickly became apparent that Formoda were the right agency to take them forward.

                    The first step was the design of the new logo, which needed to pay attention to NHS guidelines and not alienate people used to the work of the three departments but also attract new customers for the partnership from GPs, hospitals and private customers outside of the South West. Formoda created a range of ideas, which we gradually developed and amended until we finished with the logo you see on this page, which has received universal backing from everyone.

                    The new logo is the first step in the branding process and also in development are:

                    • letterheads
                    • business cards
                    • word and powerpoint templates
                    • a new website design and development

                    Formoda are delighted to be working for such an important and widespread organisation who had their choice of some of the top design agencies in the South West of England.

                    <![CDATA[Vacancy : Office Manager / Administrator Required]]> Vacancy : Office Manager / Administrator RequiredFormoda is continuing to grow and gain more clients and therefore we are advertising a job vacancy for a new person to join our team based in Berry Pomeroy in South Devon.

                    We are looking for a part time (initially at least) office manager or administrator to ensure that we can continue to look after our clients and have our other team members concentrate on their core roles. Ideally you will already have had some experience in a similar role and bring skills and enthusiasm to our successful team.

                    The exact role will be determined by the person that fills it but some core roles will be:

                    • office accounts
                    • office management
                    • database management
                    • office administration
                    • domain renewals and management
                    • reception duties

                    Initially we feel that the role will be 20-30 hours per week, Monday to Friday but could expand to more or full time depending on the skills of the person involved and how busy the company and the role become.

                    Ideally the candidate will have the some if not all of the following skills/experience:

                    • accounts experience
                    • office administration
                    • telephone answering and handling
                    • good organisational skills

                    Please forward your CVs to by Friday 25th May 2012. No agencies please.

                    <![CDATA[Fresh new Design and Development of EcoInvestments Website]]> Fresh new Design and Development of EcoInvestments WebsiteEcoInvestments are London-based alternative investment specialists, providing investors access to the best-researched green investments in the "eco" space.

                    As long-term clients of Formoda, the EcoInvestments brand (which was originally designed by us) has been tweaked over the last few years to ensure it remains current, appealing and fresh.

                    Their existing website was already three years old, so when EcoInvestments heard about our amazing new website framework, it was the perfect time to create a new website for them.

                    Our flexible new framework makes updating websites even easier: the intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System means the new website can be edited with no effort and is always up-to-date.

                    Search Engine Optimisation still plays an important part in their overall Marketing strategy so with lots of SEO-friendly features, social sharing opportunities and Social Media accounts the EcoInvestments team are working hard to be ahead of the competition.

                    Even since launching the new website, we have been adding new features like a Twitter feed, Gallery and Testimonials, to provide site visitors with lots of relevant information and to help them discover more about the company and their philosophy.

                    Head over to the new EcoInvestments website to explore the new web design for yourself!

                    <![CDATA[BBC's Monty Halls opens new shop in Dartmouth]]> BBC's Monty Halls opens new shop in DartmouthMarine Biologist Monty Halls is well known for his BBC television programmes including "Great Escapes", "Barrier Reef" and the recent BBC 2 programme "The Fisherman's Apprentice". Now he and his team have launched their new "Great Escapes" shop in Dartmouth, South Devon.

                    The new shop has a fascia designed by Formoda (pictured) and also includes banners, leaflets created by us, plus the staff are wearing t-shirts featuring Monty's new brand.

                    The shop features wildlife books, DVDs and most importantly details of the wildlife, TV and outward bound courses and trips run by Monty which are available to all. Plus there is always a chance of meeting Monty and Reubs!

                    For more details and pictures why not visit the Monty Halls Blog

                    <![CDATA[Green website design for efficient software company Passfield]]> Green website design for efficient software company PassfieldPassfield is a fully integrated software system, which gives horticultural nurseries full control over their operations. As the world's most comprehensive horticultural management software, Passfield offers tons of features to streamline processes.

                    Their previous website looked very dated and clunky and didn't provide Passfield with the required functionality so they approached us with the brief to create a simple, clean and fresh new website design with the flexibility to easily update the website content.

                    Having researched their target audience, Passfield needed a website design which was friendly, simple-to-use and conveyed technical expertise to appeal to the key decision makers.

                    Based on this brief, we designed a light website with a green, horticultural feel. The modern design is sophisticated without being too daunting and technical and the great use of relevant imagery helps to target the correct audience.

                    Our new website framework with super easy-to-use content management system allows Passfield to edit all content areas of the website and so keep the website up-to-date and relevant with latest news stories, case studies, videos and more.

                    Please visit the new Passfield Data Systems website to check out the new website for yourself!

                    <![CDATA[City of London firm invests in new corporate branding]]> City of London firm invests in new corporate brandingAu Point Partners LLP is a firm of Private Equity Real Estate Advisers based in the City of London and made up of a team of specialists with an incredible range of skills and experience. Formoda were therefore delighted when they sought us out to create their new corporate branding.

                    The new brand needed to illustrate the wealth of experience the team has and to work for potential investors in the UK and beyond plus existing and potential property development and investment partners throughout the globe.

                    The new logo was the first step in the branding process from Formoda which so far includes:

                    • letterheads
                    • business cards
                    • a new website design, which is currently underway
                    • Kash Lais, AuPoint Partners "The perception for clients should be at the forefront, of high quality that you can have confidence in. We really are very pleased with the colour scheme and lay out which captures exactly the type of professional image we want to project. Excellent!"

                      We're so please when our clients like what we've done, you could be next, just give us a call. 01803 840898

                      ]]> <![CDATA[As featured on the BBC, EcoPlanet Bamboo]]> As featured on Radio 4, EcoPlanet Bamboo's Camille RebeloCamille Rebelo is one of the Directors of EcoPlanet Bamboo and is due to be featured on a BBC Radio 4 programme this evening - Green Gold : The Bamboo Boom

                      EcoPlanet are also featured in the"Booming bamboo: The next super-material?" article on the BBC News website.

                      As the BBC say, "Bamboo is being hailed as the new super material..." and EcoPlanet Bamboo are carrying out what they call "Conscious Capitalism" which not only earns investors money but improves the economy and ecology of the local communities.

                      EcoPlanet Bamboo have been working with Formoda for over a year now and we provide the following for them:

                      • corporate branding for the group and each individual company
                      • website design and development (currently 3 different websites)
                      • online marketing : including social media support
                      • graphic design : including stationery, brochures and other promotional material
                      • plantation and office signage and other graphics including exhibition posters
                      <![CDATA[New logo design for Plymouth company]]> New logo design for Plymouth companyPermaban manufacture products which protect concrete floors and external slabs. They approached Formoda in 2011 to talk about developing a new website but it soon became apparent that one of the factors restraining the company was the corporate branding and logo. Following consultation we all decided that a new re-brand was the best step forward.

                      Although based in South Devon, Permaban have partners, outlets and distributors all over the world, so it was imperative to create a brand that was clean, strong and workable throughout the globe. Formoda created a logo that could be used in a wide variety of formats and colours, giving it the flexibility to be used in different locations.

                      The new logo was the first step in the branding process from Formoda which included:

                      • a corporate style guide, enabling Permaban to ensure that all their artwork, anywhere in the world, looks and feels the same and follows these guidelines
                      • specification sheet templates, enabling Permaban to create their own data sheets but keep to the corporate style
                      • business cards for the Permaban team in different languages
                      • enewsletter design
                      • a new website design
                      • Permaban launched their new branding along with their latest innovation (Permaban Signature) at the UK Concrete Show in February 2012 and scooped the award for the "Most Innovative New Product" at the show. We like to think that the new brand had something to do with their success...

                        ]]> <![CDATA[BBC2 TV Presenter Monty Halls receives a makeover]]> BBC2 TV Presenter Monty Halls receives a makeover from FormodaMonty Halls is well known for such programmes as Monty Halls' Great Escape, Great Hebridean Escape, Irish Escape and the Great Barrier Reef. He can also be seen now on our screens on a Wednesday evening in The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls

                        Monty approached Formoda to create a new branding for his latest venture Monty Halls' Great Escapes and we were delighted to help. Monty Halls' Great Escapes seeks to bring adventures, courses and boat trips to a wide group of followers, enthusiasts as well as total novices. It will be promoted through Monty's appearances at events, through his website and through the new shop opening in Dartmouth in April.

                        The new shop will showcase a diverse range of courses and trips - from shore walks along South Devon's beautiful coastline through to courses on Wildlife TV Presenting. There will also be an opportunity to purchase some of Monty's books or DVDs and even meet Monty or Reuben!

                        The new logo is the first step in the branding exercise from Formoda and to follow soon will include

                        • a promotional brochure
                        • an informational leaflet
                        • exhibition stands
                        • shop signage
                        • a new website design
                        • Monty Halls said "First off chaps it looks brilliant, damn you're good! Really like these, great effort so far with everything we have done."

                          "It has been a real pleasure working with Monty and meeting Reuben too. We are proud that everything we are doing for Monty, will soon be seen on a variety of items from t-shirts to posters and hope his fans and viewers will be as pleased as we and Monty are." said Formoda Director, Simon Dolley

                          For more information on Monty please visit his website (which is soon to be updated by Formoda), or you can catch him on BBC2 or the iPlayer in The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls

                          ]]> <![CDATA[Award-winning Caricaturist Launches New Website]]> Award-winning Caricaturist Launches New WebsiteMark Nesbitt is an award-winning cartoonist and caricaturist based on the border of Devon and Cornwall, who has worked under the pen name of Luke Warm for over 20 years. Having originally set up and maintained two separate websites for the two different aspects of his business, Mark approached us with the objective to combine the two existing sites into one.

                          The brief was clear: to create an eye-catching, modern and impactful new website design, producing a user-friendly browsing experience within a well coded, search-engine-friendly website and feeding in social media and independent business reviews to help keep the website up-to-date. Easy.

                          The result is a clean and friendly website design which really highlights Luke Warm's drawings and acts as a showcase for his extensive cartoons and caricatures works. Good, robust coding forms the basis of all our websites; this combined with good graphic design means a bespoke internet solution which looks good and makes the business stand out from the crowd to attract the right target audience.

                          Our Online Marketing Training helped Mark understand the online tools available to make his new website even more attractive to search engines and also market himself online. Having previously used expensive Pay-Per-Click adverts to drive traffic to his old websites, improving his organic search rankings was very important.

                          Please visit the new Cartoons and Caricatures by Luke Warm website to view the new website design and browse through Mark's brilliant portfolio of work!

                          <![CDATA[Happy 5th Birthday to Formoda]]> Happy 5th Birthday to FormodaWe can't believe it, but it is 5 years ago that David Gurney, Richard Rawlings and Simon Dolley first started trading as Formoda. The three of us had been working together since 2001 but 1st March 2007 was the launch of Formoda as a new website design company based in Devon.

                          In those five years, we've relocated to Berry Pomeroy and seen the company grow beyond what we had ever imagined. We've got clients in 5 continents worldwide and a great team of people looking after those clients.

                          David, Richard and Simon would like to thank all of our clients and associates (we'd love to thank you all individually but it would end up like a bad Oscar's speech with everyone getting bored and wanting them to get off the stage) for the help and support they've given to us over the last 5 years. We'd also like to thank Andy, David H, James, Kerry, Olly, Sam, Sue, Tom, Toni and Will for their hard work since we expanded the team.

                          This year we are on target for an increase in turnover for the 4th year running, so it looks like we must be doing something right. Based on the feedback from our clients it is that we ask the right questions, understand their needs and therefore create solutions which make a difference for them.

                          <![CDATA[Prestige Student Accommodation Website Design]]> Prestige Student Accommodation Website DesignCollegiate are making waves in the student accommodation world, with their high quality approach to design, marketing and the standard of the accommodation they manage.

                          Creating a website which highlighted the quality of the properties was essential but it also needed to be easy for users to find what they were looking for. So the website Formoda created for Collegiate contains a balance of excellent design and well thought out functionality.

                          Formoda have worked with Eri from Collegiate before and knew that if he was involved in the project, it was likely to be successful and therefore we had a challenge to enable the website to grow with the company. Creating an easy to use and scalable content management system was also fundemental to the success of the project.

                          Heriberto Cuanalo from Collegiate said "As always a truly marvellous job from Formoda. David understood exactly what Collegiate is all about and the image we aimed to achieve, fantastic. The website is so easy to update too!"

                          To view the new website, please visit the Collegiate Student Accommodation website design.

                          <![CDATA[Social Sharing Improves Shopping Experience on Distinctly Living Website]]> Social Sharing Improves Shopping Experience on Distinctly Living WebsiteHere at Formoda, we're always keen to help our clients to make the most of their online presence. So, when our Dartmouth-based clients Distinctly Living, an interiors, homewares and kitchen store, approached us with the idea to add Social Sharing buttons to the product pages on their ecommerce website, we were all for it.

                          By making it easy for shoppers to share their fabulous products on social networks, Distinctly Living's online presence is brought closer to a greater audience - thus hopefully increasing their website traffic and sales!

                          Before getting started, we talked to Distinctly Living about which social sharing buttons to include on their website. Facebook's "Like", Twitter's "Tweet"and Google's "+1" buttons seemed like the obvious choices. We also suggested Pinterest, a new social network whose progress we have been monitoring for almost a year now.

                          Pinterest has only been around for two years but the industry is buzzing about it. Users can share images from around the web and manage them in theme-based collections... and, with around 58% of female users, statistics show that Pinterest has become the top traffic driver for retailers. Equipped with this encouraging information, Pinterest's "Pin It" button was a no-brainer for Distinctly Living.

                          Since adding the Social Sharing buttons to the Distinctly Living website, their products have been liked, tweeted, +1ed and pinned all over the world. It seems their prints and pictures are the most popular products at the moment!

                          Visit the Distinctly Living website to have a browse through their lovely products and share your favourites with your friends!

                          <![CDATA[New group website design for EcoPlanet Bamboo covers four continents]]> New group website design for EcoPlanet Bamboo covers four continentsEcoPlanet Bamboo are the main group comprising companies covering operations in four continents. With plantations and offices in the USA, UK, Nicaragua, South Africa and Ethiopia already, more locations are planned for the future in other regions.

                          Formoda work closely with the EcoPlanet Bamboo group (including EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa, EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America, EcoPlanet Bamboo Eastern Africa and EcoPlanet Plantation Management), designing all of their logos, corporate literature and websites to ensure that all marketing collateral the group uses carries the same corporate branding and style.

                          The launch of the new EcoPlanet Bamboo website was designed to bring a central focus for all of their operations and to give an overview of the global group. Users can find out about their ethical and sustainable approach and navigate through to the different websites for each region.

                          To see how EcoPlanet Bamboo are making a difference, please visit the new EcoPlanet Bamboo website design and development.

                          <![CDATA[A Breath of Fresh Air for Torquay B&B Website]]> A Breath of Fresh Air for Torquay B&B WebsiteKethla House is a Bed and Breakfast in Torquay, which was taken over by owners Andrew and Lisa just over five years ago. An attractive 4 Star hotel in a popular holiday destination, friendly character and good service sets Kethla House apart from the many other accommodation providers in the area.

                          The hotel's existing website's look was out-dated and with very limited functionality, hence their online presence struggled to successfully portray both the South Devon Coast and Kethla House as an attractive holiday destination. Andrew and Lisa were desperate for an eye-catching and functional new website to help them to better promote their business to holidaymakers.

                          Formoda designed a brand new logo, which reflects the B&B's 4 Star rating; with a prestigious feel, the new logo design helps to inspire trust in the holiday accommodation. Based on this we created a website design, which maximises the use of imagery from the area while maintaining a clean but inviting look.

                          The new Kethla House website is another one of Formoda's new FormodaLite websites, which combine great design and functionality at a much lower up-front cost. The easy-to-use FormodaLite CMS comes packed with features giving Andrew and Lisa all the flexibility they need to keep all areas of their website up-to-date.

                          For a peak at the brand new look. please visit the new Kethla House website!

                          <![CDATA[Leading Back Care Company Revamps Ecommerce Website With Impressive Results]]> Leading Back Care Company Revamps Ecommerce Website With Impressive ResultsPutnams is a family-run UK manufacturing company, which has been specialising in superior back support and back care products since the 1970s. The company has had a website for many years but their online presence was very dated and limited in functionality and so did not convey Putnams' quality reputation as leaders in British back care for over 30 years.

                          The brief was clear: to develop and design a fresh, modern and functional ecommerce website to help them attract even more retail and wholesale clients while making it easy to upload new content.

                          The Putnams logo is well established, so we used their existing brand and colour scheme as the basis for a new website design. The new look is still clearly Putnams but with a modern twist, while also reinforcing the brand as an experienced and established business manufacturing their products in the UK.

                          With an easy-to-use Content Management System, we have created an excellent ecommerce solution, which makes product and order management really easy for Putnams. Product attributes, discount codes and a one-page checkout process are just a few of the other exciting website features.

                          The new ecommerce website was launched with great success: Within just a few hours of going live, Putnams already had their first orders coming through and, since the launch at the end of November, the orders haven't stopped coming! The new website's layout has made all of Putnams' products much more visible, which has led to shoppers ordering products that were previously never purchased online.

                          To view the new website and perhaps have a browse through the quality range of back support products, please visit the new Putnams website!

                          <![CDATA[Good Vibrations with New Website Design for Phi Parties]]> Good Vibrations with New Website Design for Phi PartiesPhi Parties is a new Devon venture set up to advertise phi energyDOTs, a range of bio-energetic support products. The five phi energyDOTs are designed to protect our health and well being in a world of high tech and high stress. A new website providing information about fun and informal parties where people can find out more about the benefits of the energyDOTs was needed to help advertise the new business.

                          The new website design caters to a predominantly female target audience with its girly and feminine look while organising the information in a clean, intuitive way. Lifestyle images help to create a fun and energetic feel for the website, making Phi Parties a desirable experience to be a part of.

                          With an easy-to-use Content Management System Phi Parties are able to quickly update all areas of their new website, meaning they have full control over the information shown.

                          The new Phi Parties website development is another one of Formoda's new FormodaLite websites, which provide a professionally designed and built website from our experienced design and development teams at a lower up-front cost. Our Project and Social Media Manager Toni Berning said "FormodaLite is a great concept for new businesses like Phi Parties: creative designs and lots of functionality with SEO capabilities at lower rates."

                          To find out more, please have a look at the new Phi Parties website!

                          <![CDATA[New logo design and website development for EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America]]> New logo design and website development for EcoPlanet Bamboo Central AmericaFormoda are pleased to announce the re-branding of EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America and we have also designed a new website with this new branding.

                          The new website was launched just before Christmas and enables the successful Central American arm of the global EcoPlanet Bamboo group to communicate with existing and potential investors about their Bamboo plantations in Nicaragua.

                          The website gives information about the social and environmental policy of the company showing that this is ethical investment, which is benefiting the local population and economy rather than exploiting it.

                          Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America are achieving their aims so well for the local population and investors, therefore this website is just the first of many, as they aim to work with similar organistions in other regions of the world. Formoda are proud to be working with them."

                          To view the new website design and development, please visit the new EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America website design.

                          <![CDATA[RadioCentre launches new website - the place to go for commercial radio]]> RadioCentre launches new website - the place to go for commercial radioRadioCentre, the trade body for UK commercial radio, have launched a new website designed and built by Devon-based web designers, Formoda. The website,, will act as a showcase for commercial radio, with a strong focus on industry news and events, as well as providing a gateway into RadioCentre's policy and public affairs work.

                          RadioCentre works on behalf of its members to create a more competitive, diverse and creative industry, helping to build the success, strength and diversity of commercial radio. Its members range from household name such as Capital FM, Heart FM, Kiss and Magic, to regional stations such as Real Radio, Palm FM and Jack FM.

                          Central to Formoda's brief was to design a website that would become the go-to place for the latest news, events and developments across the industry, creating a dynamic, easily updated site that was visually appealing and drew upon the rich resources of its members.

                          The new RadioCentre website features include:

                          • Regularly updated industry news stories
                          • Daily press summary - a daily digest of national and trade press coverage of commercial radio in the headlines
                          • Station Guide - integrating the data supplied by MediaUK to show the up-to-date contact and coverage details for UK commercial radio
                          • Radio Player - integrates with the system to play random or specific commercial radio stations
                          • Airplay Chart - shows the latest most popular songs on commercial radio stations (data provided by RadioMonitor)
                          • The Board and Staff - find out more about some of the main movers and shakers in Commercial Radio
                          • Key facts - did you know that radio accounts for one quarter of your media day?
                          • Featured Station - allows RadioCentre to highlight the achievements of a specific commercial radio station
                          • Gallery - features station events, celebrity visits, awards ceremonies - all integrated from RadioCentre's Flickr gallery
                          • Publications and Press Releases - is the main repository for information on commercial radio's dealings with the BBC, Ofcom, Copyright issues and other local and national requirements
                          • Twitter feed
                          • Lucy Goodwin, Head of Press at RadioCentre said: "We were impressed by Formoda's portfolio of work and how they interpreted our brief. But more importantly, we were also looking for an agency who could translate our needs into a website that is reflective of the industry we represent. Formoda understood our requirements perfectly and hit the creative nail on the head first time. They worked with a constantly evolving brief, incorporating some complex areas into the site, but always keeping in mind our requirement to have user friendly CMS."

                            Simon Dolley, Director of Formoda said : "RadioCentre have been a delight to work with and this is definitely going to be one of our most active websites, as the information is changing every day and the way the team are going, this will definitely achieve the goal of becoming the website to visit for the most up to date news and information on Commercial Radio in the UK."

                            ]]> <![CDATA[Formoda Christmas and New Year Opening Times]]> Formoda Christmas and New Year Opening TimesIt's that time of year when we all need a bit of a break and we thought we'd keep you up to date with our opening times during the festive season.

                            We're closed from Christmas Eve until the start of the new working year, so please don't try and call the office or expect to find us there as we'll most probably be sitting in front of a fire, eating too much, drinking too much or getting stuck in the snow.

                            • Open up until 4pm on Friday 23rd December
                            • Closed Saturday 24th December to Monday 2nd January 2012
                            • 3rd January onwards - normal office hours - 8:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday

                            If you need to get hold of us duing this period - please email and we'll reply as soon as we can. We hope everyone enjoys their festive holidays

                            <![CDATA[Hampers from Devon this Christmas with new Deli website design]]> Hampers from Devon this Christmas with new  Deli website designThe Wild Fig Deli is a new addition to the unique shopping landscape of Totnes town centre. Offering a mixture of home-made, local and international foods, the Wild Fig Deli has gone down very well with locals and visitors.

                            Formoda created the new branding for the Devon-based company and had already worked on stationery, advertising and signage for the Wild Fig but there was always a plan to create a website, which could be easily updated by the team.

                            The website has received rave reviews from shoppers who have been searching for products to add to their Christmas Hampers and to buy as Xmas gifts. The website was built using Formoda's new FormodaLite service for creating value websites, with its user-friendly content management system.

                            Lisa Hosking from the Wild Fig Deli said "We had already worked with Formoda before and knew we would receive a great website but we were delighted with the how flexible FormodaLite turned out to be for updating the website."

                            To view the new website design and development for this new Deli in Devon, please visit the new Wild Fig Deli website design.

                            <![CDATA[Southern African corporate branding extends Formoda's clients to a new continent]]> Southern African corporate branding extends Formoda's clients to a new continentEcoPlanet Bamboo - Southern Africa is part of the global EcoPlanet Bamboo group of companies and Formoda were delighted to be asked to create the new company logo, corporate branding and website - which is due to be launched in January 2012.

                            Formoda's client base already extended over Europe, Asia, North America and Central America and with EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa (and also a new client from Ethiopia in the spring), we were pleased to have added another continent to our portfolio. South America and Australasia shouldn't be that hard to crack but does anyone know any clients in Antarctica needing graphic design or website development?

                            The new brand is designed to mimic colours of the savannah and is also soon to be seen on plantations in South Africa, as Formoda create signage and other design elements for the African company.

                            Simon Dolley, Director of Formoda said "Every time we gain a new client in a new country we are so pleased that a small company like ours from the Westcountry can be so successful Internationally. It is also brilliant that whenever we create a new brand or website for an International client we get so many enquiries from others in those regions who have seen what we have done, like what they see and asking if we would like to work with them too!"

                            <![CDATA[New Property Consultants' Website Leads The Way!]]> New South West Property Consultants’ Website Leads The Way!I W Property Consulting are RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors based in the South West. After working on a new brand identity for the company, we were asked to develop a new online presence for the business as well.

                            Following initial discussions with owner Andrew Ireland, we created a website design based on the new branding for I W Property Consulting. Ireland Weller is an established name in the Devon estate agents business, so a big part of the website's objective was to convey it as the successful and experienced local company it is.

                            The new look website makes good use of the brand's colour scheme and modern look while re-iterating feelings of trust, experience and professionalism. Imagery from the South West create a local feeling while also clearly defining the area in which the company operates.

                            Built using our new website framework developed by Formoda, the I W Property Consulting website has an incredibly flexible, easy-to-update content management system, allowing the company to update all areas of the website and promote themselves to potential and existing clients alike.

                            What's more, all tweets from a company Twitter account are automatically fed through to the site. The tweets provide commentary and advice on the residential property sector, thus reinforcing the company's modern outlook with over 20 years experience.

                            Andrew expressed his delight at the website design and development produced by Formoda: "I am so pleased with the website, it's better than I expected. THANK YOU."

                            To find out what all the fuss is about, please visit the new I W Property Consulting website!

                            <![CDATA[Protect and Survive! Content managed website helps Firemaster to help businesses in Devon]]> Protect and Survive! Content managed website helps Firemaster to help businesses in DevonFiremaster are a company of accredited Fire Risk Assessors based in South Devon who needed a new content managed website design to enable them to promote themselves to potential clients throughout the South West of England.

                            The website is primarily aimed at business owners, landlords, letting agents and building conveyancers who all regularly require the services of Firemaster, who are registered with the Institute of Fire Engineers.

                            The website is intended to be a useful addition to the marketing strategy of Firemaster who found that some of the "cheap" website solutions available from some larger suppliers leave a lot to be desired. Updating news, case studies and information about their services needs to be easy and quick.

                            Mark Evans from Firemaster said "I am delighted with the new image Formoda created for my company logo and website. A professional service with friendly and informative backup - I'd recommend them to any business."

                            To view the new website, please visit the Firemaster Devon content management website design.

                            <![CDATA[Motorbike parts zoom onto new ecommerce website for Devon company]]> Motorbike parts zoom onto new ecommerce website for Devon companyHave you ever wanted parts for a vintage Husqvarna motorcycle? The chances are that you said no to that question but if you said yes, then the new HVA Factory website is one for you.

                            Andy Elliott started making a few parts for friends and what started as a hobby has now turned into major worldwide business. The team at HVA source parts from Sweden and if they are not available, manufacturer the Husky parts themselves in their engineering works in South Devon.

                            The new e-commerce website has to be easy to update by the team and it also helps them by allocating stock areas to each product, making the fulfilment quick and easy. The website has a sophisticated VAT calculation system for different parts of the world, as well as advanced shipping and insurance options.

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "I've known Adny Elliott for quite a few years and was delighted when he asked us to help his business move forward with and help increase their global sales of Husqvarna parts. It is great to see a business achieving so much through some excellent marketing and good old fashioned hard work."

                            To view the new ecommerce website design for this Devon company, please visit the new HVA-Factory website design.

                            <![CDATA[New Look Logo & Branding for Gloucestershire Lettings Agency]]> New Look Logo and Branding for Gloucestershire Lettings AgencyLifestyle Lets is a small, independent lettings agency in Gloucestershire, which has recently changed ownership. The new owners have a lot of enthusiasm and exciting plans for the company and wanted to create a new look and feel to move the business forward.

                            We were initially approached to create a new logo for Lifestyle Lets as the existing brand was very dated and no longer representative of the business and its services. We completely overhauled the company's look by scrapping the existing logo and colour scheme and starting from scratch to create a fresh and modern branding. The new logo allows Lifestyle Lets to stand out from the competition as an agency offering a personable approach while exuding the professionalism needed to support plans for future growth.

                            As a next step, we updated the company's stationery materials by creating new look business cards, letterheads and comp slips. The design of these printed materials allowed the company to begin rolling out the new corporate branding and was the first step in creating visual continuity amongst their marketing material.

                            As a lettings business an Internet presence is key. Lifestyle Lets had an existing company website created by another web agency, which offers information for Tenants and Landlords and of course lists all available properties to let. Brand recognition is incredibly important so we updated the website with a fresh coat of paint: the new logo and branding were applied throughout. Due to the website's limited flexibility, Lifestyle Lets also asked us to update the website's copy to further emphasise the company's new direction.

                            Please visit the revamped Lifestyle Lets website to view the new logo design and corporate branding applied on their existing website!

                            <![CDATA[Yes we know it is only October but...]]> Yes we know it is only October is the time to start thinking about your Christmas Cards and Christmas E-cards. Sorry we don't like to be bringing it up this early either.

                            However now is the time to plan your Christmas cards and also some printers have half price Christmas cards on offer if you order soon.

                            So if you are considering having your own Christmas cards designed or are thinking about sending out a personalised e-card and helping to save the planet (and postage), please give us a call and we can discuss the options. Just call 01803 840898 and we'll be happy to chat about what works best for you.

                            Talking about Christmas in October...Bah Humbug!

                            <![CDATA[New website design for Central American plantations]]> New website design for Central American bamboo plantationsEcoPlanet Bamboo is part of the International EcoPlanet Group and concentrates on the Central American operations with two plantations in Nicaragua and more underway in Panama and the Dominican Republic.

                            Formoda were already working for the EcoPlanet Group (having developed the main group website, corporate branding and promotional material) and had created the EcoPlanet Bamboo branding (which had been used on plantation signage and investment information) before we were asked to develop the EcoPlanet Bamboo website design for Central America.

                            The primary goals of the new website are to provide information on the plantations with photos and up to date details on the growing cycle, yield and success of this year's crop. Another key element was to highlight EcoPlanet Bamboo's strong environmental and social awareness and the strategies they have put in place to improve the situation for the people in the countries they operate in.

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "It is a real pleasure working with EcoPlanet Bamboo because they are making a real difference to the lives of people in Nicaragua and other Central American countries. Their goal is to make money for investors in the bamboo they grow but also benefit the local population and not to have any detrimental effect on the local environment."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America website design.

                            <![CDATA[Keep Safe in Devon with new Firemaster logo design]]> Keep Safe in Devon with the new Firemaster logo designFiremaster SW is a new company with a lot of experience. Offering fire risk assessments, fire safety training and other services for landlords, companies and home-owners in Devon and the South West of England, Firemaster approached Formoda to create a new logo design and corporate branding.

                            You need to have confidence in any company providing fire safety services and the Firemaster's team have a lot of experience and skills which Formoda wanted to articulate in the brand but also make it a striking and memorable logo which hopefully will become well know in the future.

                            After consultation between the client and our team, we created initial logo designs which went down really well. The Firemaster team chose one logo to develop and we made little tweaks and changes to get it right. Once the logo was designed we started the development of the corporate brand to establish how the logo will be used, how colours would be incorporated into marketing material and also what fonts, styles, images, etc should be used.

                            The new logo is already being used and we are also currently working on:

                            • A brand new website design and development
                            • Stationery and other uses of the logo

                            Keep an eye out for a news story with the launch of the new website, coming soon!

                            <![CDATA[All-British Corporate Branding for Manhole Covers]]> All-British Corporate Branding for Manhole CoversManhole Covers is an established British business based in Buckinghamshire serving construction clients both locally and internationally. The company approached us to liven up their brand identity and create a new look which better reflects their history and business.

                            As the name says, Manhole Covers provide all sorts of manhole covers, frames, gully gratings, access covers and other associated products. In operation since 1992, the company battled through the early-nineties recession and has grown from strength to strength to becoming one of the UK's leading trade suppliers to the construction industry, serving contractors, builders merchants and architects.

                            The company wanted to create a clean and professional new look, which truly showcased their identity as a whole. Manhole Covers took the plunge and chose a brand new logo, which has a modern look with a strong impact while successfully conveying a sense of tradition and expertise. The round shape is reminiscent of their primary products while the mark made up of Union Jack and English flag make the company's heritage very clear.

                            The new logo has been well received and is only the beginning of a re-design process, which sees us also working on:

                            • A brand new website design and development
                            • A re-design of the company's product brochure

                            We're excited to be working with Manhole Covers on this project at such an exciting time in their company history and are looking forward to the next steps!

                            <![CDATA[Our Bespoke Online Marketing Service Delivers Impressive Results]]> Our Bespoke Online Marketing Service Delivers Real ResultsThe success of our clients' websites is our priority and an innovative, functional website with beautiful design is just the first step to an effective online presence. Following the success of our Online Marketing Training, we also offer a bespoke service where we create and execute an effective Online Marketing strategy on your behalf.

                            Many businesses are too busy with the running of their daily operations to make full use of all the great resources the internet has to offer - that's where we come in! Initially, we will get together and have a chat to assess your current situation and find out what your objectives are. Based on this, we will formulate a strategy to ensure you get maximum exposure and the right people find your website.

                            From the initial Search Engine Optimisation to the on-going Online Marketing work - we've got it all covered! Monthly progress reports allow you to track your website's performance and we will also suggest and discuss additional ideas which can help you reach your objectives.

                            We tailor our bespoke service to each individual clients' needs but often it will include the following:

                            • Keyword Research and On-site Optimisation
                            • Search Engine Submission and Verification
                            • Performance Monitoring
                            • Website Updates and Link Building
                            • Effective Use of Social Media

                            We're currently providing a bespoke Online Marketing service to two of our existing clients - nanoShell and Eco Environmental Services. In less than three months, these two sites have seen a combined increase in search engine rankings by over 2,600 positions - no mean feat!

                            If you'd like to learn more about Formoda's Online Marketing services, please click here or give us a call on 08450 510 366 to discuss what we can do for you.

                            <![CDATA[The new website that points future managers in the right direction]]> The new website that points future managers in the right directionAcacia HR is part of a very successful management training group based in South London, who offer a variety of Chartered Management Institute courses through their highly experienced team of leadership trainers.

                            They approached Formoda to create a simple website design which made it easy for users to find the right Chartered Management Institute course for them.

                            Easy updating of the website was the key and Formoda's new FormodaLite website content management system was perfect for the job. Making it easy to update page content, images, course information and file downloads.

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "Acacia HR are a fast growing business and the website needs to be able to change and adapt quickly to cater for this, they are already making changes and updating it regularly, which is perfect."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Acacia HR website design.

                            <![CDATA[Logo Design for Devon's Latest Deli]]> Logo design for Devon's latest deliThe Wild Fig Deli is so new, it hasn't even opened yet. Formoda were asked to create a stylish new brand for this latest addition to the eclectic mix of shops in Totnes, Devon.

                            The Wild Fig Deli is looking to provide good quality and specialist foods to locals, visitors to the town and also to the wider community through their website. They wanted a logo and brand to help them to illustrate the quality of food and service they will be providing.

                            The logo is already being used in signage, clothing and bags - which are all in development. Plus Formoda have designed business cards and a new website which will be launching in conjunction with the shop opening in September.

                            See if you can spot the hidden figs...

                            <![CDATA[Looking for student accommodation? Head to the new CRM Students website]]> Looking for student accommodation? Head to the new CRM Students websiteLaunched just in time for the A Level results and the all important rush for accommodation after clearing, the new CRM Students website design is light years ahead of its predecessor.

                            CRM Limited is based in Oxford and they are the largest independent student accommodation management company in the UK, with over 10,000 beds in 35 properties in 21 cities.

                            The new CRM website is built using Formoda's new framework making it so easy to update and creating really flexible formats and pages. Never has it been so easy to move content around the page, add images and animations and create content to appear in lightboxes.

                            Laura Shuckburgh, Marketing Manager Student Services, said "Without exception, when our team saw the new content management system that Formoda had created for us they went WOW! So simple, so flexible and we're really pleased that all our hard work has been carried forward by Formoda."

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "CRM are a great company to work for and are really upping the game with promoting student accommodation online for their clients."

                            Rebecca Williams, Lettings Marketing Manager, said "It was key to make the booking system even more effective in time for clearing and to increase our web traffic at this important time. The recent results have proven that we have achieved this - thanks Formoda."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the CRM Students new website design.

                            <![CDATA[Salcombe Yawl - Is it a boat? No, it is a sandwich shop!]]> Salcombe Yawl -  Is it a boat? No, it is a sandwich shop!The Salcombe Yawl is a highly successful sandwich shop and deli in the heart of Salcombe, Devon and they came to Formoda for a new website design.

                            Good design and excellent photography were the key to pulling this one off. Formoda created a modern design which allowed The Salcombe Yawl to showcase their photos and help get across their message of good quality food.

                            The website is simple and easy to update and is the first of Formoda's new FormodaLite websites to be launched - more of which to follow soon.

                            Pam Bennett, from the Salcombe Yawl posted on Facebook "Hurrah! The Salcombe Yawl website is on line- well done Simon and the Formoda team - we are delighted."

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "The Salcombe Yawl was a great project to work on, everyone comments about how great their food is and their photos reflect this. We think it is essential that even the smaller, simpler websites benefit from great design, high end programming and easy to use content management systems."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Salcombe Yawl website design.

                            <![CDATA[Fresh, modern branding for Devon Tree Services]]> Fresh, modern branding for Devon Tree ServicesDevon Tree Services is an established local business with a long-standing history in the area. Set up in 1978, the company has been going from strength to strength over the years, adding more services and high-profile case studies to their portfolio.

                            We were very excited and flattered when Devon Tree Services approached us earlier in the year to help them re-vamp their brand identity and marketing efforts. A big part of the brief was to create a modern, fresh and clean new logo and feel, which wasn't a complete departure from their previous branding.

                            We worked with the look and colours of the existing Devon Tree Services logo but created a looser, leafier theme and look. The brand colours of dark green and brown were kept but enriched with additional shades of green to create a friendlier, flowing brand identity. The newly created brand salutes the previous logo while representing Devon Tree Services as a professional, approachable and expert company with a view to the future.

                            So far, Devon Tree Services have already launched the new logo to the online world via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The reactions have been altogether positive, with some very interesting and engaging comments from active social network users.

                            This new logo design is only the first step in the company's re-branding and Formoda are currently also working on:

                            • Print Adverts for local directories
                            • A brand new website design and development

                            With this in mind, we will closely work together with Devon Tree Services to roll out the re-branding across all of their branded material. It's important to ensure the new look and feel is followed throughout and so establish a visual continuity that is recognised throughout the Devon area.

                            Rupert Brasier from Devon Tree Services expressed his delight at the graphic design work so far produced by Formoda: "Really happy with the work you guys do for us. We really did pick a winning team."

                            Watch this space to find out more about the other projects we're working on for Devon Tree Services!

                            <![CDATA[Midlands medical software company launch new website design]]> Midlands medical software company launch new website designMedical Evaluation Data Systems (MEDS) is part of the Enhanced Healthcare group of companies based in Birmingham, West Midlands and offering medical software in the primary care sector.

                            Following on from the branding that Formoda had created for them, MEDS asked us to create a website to help promote their software to GPs and practice managers at surgeries throughout the UK.

                            The new website is easy to update and following on from our recent online marketing training will co-ordinate with their Facebook and Twitter accounts to ensure that the website reaches their target audience.

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Medical Evaluation Data Systems website.

                            <![CDATA[New logo design for Central American company]]> New logo design for Central American companyWho would have believed, when Formoda started 4 years or so ago, that we would be working for clients in Hong Kong, Thailand, the USA, the Caribbean and now Nicaragua?

                            Far from being the war torn country of the 1980's, Nicaragua is now seen as one of the safest and fastest growing democracies in Latin America and NicaBamboo are one of the companies helping the country to move forward into a prosperous new era and hence why Formoda are delighted to be involved.

                            NicaBamboo are part of the EcoPlanet Group and are investing time and money in developing two key plantations in Nicaragua, already with over 3000 acres of land. Prior to planting, a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is carried out and a Forest Management Plan (FMP) compiled. Analysis of social and environmental impacts is also being carried out by local specialists.

                            Formoda were asked to create a new logo for the company, which already is being used for other graphic design such as site signage, vehicle signage and staff clothing and will soon be used on stationery, business cards and other design for print. It's amazing to think that a logo created in South Devon is being seen by people many thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean.

                            <![CDATA[New branding for established Devon company]]> New branding for established Devon companyIreland Weller is an established name in the Devon estate agents business. Following a newly formed partnership with estate agency group Mansbridge & Balment, owner Andrew Ireland decided to move his business into new waters by offering chartered surveyor services.

                            Andrew contacted Formoda to help develop a new brand identity for Ireland Weller; it was important for the company to be easily recognised as the successful and experienced local company it is while also signalling change and a move into new disciplines.

                            We used the existing Ireland Weller colour scheme and freshened it up by introducing an additional, muted colour and creating a more modern look. The newly created logo and mark are simple, clean and bold and clearly reflect Ireland Weller's full-circle market analysis and building surveyor service with city know-how.

                            The new logo is just a first step in the re-branding and Formoda are currently also working on developing...

                            • A new brochure design
                            • The main Ireland Weller website

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "This is really good news. Richard, David and I worked with Andrew some years ago when we were at another agency so we were delighted when he tracked us down at Formoda and asked us to work with him again. We wish Andy the best of luck with his new venture and we'll be helping him all the way."

                            Watch this space to find out more about the other exciting projects we're working on for Ireland Weller!

                            <![CDATA[10 years of working together as a website design team]]> 10 years of working together as a website design team10 years ago today our three Directors, David Gurney, Richard Rawlings and Simon Dolley first teamed up to create design solutions while working for a website design company in Totnes, Devon. There can be few design teams around where the key members have worked together for so long.

                            David was the Senior Graphic Designer in the team, Richard was the Senior Website Developer and Simon was initially brought in as sales manager but quickly migrated into utilising his marketing and communication skills to become a Project Manager and therefore bring our team together producing graphic design and website development solutions.

                            Just under six years later, in March 2007, we decided that we had a really good combination of skills to provide an excellent graphic design and website development service to our clients and therefore set up Formoda.

                            Four years on we've added James, Kerry, Olly, Sam the Collie, Sue, Tom and Toni to the team and we'd like to thank each of them and all of our clients who have helped Formoda to be what it is today, namely a successful Devon Website Design team with clients locally, nationally and all over the world.

                            If you'd like to learn more about David, Richard and Simon and the rest of the Formoda team - please click here.

                            <![CDATA[West Ham United International Academy launched in the USA]]> West Ham United International Academy hits the USAThe West Ham United Academy coached World Cup winners such as Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, as well as current England players Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Jermaine Defoe, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard and John Terry. So when Formoda were asked to create some marketing material to help them take their coaching over to the USA, we were delighted to say yes!

                            We updated their logo to include the "Technical Soccer Coaching Centers" (note the American spelling) and we have also created promotional material, business cards and a website will be following soon.

                            Formoda are now working closely with Technical Soccer Coaching in association with West Ham United in helping kids in the South East learn the West Ham Way and this has lead to us teaming up with the West Ham United International Academy, initially in the USA but with other regions of the world to follow.

                            <![CDATA[ Website launch for International group of companies based in the US ]]> Website launch for International group of companies based in the US EcoPlanet Group is a group of international companies based in Illinois, USA. In the words of their CEO, Troy Wiseman, "Generating wealth through sustainable investments is our purpose but creating positive social and environmental impact is our passion."

                            The new EcoPlanet Group website was launched this week by Formoda and it needed to be an umbrella for the various operations of the EcoPlanet Group companies in different sectors and countries of the world. Other websites will follow and the main website will change and evolve to reflect this.

                            The new website is easy to update and includes a variety of features including plantation maps, team sections, plus the ability to add images, panels, videos and new pages.

                            Camille Rebello, Executive Vice-President, said "Formoda provided EcoPlanet Group with exceptional client service and responsiveness, quickly understanding our business needs and adjusting ideas and creativity accordingly."

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "We are continually delighted to be commissioned by large multi-nationals like the EcoPlanet Group and it goes to show that Devon and the South West of England can be a leader in design and online marketing and succeed in winning contracts all over the world."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new EcoPlanet Group website.

                            <![CDATA[The Borrowers Amongst Best New Websites]]> The Borrowers Amongst Best New WebsitesFormoda were thrilled to find out that The Borrowers website - designed and developed by us - has been reviewed by Web User Magazine in their "Best New Websites" feature, racking up an impressive 4 Star rating!

                            The Borrowers is an online marketplace born out of an original concept: Users can save and make a bit of extra cash by borrowing and lending garden or land space, property, items or services. And as if that wasn't enough, the business has a strong ethical background, encouraging its users to "reduce, re-use, recycle" and spearheading other charitable and environmental causes.

                            The new website was launched 9 months ago and has since received many positive reviews. Web User Magazine's independent review of the website was a surprise to us and The Borrowers, and all parties have been delighted with the result!

                            Web User looks at hundreds of websites for their Best New Websites feature every fortnight so it has been a real honour for The Borrowers website to be included and achieve a 4 Star rating:

                            "Very good. Combines a smart design with appealing content. Definitely worth a visit."

                            We at Formoda are very happy to have created such a well-recognised and successful website for one of our clients and will continue to regularly review our work to make sure our clients' websites are the best online solution for their business and deliver positive browsing experiences for site visitors.

                            If you'd like to start borrowing or lending, please check out The Borrowers website!

                            Web User is a specialist magazine providing practical internet advice to its readers. Websites and products are independently reviewed by their own experts and as such are not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. For more information, please visit the Web User website.

                            <![CDATA[Formoda's Online Marketing Training Proves Popular]]> Formoda's Online Marketing Training Proves PopularWhile we're all about creating beautifully designed and functioning websites, we want to make sure our clients benefit from their online presence by driving the right people to it. The competition out there is huge and businesses are keen to make their mark online - this is why Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are becoming increasingly important to our clients. After all, what good is your website if nobody sees it?

                            Formoda's online marketing training and service has become a popular success with our clients. We've recently completed training days with several of our clients, including SwitchFox and EHS Technologies, who have all been very impressed with our service. We have further training lined up with a number of other clients such as WBW Solicitors.

                            We like to break down the barriers of search engines and social media to give our clients the tools to help themselves. So while we undertake some work in the background to make these sites even more attractive to the search engines, we then get together to equip our clients with the knowledge and confidence to make the most of their presence online. From keywords to social media networks - we've got it all covered! And of course, if there are questions afterwards, we're happy to talk things through because we're nice like that.

                            If you'd like to find out more about Formoda's Online Marketing Training and Search Engine Optimisation services - please click here.

                            <![CDATA[Formoda add to our website design team in Devon]]> Formoda add to our website design team in DevonThis week Formoda have added a new website designer to our team in Berry Pomeroy, South Devon. Tom Wotton had been working successfully for another local website design agency for three and half years when he saw that we were looking for people to join our growing team of graphic designers and website developers.

                            Straight away we could see that not only could Tom add graphic and website design skills to our team but he could also add online marketing expertise which is becoming an essential part of the Formoda website development strategy. What is the use of a great looking and working website if no-one ever gets to see it?

                            Tom's key skills and roles at Formoda will include:

                            • helping the graphic design team, with his extensive experience of logo design, website design and brochure design
                            • website development - Tom has extensive experience of developing content managed and seo-friendly websites and is looking forward to working with the new Formoda framework
                            • online marketing - Tom adds to our online marketing and search engine optimisation skills, as we seek to help our clients make the most of their Internet and email usage

                            If you'd like to learn more about Tom and the rest of the Formoda team - please click here.

                            <![CDATA[EcoPlanet Group refresh their branding with Formoda]]> EcoPlanet Group refresh their branding with FormodaThe EcoPlanet Group is a US company based in Barrington, Illinois. EcoPlanet is a developer and manager of sustainable forestry, agro-forestry ecoplantations and carbon assets. EPG acts as the "principle investor" but provides both private and institutional clients, such as financial investors and wood product users, with the ability to participate through a unique turnkey structure.

                            They are currently expanding their operations into more countries globally and therefore approached Formoda to help them with their branding and website development.

                            Formoda could see that the EcoPlanet Group needed a brand which reflected their green credentials and commerical successes and could also be adapted for the different branches of the group which include:

                            • EcoPlanet Advisors - who offer short and long term consultation and development
                            • EcoPlanet Bamboo - a specialist company working in the high growth Bamboo forestry and investment markets
                            • Other similar development projects in other resources
                            • Regional development projects

                            As part of the re-branding, the Formoda work for the EcoPlanet Group includes:

                            • The new EcoPlanet Group logo (pictured)
                            • Logos for all the sub-brands and subsidiary companies
                            • Three websites and counting
                            • Re-designing all of the EcoPlanet Group literature and paperwork

                            EcoPlanet Group Chairman, Troy Wiseman said "We were introduced to Formoda through a UK company we have worked with and have been delighted with the quick turnaround and the way they have understood our needs implicitly."

                            "EcoPlanet Group are an excellent company to work for, not only are they providing incredible returns for their investors but they are doing so while giving something back to the local communities and with an environmental awareness which is amazing. We are looking forward to a long term relationship as EcoPlanet have a number of projects they wish to develop in 2011." Simon Dolley, Managing Director of Formoda.

                            <![CDATA[MEDS gets a Formoda makeover]]> MEDS gets a Formoda makeoverEHS Technologies is a medical software development company based in Birmingham and London and they approached Formoda to refresh the brand of their latest software "MEDS" and to design a new website and brochure.

                            MEDS is medical evaluation software which transforms how doctors in primary care operate. It increases efficiency, reduces hospital admissions and clinical incidents and is already widely used throughout UK primary care surgeries and clinics.

                            EHS felt that the software needed a fresh design to properly reflect the high level of effectiveness it provides and therefore brought in Formoda to refresh the brand, re-design the software screens and also to develop a new website which should be launched in May.

                            Steve Riley from EHS Technologies said "We had already seen what Formoda had created for clients in London and we felt that we could do with their help too. We love the new logo and unlike other agencies, Formoda have understood our needs and made excellent suggestions right from the start."

                            Simon Dolley of Formoda said "It is fantastic to be associated with this excellent and successful software. EHS had a fairly good idea of what they wanted but just needed someone to take it that bit further and realise their dreams. We're looking forward to a long and successful partnership together."

                            <![CDATA[First logo for retailer of Rare books, art and toys ]]> First logo for retailer of Rare books, art and toysFirst editions of Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie or HG Wells? Vintage toys? Original artwork? Or even an annotated copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf? First and Rare have the lot.

                            This was an excellent challenge for Formoda to create a logo and brand which strongly reflected the quality and specialist nature of the items that First and Rare offer.

                            First and Rare are a new company based in South Devon but with an excellent track record and a portfolio of items which is second to none. The new branding therefore had to reflect this but also create a look that will work well on the Internet, as online trading will be a key part of the marketing strategy for First and Rare.

                            The new brand has already been used on:

                            • Business cards
                            • Stationery
                            • A new e-commerce website due to be launched later this year

                            James Rawlings from First and Rare said "We approached Formoda because of their very impressive design portfolio and excellent local reputation. We were thoroughly looked after throughout the whole design process which was fast and efficient and we were bowled-over with the final results."

                            Simon Dolley of Formoda said "Every time I see the inventory of items that First and Rare have to offer I am astounded. I might have to borrow a few quid to add some of them to my own library."

                            <![CDATA[Formoda team growing and landing new projects]]> Formoda team growing and landing new projectsWe are delighted to announce that we will have a new member joining the team in May, following another successful week or two of being asked to start new projects for a wide variety of existing and new clients.

                            Our new website designer will join the web design team in our offices in Devon and will add to our graphic design, website development and online marketing skills.

                            In the last couple of weeks we have been asked to start a wide variety of new projects including:

                            • new brochures for a luxury property development in the Caribbean
                            • brand development and multiple website design for a group of blue chip US companies
                            • branding, screen designs and website design for a Birmingham based software development company
                            • multi-language website development for a successful Devon-based industrial manufacturer
                            • logo design and a new ecommerce website for an industrial retailer based in Buckinghamshire
                            • brochure design and website development for a blue chip company based in Oxford
                            • website design for a new start up business also in Oxford
                            • online marketing training for a website design company in Devon
                            • as well as a wide range of services for our existing clients

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "We are getting so many referrals at the moment through word of mouth, which is fantastic as they already know about us and the successes we are having with our clients. We feel that our work speaks for itself and it is great to be adding to the team when some other companies are struggling."

                            Formoda's brand development, graphic design and website design portfolio can be found at

                            <![CDATA[Formoda land job to re-build Facebook]]> Formoda land job to re-build FacebookFormoda are fairly happy to have been given the job of re-building the Facebook website.

                            Californian based Facebook have been doing reasonably well over the past couple of years but feel they could do better and therefore turned to Devon-based website design company Formoda.

                            Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg said "While we've done okay recently we felt we needed to turn to the expertise of the West Country to help us Californians to fully understand the potential of the Internet."

                            Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "It's not a bad job to get but we really want to make sure we put together a wire frame to ensure that they don't move the goal posts."

                            If you are also a major global social network and would like to talk about a new website, please give us call.

                            Formoda's Facebbok page can be found at

                            <![CDATA[Greenlife nominated for Natural and Organic Awards]]> Greenlife nominated for Natural and Organic AwardsWe were delighted to hear that Formoda client Greenlife has been nominated for two awards at the upcoming Natural and Organic Awards. Greenlife are a retailer of natural and organic products with large retail premises in Totnes and a successful website which was developed by Formoda in 2008 but has been evolving ever since to effectively market their products all over the world.

                            Hosted in association with the Soil Association and Natural Products Magazine, the Natural and Organic Awards, over the last fifteen years, have become a benchmark for excellence and set a standard for innovation, quality and commitment in the natural and organic sector.

                            Greenlife have been nominated in the following two categories:

                            • Best Independent Store
                            • Best National Association of Health Stores Retailer of the Year

                            Derek Hore from Greenlife said "We are really proud to be nominated in these two categories and the recent developments with the shop re-location and the excellent website have definitely played an important part in this development."

                            To learn more about Greenlife and their products, please visit the Greenlife website.

                            <![CDATA[National group launch new architectural website]]> National group launch new architectural websiteArchitectural Services UK is a national company with a network of architectural designers around the country. They needed a new website which was easy to update by both the head office and for each individual surveyor practice, so they approached Formoda to design and develop a new content managed website.

                            It was key that the website had a fresh and contemporary feel, with good use of images (which Architectural Services can update) but also providing more text and documentation for those who want and need more information.

                            Probably the most important section is the separate microsites for each office where they can post information and case studies for their own practice and location but also enjoy the supporting information of the rest of the company. The beauty of the system is that it is easy to find a specific office for your location (where there is one) using the interactive map and side navigation but also each of the locations have their own URL (website address) which they can promote and use for their own clients and contacts.

                            The new website is a great new starting point for Architectural Services and they are keen to press on with utilising the Internet for their marketing and communication. Formoda will be providing advanced training to all of the surveyors at their annual conference in order to enable them to optimise their updating of the website and increase the effectiveness of their microsites.

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Architectural Services' website.

                            <![CDATA[Online Marketing Training and Search Engine Optimisation in Devon]]> Online Marketing Training and Search Engine OptimisationWe have recently been inundated with clients asking us for help with their online marketing. This is partly because they have been hearing about the success of our online marketing training service based here in Devon but also as more and more people begin to realise the need for good search engine optimisation.

                            Formoda's online marketing training service has been a great success with our clients in Devon and all over the world. We like to break down the barriers of the search engines and social media networks to help our clients to help themselves. With the right information, a bit of effort and a little confidence, our clients are reaping great rewards.

                            If you'd like to learn more about Formoda's Online Marketing Training and Search Engine Optimsation service - please click here.

                            <![CDATA[South West Solicitors lead the way with new website design]]> South West Solicitors lead the way with new website designWBW (formally Woollcombe Beer Watts) Solicitors are one of the leading legal practices in the South West of England and have four offices all located in Devon.

                            The WBW website hadn't been a primary resource for communication for a little while but they identified there was a great opportunity to spread the word with existing and potential clients. They approached Formoda as a good local provider of the services they required and the two companies have worked closely together to achieve some fantastiic results with the new website.

                            The new website has a few features to make it work well for WBW:

                            • detailed information on all of WBW's services for those who want to read more
                            • supporting information such as FAQs, key team members, printable documents, etc
                            • a full team section, with photos and profiles - so that people can get to know their solictors a bit better and trust them with their legal needs
                            • fully content managed news, pages and team members

                            WBW Managing Partner Steve Bulman said: "Our new website provides more comprehensive information about the services we offer and the people who provide them."

                            Formoda Director Simon Dolley said: "It was a pleasure to work with WBW Solicitors on their new website. It was key to reflect the depth of skills and experience their team has and also to engage their website visitors and make it easy to find and contact the right person for their needs."

                            Steve Bulman said of Formoda: "Formoda have achieved our wish to showcase our expertise and professionalism while establishing a personal connection with visitors."

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new WBW Solicitors' website.

                            <![CDATA[Happy 4th Birthday to Formoda]]> Happy 4th Birthday to FormodaWe are delighted to announce that Formoda is 4 years old today and we'd like to thank everyone who has helped us achieve so much in those four years. We're all looking forward to a slice of birthday cake with our cuppas today!

                            Although David, Richard and Simon have been working together since 2001 and we'd decided to set up a new company a few weeks earlier, it was only on the 3rd March 2007 that Formoda was created and started to create website designs and graphic work under that name.

                            Since those early days we've worked with clients locally, nationally and now include clients in Hong Kong, the US, Thailand and the Caribbean. We've also moved to lovely offices in Berry Pomeroy and added to the team until we have the eight of us working for Formoda today.

                            Let's just hope the next four years are as exciting for us and you and remember we'd love to have you pop by sometime for a chat and a cuppa, so just drop us a line.

                            <![CDATA[Sue Coghlan joins the Formoda team]]> Sue Coghlan joins the Formoda teamWe are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Formoda team. Sue Coghlan (pictured front right) joined the Graphic Design team this week.

                            Sue has a wealth of graphic design experience and will be able to add the knowledge and skills she has gained in this time to the Formoda team. Sue's key roles will be with corporate branding, design for print and website design and her experience means that she is able to step straight into this role with confidence.

                            Formoda were delighted to receive so many CVs and applications to our recent request for a new graphic designer and this enabled us to select the very cream of the crop to meet and interview. We'd like to thank everyone who sent in their details and wish them good luck in their careers.

                            If you'd like to learn more about Sue and the rest of the Formoda team - please click here.

                            <![CDATA[Home (page) is where the heart is]]> Home (page) is where the heart isLaunched in time for Valentine's Day and the coming of Spring with Easter and Christenings, The Heart Store website designed and developed by Formoda went live last week. The idea is simple, everything is heart related to make it easy for you to find those special gifts for your loved ones.

                            Formoda created the new branding for The Heart Store in 2010 and the website was always planned for launch in January to coincide with a range of PR hitting the airwaves.

                            The new website has a very diverse range of heart related products including:

                            • a frying pan to create a heart shaped fried egg
                            • a quality handmade leather satchel
                            • connect 4 with a heart shaped twist
                            • a heart shaped sterling siliver necklace

                            So if you are looking for that perfect gift for Valentine's, a birthday, a wedding, a Christening or just for that special person, just visit the new website and have a look.

                            To view the new website design and development, please visit the new The Heart Store website.

                            <![CDATA[Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer on]]> Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer on always keep an eye on our website statistics and it was interesting to spot that in 2010 Firefox overtook Internet Explorer as the most popular browser for visitors to

                            Internet Explorer has long been the dominant player in the Internet browser stakes and we are always hearing that "everyone uses IE", well hopefully this will start to dispel that myth.

                            These are the latest visitor figures for January 2011

                            • Firefox 37.5%
                            • Internet Explorer 33.6%
                            • Google Chrome 15.9%
                            • Safari 7.3%

                            Compare that with Formoda's first full month back in March 2007 and you can see the real shift away from Internet Explorer.

                            • Firefox 32.6%
                            • Internet Explorer 60.2%
                            • Google Chrome 1.8%
                            • Safari 4.4%

                            Now we know these statistics are just for visitors to our website and we know that they/you are a pretty enlightened bunch and therefore more likely to use more improved browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and this might not be the same across the whole Internet but we can but hope it is a step in the right direction.

                            It is also worth noting that although Formoda test and make our websites work in the most widely used versions of Internet Explorer, it often causes us problems as they just don't work as well as all the other Internet browsers.

                            If you are still on Internet Explorer and would like to explore other options, why not visit the websites of Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari

                            <![CDATA[Vets website is talking to the animals and their owners]]> Market Vets website is talking to the animals and their ownersMarket Veterinary Centre is a modern and forward looking veterinary practice in North Devon and they realised that a new website would be an excellent way to communicate with their existing and potential customers. Market Vets offer a full range of veterinary services in South Molton and Barnstaple to familiar pets (such as cats, dogs and rabbits), exotic pets and also farm animals.

                            It was key that the new website was easy to update by Market Vets using Formoda's user friendly content management system.

                            There is a lot more that website visitors can do on the new website including:

                            • book an appointment at Barnstaple or South Molton
                            • order repeat prescriptions
                            • register their pet or horse
                            • enter competitions
                            • join in the fun in the Kids corner
                            • Market Vets have already made a splash in North Devon over recent years and we at Formoda hope the new website will help this even further.

                              To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Market Vets website.

                              ]]> <![CDATA[Graphic Designers - we need you!]]> Formoda are looking for an experienced graphic designer to join our team. Ideally you will be skilled, with experience in both design for print and web and enthusiastic to push the boundaries with design and using new technologies.

                              2011 is already proving to be a bumper year and therefore we are still looking to grow the team and continue to offer the high level of service to our clients that we have become known for.

                              If you feel that you fit the bill, please send your cv to - we're waiting to hear from the best!

                              <![CDATA[Happy New Year from Formoda]]> Happy New Year from FormodaSo another year is over and now we are moving forward to 2011. The Formoda team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank everyone who has helped us make 2010 so exciting.

                              So what's coming up in 2011? Our 4th birthday, new members joining our team and more great clients, design and websites. So enjoy your bubbly and let's make 2011 another great year!

                              <![CDATA[Facebook and YouTube working for TSC]]> Facebook and YouTube working for TSCWe at Formoda are very keen on helping our clients achieve their goals through the Internet. One of the most important factors nowadays is Social Media.

                              Technical Soccer Coaching have recently had a new website developed by Formoda and we agreed that a joint scoial media campaign would drive more traffic and interest to the website.

                              We therefore set up a Facebook profile and created a YouTube account for Technical Soccer Coaching and started to spread the word. The new YouTube video was filmed at West Ham United's academy training centre and includes comments from Hammers legend John Moncur. The video has already proved to be a hit.

                              On Facebook, we helped to set up the profile and start getting friends on board and quickly TSC have found it to be an easy way to communicate with their young players and their parents.

                              To view the Technical Soccer Coaching YouTube video, please visit their YouTube profile.

                              <![CDATA[Merry Christmas from everyone at Formoda]]> Merry Chrsitmas from everyone at FormodaEveryone at Formoda would like to wish all our clients, friends and anyone else who reads this, a very Happy Christmas.

                              2010 has been a really exciting year for us, as it's been our first full year in our new offices and also has seen us grow from the 3 original directors to a team of 8 by the end of 2010.

                              Also we've found and helped new clients throughout the UK but also very excitingly has been the addition of two large multi-nationals with head offices in Silicon Valley, California and Hong Kong. It's fantastic to hear and read the positive stories and feedback from all our clients and how we have made a real difference to their businesses.

                              We hope that 2010 has been as good for all of you and we also wish that 2011 will be as exciting. Let's keep thinking positively and see if we can generate some positive news stories for the press in 2011!

                              <![CDATA[Formoda Christmas and New Year Opening Times]]> Formoda Christmas and New Year Opening TimesIt's that time of year when we all need a bit of a break and we thought we'd keep you up to date with our opening times during the festive season.

                              We're closed from Christmas Eve until the start of the new working year, so please don't try and call the office or expect to find us there as we'll most probably be sitting in front of a fire, eating too much, drinking too much or getting stuck in the snow.

                              • Open up until 4pm on Friday 24th December
                              • Closed Saturday 25th December to 3rd January 2011
                              • 4th January onwards - normal office hours - 8:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday

                              If you need to get hold of us duing this period - please email and we'll reply as soon as we can. We hope everyone enjoys their festive holidays

                              <![CDATA[Formoda Email Marketing gets thumbs up from Torquay United]]> Formoda Email Marketing gets the thumbs up from Torquay UnitedFormoda provide an email marketing service for Torquay United in order to help communicate with their supporters and release details of new products and special offers in the club shop.

                              The enewsletters have been particularly useful in increasing traffic to the club shop website and for increasing online sales. Each time an email marketing campaign is sent out there is a massive spike in sales and it has been very effective in promoting new products such as the 2011 Club Calendar.

                              Sales are up over 50% on 2009 but the email newsletters are also used to help promote other club events and to keep in touch with supporters.

                              The email marketing campaign is very effective in promoting:

                              • upcoming matches
                              • other Torquay United events, such as the recent sportman's dinner
                              • sponsorship opportunities
                              • the matchday experience

                              If you'd like to chat to Formoda about how we can help increase your sales too, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

                              <![CDATA[New website for future West Ham United footballers?]]> New website for future West Ham United footballers?Technical Soccer Coaching is a new organisation set up in East London in association with West Ham United, to coach youngsters to improve their footballing technique.

                              Their programme has been endorsed by current and past players (see details on their website) and is already successfully coaching individual and small team football techniques throughout East London and Essex. They also plan to expand their schools to other areas in the future.

                              Formoda created the new branding for Technical Soccer Coaching and were pleased to be asked to create the new website. As this is a fast growing and developing organisation, it is key that the website is easy to update with staff profiles, endorsements, latest news and also a news feed of up to date West Ham United news for all those junior Hammers.

                              The new website has received rave reviews from Technical Soccer Coaching, their associates including West Ham United and kit manufacturer Macron as well as (probably most importantly) the kids and their parents.

                              To view the new website design and development, please visit the new Technical Soccer Coaching website.

                              <![CDATA[Aromatika Website Sales up by 50%]]> Aromatika Website Sales up by 50%Formoda were delighted to launch the new Aromatika website towards the end of October and they have already seen an excellent growth in Internet sales. They have recorded a 50% increase in sales for November 2010 compared with November 2009.

                              In times when people are saving the pennies and many high street retailers are feeling the pinch, it is excellent to see someone working hard and doing well and Formoda are pleased to help make a difference.

                              Formoda have worked closely with Aromatika over the past few months to understand their market, to identify successful ways of improving their ways of communicating their message and driving people to their website. By doing this we were able to formulate a strategy that not only included the development of a new website but also how to increase traffic and ultimately sales.

                              The increase in the Aromatika sales are mainly due to the three online elements that Formoda have helped them with:

                              • The new ecommerce website development
                              • Online marketing training to help Aromatika use Facebook and Twitter to drive people to their website
                              • Formoda's email marketing system which has enabled us to set up templates so that Aromatika can update and send emails themselves

                              If you'd like to chat to Formoda about how we can help increase your sales too, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

                              Please feel free to visit the Aromatika website.

                              <![CDATA[Join Formoda on Facebook]]> Join us on Formoda on FacebookFormoda have had a page on Facebook for a couple of years now, helping to keep clients and friends up to date with all our latest news and information.

                              We've now added a Formoda profile so you can now be friends with Formoda as well. The profile helps us to provide an improved social media experience when setting our clients up on Facebook.

                              Facebook is an excellent way of communicating with your clients, customers and potential customers. Remember that if any of your friends or contacts like or comment on something you have added to Facebook all of their friends and contacts can see it too! Such an excellent and easy way of spreading your word.

                              If you'd like to chat to Formoda about how to use Social Media to drive more traffic to your website and calls to your phone, just give us a call on 01803 840898.

                              To join us on Facebook, please visit the Formoda Facebook profile.

                              <![CDATA[New website helps GARNet Community grow]]> New Touchwood website launched globallyInitially established in 2000, GARNet is a network funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, which has been set up to support the research of the small flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

                              Having undergone a re-branding exercise this summer, a new website was needed to reflect GARNet's new brand identity, cater for the changing needs of the community as well as reflect GARNet's growth of importance within a wider national community of plant scientists.

                              The new website was created to showcase and share the latest developments in the Arabidopsis and wider plant community and to facilitate direct community input to the successful running of GARNet.

                              The result is outstanding: A clean, green and friendly website design highlights the professional academic nature of plant science research while introducing the GARNet community and advisory committee as a helpful and knowledgeable mix of people. Sections for Latest News, Newsletters and Reports allow the GARNet collective to update the wider community on all the latest events while an Arabidopsis directory provides useful tools and resources for researchers.

                              The GARNet collective are very enthusiastic about the launch of the new website and are excited about making an even greater impact on the wider national plant science community.

                              To view the new design and development, please visit the new GARNet website.

                              <![CDATA[Result! New logo & badge in association with West Ham United]]> Result! New logo and badge in association with West Ham UnitedTechnical Soccer Coaching is a new venture set up in association with West Ham United who coach a dedicated technical soccer programme to promising young kids in football skills in East London and Essex.

                              Formoda were delighted to be asked to design the new branding and badge for the TSC Academy and also the new website which is to follow soon.

                              This needed to be a brand for Technical Soccer Coaching but also show the association with West Ham, to help the development of soccer skills around London.

                              The new badge and logo is being used on:

                              • Players shirts
                              • Hats, bags and other accessories
                              • A new website

                              Ian Yuill, Technical Soccer Coaching and West Ham United youth coach said "The Formoda team have come up trumps. The new badge is exactly what we wanted and the new website design is spot on. Everyone at West Ham can't wait for it to go live."

                              <![CDATA[New Touchwood website launched globally]]> New Touchwood website launched globallyThe Touchwood Group started in 1999 in Sri Lanka and now the group holding company is based in Hong Kong with a head office based in Bangkok in Thailand. As one of the most widely known and respected investment companies in Asia, and as one of the stock exchange top 100 in Sri Lanka, Touchwood needed a brand and website to reflect this.

                              Touchwood approached Formoda to re-design their corporate branding, which is now being rolled out across the globe on all of their marketing material - designed in multiple language formats by Formoda.

                              The re-development of the website, was the key to aiding the reflection of Touchwood as the Global Investment company it is, with offices and plantations in seven countries, planned expansions in another four countries and a reputable presence in another twenty countries worldwide.

                              The website is currently being translated in Thai (which will replace the temporary link to the Thai version of the old website) and Japanese using Formoda's easy to use content management system. More languages can and will follow in the future to aid Touchwood's global expansion. The new website design has already received universal acclaim and is fundamental to Touchwood's development and aim to be one of the top 1000 global companies in the next decade.

                              To view the new website please visit the new Touchwood website design.

                              <![CDATA[New website for property management and apartments for sale]]> New website for property management and apartments for saleMillstream Management Services Ltd is a property sales and management company based in Hampshire.

                              Formoda and Summerhouse Design have already been working with their sister company Churchill Retirement Living and were asked to create a website which was as successful as the Churchill one.

                              Summerhouse - based in Dorset - designed the original layout with feedback from Formoda to fit in with the printed collateral they have been creating for Millstream. Formoda then developed the new website and created the comprehensive content management system to make the website easy to update.

                              The new website has also incorporated property sales for the first time as Millstream also sell retirement apartments, so the website has an easy to use portfolio of available properties.

                              To view the new website please visit the new Millstream Management website.

                              <![CDATA[Organic, natural and now with a fab new website design]]> Sowing the seeds of successAromatika is an organic and natural skincare company which has been based in Devon since 2004.

                              The past couple of years has seen them expand their sales and wholesaling throughout the UK and they needed a new website to reflect this and to help them to attract even more retail and wholesale clients for their high quality skincare products.

                              Formoda have created an excellent ecommerce solution, which makes product, page and order administration really easy for Aromatika. Plus we have created lots of new and exciting features such as vouchers, attributes and social media integration.

                              The new website has been launched to coincide with national trade shows which Aromatika take part in and also for the start of the Christmas shopping boom.

                              Lisa Hosking, of Aromatika said "I can't stop saying Wow! Everyone who has seen the website is really impressed, plus it is so easy to use and update, thanks guys."

                              To view the new website and perhaps find a quality gift for that special gift this Christmas please visit the new Aromatika website

                              <![CDATA[Sowing the seeds of success]]> Sowing the seeds of successPlant Science is a new website which aims to achieve greatness over the next few years by becoming the main portal for information and communication between the UK community of plant scientists.

                              Set up by the Genomic Arabidposis Resource Network (GARNet) the new UK Plant Science website aims to keep users up to date with news, events, funding opportunities and research by a wide variety of scientists.

                              This has already worked successfully for smaller communities of plant scientists but they quickly realised a lot of the information and research was of interest and applicable to the wider plant science community.

                              The site has been in soft testing for the last few weeks and has had a very positive response leading the team to expand it out.

                              Simon Dolley, of Formoda said "The new UK Plant Science website is such an exciting and forward looking venture that we are proud to be involved. It is already growing before it has even been launched to the wider community and it is bound to become self-sustaining, so we wish them all success."

                              To view the new website and to learn more about our successful UK plant research teams please visit the new Plant Science website

                              <![CDATA[Corporate Style Guide points Property Frontiers in the right direction]]> Corporate Style Guide points Property Frontiers in the right directionProperty Frontiers are a leading overseas and UK investment company based in Oxford.

                              Formoda revised their brand earlier this year and as part of their brand development we have created a corporate style guide for them.

                              A style guide is standard practice for larger companies but surprisingly under-used by many SMEs. Anyone using your brand will need to follow the guidelines and therefore the style guide ensures that wherever your logo or design is used it looks the same.

                              The style guide will include details of how the logo can and cannot be used, what fonts should be used, what colours should be used and in what proportions, how and where images should be used, etc. Therefore it doesn't matter whether your local paper is going to print an article about you or you are about to get some t-shirts printed - it will all follow the same theme and style.

                              The style guide is never finished as it is added to and amended all the time, as new items are created and the brand develops. It will also include any files that anyone will ever want to use - such as the logo in various formats and file type, your corporate fonts and stationery originals.

                              So if you have ever wondered how the corporate big boys do it, just give us a call and we can ensure that your brand is used in the same way without breaking the bank.

                              <![CDATA[Our email hosting service blocks more than 5 million spam, unwanted and malicious emails in a week]]> We all know that spam emails are the bane of the current email system but are you aware of how many spam emails there are floating around?

                              We like to help to keep our clients safe from malicious and unwanted emails and the spam filter on our server is definitely doing its job at the moment. Last week our email server blocked a record 5195375 spam emails (yes that is 5 million) destined to infect or annoy our email hosting clients. This was an incredible 97.4% of all emails being sent to our email hosting clients.

                              However we would still recommend that all of clients use excellent spam filter software on their email client and computer, because spam emails can still get through. Plus there are so many other ways of getting your computer infected by visiting a website or inserting a disc or flash drive.

                              So the message is to use Formoda's comprehensive email hosting system to help keep yourselves safe and free of all those annoying emails.

                              <![CDATA[First website for established Wiltshire Guesthouse]]> First new website design for established Wiltshire B&BCourtleigh House has been run as a successful Bed & Breakfast business for 15 years and Formoda were delighted when owners Ruth and Rupert Hibberd approached us to design their first website.

                              The aim of the new website was to showcase Courtleigh House B&B to potential clients and emphasise the beauty of the property and surrounding area as well as the great service provided. Formoda wanted to create a website that was as easy to use for visitors to the website as for the owners to update content.

                              The result is a clean but friendly website design which highlights the attention to detail with which Ruth and Rupert run Courtleigh House Bed & Breakfast. Website visitors can quickly and easily find out about the accommodation, facilities and local area, see what previous guests have said about their stay at Courtleigh House and get in touch with the owners. A clever map tool even lets users get directions from their home straight to Courtleigh House.

                              Ruth and Rupert are really pleased with their new website and look forward to welcoming new guests to Courtleigh House Bed & Breakfast.

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[Formoda design bi-lingual fact sheets for Hong Kong based client]]> Formoda design bi-lingual fact sheets for Hong Kong based clientHong Kong based Touchwood are a leading forestry investment company, with plantations and offices in 10 countries worldwide.

                              Formoda are currently re-designing all of their marketing material including their company website.

                              All of the new designs from promotional brochures to powerpoint presentations are following the new corporate guidelines developed by Formoda. Formoda are creating a Corporate Style Guide which is to be used by Touchwood offices all over the globe.

                              Formoda have just designed 4 fact sheets for the company in English and Japanese in order to help promote Touchwood in Western Europe, the US and the Far East.

                              Simon Dolley, of Formoda said "We had to check the Japanese versions before they were sent to print and that's where the translators are so useful, as none of us in the office speak Japanese! It's tremendous to see that an agency like ours in South Devon can work for a global company like Touchwood and the results of our designs get used in so many different countries and languages."

                              Formoda continue to work with Touchwood launching new marketing material and the new website is due to be launched in October.

                              <![CDATA[Borrowers and lenders beating the recession with new website design from Formoda]]> New website helps Borrowers and lenders beat the recessionThe Borrowers is a new concept from an experienced team and Formoda were delighted to be involved in the website design and development.

                              The concept is simple. The Borrowers provides a portal for users to share items that other people might want to "borrow" for a short period and receive a small fee.

                              The website development was quite complex in order to ensure that the registration and adding of adverts is easy for all users and also to provide a simple system for users to borrow items and communicate with the lenders.

                              Lynn Bunniss of The Borrowers said "We're launching this in Somerset initially but I hope it will soon become a national website serving all regions. With the 2012 Olympics fast looming this will be the ideal forum for those wishing to rent out their driveways or even a spare room in their homes."

                              Lynn added: "The website was created by Devon firm Formoda who have played a significant role in advising and recommending ideas and features for the site. The team at Formoda are consummate professionals and great fun to work with and I'd like to particularly thank Toni, Richard and Will for all their hard work and getting the site ready on time - they've been very patient with me!"

                              Simon Dolley, of Formoda added "Formoda were delighted to be approached to work on The Borrowers, not only because of the commercial dynamism of Lynn but also because this is such a great project. We get a lot of people coming to us with 'great ideas' for Internet businesses which are doomed to failure but this is a fantastic concept which has been thoroughly thought through and investigated before we got involved. Lynn has been a delight to work with and we wish her all the best in making a success out of the Borrowers.

                              To view the new website design for the Borrowers please click here, there is an opportunity for the first 100 users to post an advert free of charge (please check the website for full details), so get advertising!

                              Lynn is pictured above with Richard Rawlings, Toni Berning and Will Hibberd who were the key Formoda team members involved with the development of new website for The Borrowers. Also pictured is Formoda favourite Sam the Dog!

                              <![CDATA[Email marketing drives more traffic to website]]> emarketing drives more traffic to websiteDarren Heath has been one of the most well known faces on the Formula 1 scene for over a decade and is considered by many to be the best photographer on the circuit.

                              He has incredible access to a world only dreamed about by many and therefore his post race blogs have become legendary. They are read by Formula 1 fans, drivers and team members as well as other leading luminaries in the motor sport and media industries. His blogs don't pull any punches and sometimes he is able to bring to light things that others don't see - therefore making compelling reading for many.

                              Formoda are pleased to help Darren to send these email blogs to his diverse and interesting email database, by using the Formoda Email Marketing system, Darren is ensured of:

                              • white listed servers to help with spam filters
                              • full graphical reporting on who opens the email and clicks through to the website
                              • easy to manage email lists and campaigns
                              • great design from Formoda

                              Darren has found that his blogs have been really effective in generating more interest for his website and his photography and his email database continues to grow.

                              To read Darren's latest blog or to subscribe visit his website.

                              For details of Formoda's emarketing services just give us a call on 01803 840898 or email

                              <![CDATA[Experienced PHP Developer required in South Devon]]> Formoda are currently looking for an experienced PHP and website developer to join our expanding team. We already have a strong in-house development team and are looking for a dynamic person who is looking to further their career and join us as we continue to grow.

                              Senior Developer - ideally you will already be working in a similar role and have experience of :

                              • First class PHP/MySQL programming skills
                              • Considerable experience working within a LAMP development environment
                              • Experience using version control (Subversion) and disciplined software development methodologies
                              • Excellent sever/DBA skills and experience
                              • Solid awareness of browser compatibility issues and accessibility guidelines
                              • Ability to employ code documentation/commenting practices

                              Knowlegde of some / all of the following would also be a bonus:

                              • Drupal / CCK / Views
                              • MVC frameworks
                              • Smarty

                              We'd love to hear from you so just give us a call on 01803 840898 or email your CV to

                              <![CDATA[Aromatika attract new customers with exhibition material]]> New brochure and exhibition stands for AromatikaAromatika is an organic and natural skin care company based in Devon but wholesaling to shops and spas all over the UK. September is a busy time of the year with some of the biggest retail shows taking place, such as the Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham and Top Drawer at Olympia in London.

                              As Formoda are the brand guardians for Aromatika, we were asked to design some new material to help support their marketing activities to attract new wholesale customers, including small shops, large tourist attractions, retail chains and health & beauty spas.

                              In addition to other design work previously carried out for Aromatika, Formoda have recently worked on:

                              • a new autumn/winter brochure
                              • new exhibition stands and banners
                              • promotional posters and leaflets

                              Lisa Hosking from Aromatika said "Having a good product and service is just half the battle, you need to be able to convey the right appearance and message too. We are in a very competitive market and our image is extremely important. Formoda have been vital in helping us to attract some really prestigious clients."

                              <![CDATA[GARNet receive a gem of a new branding]]> GARNet receive a gem of a new brandingGARNet is the short name of the Genomic Arabidopsis Resource Network, which (as I am sure you are all aware) is an association of plant scientists who use the ubiquitous plant genus - Arabidopsis - to further their research.

                              They asked Formoda to re-brand their organisation as part of their growth in importance within a wider national community of plant scientists.

                              The brand needed to sit in well with the cross academic and commercial worlds that plant scientist inhabit. Formoda have also created or are working on:

                              • Business cards
                              • Letterheads
                              • A new website

                              The new website is due to be launched in September, so keep an eye on our latest news.

                              <![CDATA[The Formoda web design team is growing]]> The Formoda web design team is growingWhen you hear stories about the recession and companies downsizing, it is always nice to hear a positive story. Well we are pleased to oblige and show you the evidence.

                              The Formoda team has been growing gradually in 2010 so that we can continue to offer the high level of service and quality output we have become known for. We have taken time to find the right people and are pleased to have an excellent blend of young and more experienced designers and developers, all of whom are dynamic and experts in their fields.

                              This blend has already enabled us to challenge some older maxims and create solutions which are cutting edge and pushing back the boundaries of website development, while utilising the wide breadth of experience the team has.

                              We'd just like to thank all our clients, old and new, for making this happen - as it is largely due to word of mouth recommendations that we have such a healthy workload on at the moment which have necessitated the growth in the Formoda team.

                              <![CDATA[Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery]]> Imitation is the sincerest form of flatteryIt's great when we get compliments about our site and we're flattered that this happens frequently. After all, it's nice to know that what we do is appreciated. However, ever since we launched the latest Formoda site, some people have been taking their appreciation a bit too far...

                              In the past 12 months, we have become aware of at least five "so-called" design agencies who have literally lifted our design and just inserted their own content. The cheek of it!

                              Yes, okay, maybe we should be flattered but, while we appreciate the compliment, we don't really appreciate other "agencies" stealing the designs which came at the end of lots of hard work and many years of experience.

                              At the moment, we are aware of rip-off websites in Brazil, Russia, Australia, the US and here in the UK. No doubt there's more we haven't noticed.

                              So far, everyone we have contacted has taken down or changed the offending website but we hope that this annoying (yet oddly flattering) trend stops soon!

                              If you spot one we've missed, we'd love to hear about it! No reward offered.

                              <![CDATA[New website launched with a Pop!]]> New website launched with a Pop!Pop Recruitment was established in 2005 and are a specialist PR and marketing recruitment consultancy who provide PR and marketing professionals to companies and communication agencies.

                              The Formoda team created their brand originally and were asked to design a new style for the website in order to follow the slight changes to Pop over the last five years.

                              The new website was more of an evolution rather than a complete change. It was key that the website had a fresh new feel and took Pop Recruitment forward, while maintaining the confidence existing clients had with the brand and how the website operated.

                              "I've worked with Formoda for several years across a number of projects. The experienced team, take the time to listen to my requirements and always deliver on my brief. Formoda's design service is second to none, while the digital support puts others to shame. Whether my digital request is a large web project or quick IT question, they provide instant answers and guidance. I have, and will continue to recommend Formoda." says, Melanie Lawn, MD at Pop Recruitment.

                              To view the new Pop Recruitment website design please click here..

                              <![CDATA[A new website to make your living distinct...]]> A new website to make your living distinctDistinctly Living was a new venture launched in the South West of England in 2008 with a vision to create a shop that offered unique, beautiful and useful products.

                              Having approached a number of design agencies, they selected Formoda to revise their logo and brand and also to develop a new e-commerce website.

                              Formoda wanted to create a website which properly promoted their extensive range of products for the home and also was easy to use for both Distinctly Living and visitors to the website. A stylish and professional design was also important to fit in with the style of Distinctly Living and their customers.

                              Distinctly Living are really excited about the launch of the new website, which they have decided to coincide with one of their busiest times of the year - the start of the school summer holidays. Let us hope they can cope with all the extra orders they receive!

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[A Borrower or a lender be...]]> A Borrower or a lender beThe Borrowers is a new venture from an experienced team and Formoda were asked to create a new branding and website.

                              The full details of the new website are still a closely guarded secret but Formoda were asked to create a brand which closely matched the environmental but innovative approach of The Borrowers.

                              The new logo is just a small part in the re-branding for The Borrowers. When we create a new brand we ensure that everything the company uses to communicate with others or to market themselves follows the brand guidelines. Therefore Formoda have also created or working on:

                              • Business cards and stationery
                              • Email signatures
                              • Bumper stickers

                              The new website will probably be launched in August so keep an eye on our latest news.

                              <![CDATA[Putting the heart into The Heart Store]]> Putting the heart into The Heart StoreThe Heart Store, based in Totnes, is a young, up-and-coming business specialising in all things heart. An exciting new re-brand differentiating the Heart Store as a quality business with long retail experience was a challenge Formoda were happy to accept.

                              Our research focused on their target audience and core values; as such it was important to create a brand which both reflected the nature of the business and the quality of the products on offer. The newly created brand reflects both sophistication and quality, with the heart shape acting as a subtle reminder of the products on offer.

                              The new logo is just the first step in the re-branding and Formoda are currently working on:

                              • Business cards and stationery
                              • The main website including a webshop for The Heart Store

                              Watch this space to find out more about the website development for The Heart Store!

                              <![CDATA[Multi-national Website Launch for ePlanet Ventures]]> Multi-national Website Launch for ePlanet VenturesEstablished in 1999, ePlanet Ventures pioneered the development of a truly global venture and growth capital business model. Their vastly experienced and skilled team of investors have helped develop some of the largest companies in the world such as Skype and the Chinese search engine giant Baidu.

                              Formoda were therefore thrilled to be selected to work on the new website for this US based global company, against some stiff opposition from the US, UK and India.

                              The brief was quite clear, to accurately portray the experience, achievements and global nature of ePlanet Ventures and also to make the finding of information and contact details easy for website users.

                              "Working with Formoda has been a real pleasure. Their professionalism made them stand out from the start and the communication throughout the process has been excellent. Everyone is extremely pleased and proud of our new website." Sofie Hamilton, Vice President, Investor Relations, ePlanet Ventures

                              "ePlanet are just one of a number of multi-national companies that Formoda are currently working with for corporate branding and website design and shows how a dynamic company based in South Devon can work with anyone in the world." Simon Dolley, Director, Formoda

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[CRM and Coventry University open up student accommodation in London]]> CRM and Coventry University open up student accommodation in LondonCRM London Students is the new website for students of the new Coventry University London Campus. It is based on the existing CRM Students website which Formoda developed in 2008 but with new features and content management just for this development.

                              CRM and Coventry University have teamed up to help their students find good and affordable accommodation in the capital and Formoda were pleased to be asked to develop the new website.

                              The new website has lots of functionality such as location maps, directions, photos, FAQs and details on facilities and features so the students can find the right accommodation for them in London.

                              The content management system makes it easy to add new properties, prices and locations to the website as and when they become available or their details change.

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[Re-brand for award winning, International investors]]> Property FrontiersProperty Frontiers, based in Oxford, have established themselves as one of the leading International Investment companies. Their projects have recently won some top awards and the media have lauded them as leaders in their field, so Formoda were delighted to be chosen to carry out their exciting new re-brand.

                              Our reviews and research found that their existing brand wasn't too far away from being right and also the fact they had established themselves strongly in their market, meant that a complete change would probably be counter productive. Therefore we looked at evolving the brand by tightening up the font usage and bringing in a new graphical element whilst retaining the fundamental colour scheme.

                              The new logo is just the first step in the re-branding and Formoda are currently working on:

                              • A new Investment Prospectus, starting with Natal in Brazil which will be completed shortly and then other investment opportunities will follow
                              • New micro-sites for each investment opportunity
                              • Eshots for each opportunity
                              • Business cards and stationery
                              • The main Property Frontiers website

                              "We really like the way Formoda took time to fully understand our business, our values and what we wanted to portray and then revamped our logo and marketing material to better reflect this. Our investment prospectus has been a leap forward in how the investments are illustrated and ways in which to generate interest from our investors." Ray Withers, Director Property Frontiers

                              Simon Dolley from Formoda said, "Working with Property Frontiers has been excellent, they are such a professional company who are delighted with the work we are producing to take them forward. We are also delighted to be working with another International Investment company following on from ePlanet Ventures in Silicon Valley and Touchwood in Hong Kong."

                              The existing Property Frontiers website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[Formoda welcome Toni to the team]]> We are really pleased to announce another new face at Formoda. Toni Berning has joined us as our new Sales and Project Manager.

                              Originally from Germany, Toni has also lived for some time in Australia and the UK and therefore her English is better than most English people we meet! Although she is currently living just over the border in that might change!

                              Toni has a strong background in marketing and project management and has already taken control of a few of our projects and clients and is settling in quickly.

                              We are keen that the addition of Toni and other team members will help us to continue the high level of customer service we have become known for and which has lead so many of our clients to recommend us to their friends and associates.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda and WBW Solicitors to work together]]> Formoda and WBW Solicitors working togetherWBW Solicitors is one of the leading law firms in Devon and have recently selected Formoda to help them with their new website development. Formoda has been gaining some excellent clients nationally and internationally but are pleased to be working with professional, local companies such as WBW.

                              WBW are one of the longest established firms in the region and are looking to develop their website to provide even better communication with their potential and existing clients. With offices in Newton Abbot, Exeter, Torquay and Bovey Tracey, WBW Solicitors offers a full range of legal solutions to businesses and individuals.

                              Formoda Director Simon Dolley said "It is refreshing to see a law firm like WBW not only looking to redevelop their website but reviewing how they can best service their clients through embracing new technologies. It is also very positive for Formoda to be working with such a well known, established local firm such as WBW."

                              WBW Managing Partner, Steve Bulman said "We are delighted to be working with Formoda. They stood out from the applications we received because of their understanding of our needs and attention to detail. We are excited by the potential opportunities that Formoda and the new website can deliver to WBW."

                              Formoda and WBW are currently working through the fine detail of the website with a plan to launch in the summer. The existing website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[New Faces at Formoda]]> Anyone popping in to see us over the next few weeks will notice that the team is growing. The team is expanding so that we can continue to offer the high level of service that we have become well known for.

                              Lynn Bunniss - has joined Formoda to help spread the word to Somerset and beyond. Lynn will be providing freelance sales and project management services to potential and existing Formoda clients.

                              David Hendy - is providing Formoda with additional website development skills (most notably .asp). David has already started to work with some Formoda clients.

                              William Hibberd - is the new Designer at Formoda. Will has been working with his colleagues at the Just Us Design Collective ever since University but has seen the opportunities in joining Formoda at this exciting time.

                              James Draper - has relocated from Kent to join Formoda as our new Developer. James has been working for a development company in Kent but has been looking forward to returning to South Devon as he went to University here.

                              We are all excited by the continuing growth here at Formoda and please feel free to pop in some time to meet the new team members and even say hello to some of us older faces...

                              <![CDATA[Got a bird problem? Then call Eco Environmental]]> Eco EnvironmentalEco Environmental is one of the UK's leading specialists in Bird Control and Formoda have just launched their new website.

                              Eco Environmental are delighted with their new website and are looking forward to their training next week where they will learn how easy it is to update their website. Formoda will also be giving them training to ensure that when they add case studies, articles and other information, not only do they target their audience but they understand how to include key words and phrases for search engines. This will help more users to find their website and increase their already successful marketing.

                              The website is fully content managed, so that website you see today will be updated regularly and will evolve as the Eco Environmental staff add new content and pages and update sections as their business continues to grow and change.

                              To view the new website design, please visit the new Eco Environmental Services website!

                              <![CDATA[Online Marketing Training - making it work for you]]> Social Media Training

                              Monday 17th May or Tuesday 25th May


                              Formoda Offices, Berry Pomeroy, Near Totnes

                              Only £149+vat per person

                              Provided by Formoda and SGA Marketing

                              Train2Gain funding may be available to companies of 5 or more employees to pay for this training, please contact us or Business Link for details. Spaces are limited to 6-8 people per course so that we can ensure that your questions and needs are answered, so please book early. This course is being run in conjunction with Sam Gilson from SGA Marketing.

                              Social Media and how to drive more customers to your website

                              Our Social Media course is designed for those who are familiar with the internet but need help in "piecing it all together" in order to drive traffic and work on improving conversion rates. We will cover key areas including:

                              • Planning - Key techniques to drafting and implementing a successful Social Media Programme. In this section of the course, we will focus on campaign management and proactive planning vs time management (cost)
                              • Platforms - social media is amongst the fastest growing media but is also one that is driven by "fads". In this section we will take a detailed look at what companies are using which platforms and why.
                              • Group Discussion : What platforms have you used to date? Why have you used them and successes?
                              • How to identify the right platforms for you : based on previous Group Discussion we will put together two programmes 1) for a retailer 2) for a B2B proposition.
                              • Engaging Users : The Golden Rules of communicating your messages without talking "at" your customer base.
                              • Campaign Examples - 1) The Good 2) The Bad 3) The Ugly - those who chose to ignore it!
                              • Tracking : key techniques in tracking the success of your social media activities (how to convert to ROI)
                              • Conclusions and feedback from the course

                              Please contact us for more details or to book.

                              <![CDATA[New Baby - Congratulations to Helen and David Gurney]]> We are absolutely delighted to announce that on Saturday evening at 9:20pm, Helen Gurney (wife of our Creative Director David Gurney). gave birth to a little baby girl.

                              Evelyn "Evie" Frances Gurney, weighed in at 6 pounds 6 ounces and is the first child of the proud new parents.

                              David is grateful for all the well wishers who have been in touch already and promises to be fully back in the loop soon. In the meantime, all of his colleagues at Formoda wish him, Helen and little Evie all the best.

                              <![CDATA[Website Development Vacancies at Formoda]]> 2010 is proving to be an exciting year for Formoda and because of the growth we are looking to add to the current Formoda team. We feel that these will provide an excellent opportunity for the right candidates to join a successful team at a great time.

                              Opportunities have arisen for the following full time staff but we are also interested in anyone who has recently worked or currently working in a website development environment, even if their CVs don't exactly match the following.

                              Senior Developer - ideally you will already be working in a similar role and have experience of :

                              • First class PHP/MySQL programming skills
                              • Considerable experience working within a LAMP development environment
                              • Experience using version control (Subversion) and disciplined software development methodologies
                              • Excellent sever/DBA skills and experience
                              • Solid awareness of browser compatibility issues and accessibility guidelines
                              • Ability to employ code documentation/commenting practices

                              Knowlegde of some / all of the following would also be a bonus:

                              • Drupal / CCK / Views
                              • MVC frameworks
                              • Smarty

                              Website Designer - ideally you will be a graphic designer with experience of designing for the Internet and possibly also have CSS and XHTML skills, to enable you to get involved in some elements of the actual website development.

                              Sales / Project Manager - would be responsible for developing new markets, meeting potential new clients and also project managing these and other existing Formoda clients. Experience of working in a design and/or Internet agency would be preferred.

                              We would also consider two or more people, already working together, joining the team as a package. We'd love to hear from you so just give us a call on 08450 510 366 or email your CV to

                              <![CDATA[Silicon Valley, Mayfair, collect £200 as you pass Go!]]> ePlanet Ventures Silicon Valley and Mayfair LondonFormoda are delighted to announce that they have been selected by ePlanet Ventures to create their new website and also to develop their corporate branding and other marketing collateral.

                              ePlanet Ventures are a leading Venture Capital company based in Silicon Valley in California and currently with another 7 offices worldwide including Bangalore, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai and Mayfair in London. ePlanet approached a number of agencies in different countries and were really impressed with Formoda's approach and track record.

                              ePlanet Ventures was one of the first venture capitalist companies to create a global fund and were the most successful of the many funds during the 1999 .com boom. They have been a leader in emerging markets and their most notable successes include an investment in an embryonic Skype back in 2003 and also Baidu a Chinese search engine which has become one of the top ten ranked websites in the world (according To Alexa).

                              Formoda beat off competition from other agencies in the US, UK and India to land the opportunity to re-create the ePlanet Ventures website. Formoda Director, Simon Dolley, said "This is a really exciting project for Formoda as not only are we working with another multi-national company but also that an agency like ours in the South West of England is competing well with agencies in London, the USA and India. Both ePlanet and Formoda see this as relationship which will benefit both parties."

                              Formoda are currently working on revising the branding slightly before moving forward with the website development with a plan to launch in the early summer.

                              <![CDATA[CRM use Facebook to communicate]]> Facebook CRMCRM is the leading manager of independent student accommodation in the UK and use Formoda for their online promotion and website development.

                              One of their most important developments in the last 12 months has been the Facebook and Twitter pages set up for them by Formoda. Enabling them to communicate in new ways with their existing and potential tenants.

                              Formoda set up these pages on behalf of CRM and then they are maintained and updated by the CRM managers in each location and each uses them in different ways. CRM Dundee post pictures and events to engage their tenants and to get feedback and information they require. CRM Bristol are promoting their new state of the art accommodation and encouraging visitors for their show flat which is now open. The recently renamed Urbanest London are using Facebook and Twitter to drive potential tenants to the CRM website to use the online booking system.

                              Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "While we may not all use social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I think we need to realise the potential they can offer in the business world. They can drive people to your website, help you to communicate with your clients and people they know and even re-establish contacts. I recently had contact via LinkedIn from a client I used to work with at a previous company, they felt they were no longer receiving the service they needed and could we help them at Formoda. That would not have happened without them finding me via LinkedIn."

                              If you would like to discuss how social media could work for your business please contact us and we would be happy to chat.

                              The CRM Students website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[Formula 1 comes to Formoda]]> Formula 1 come to FormodaDarren Heath is one of the leading Formula 1 photographers as featured by the BBC and is this year working with McLaren and their two British World Champion drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

                              The key for the new website for Darren was twofold. The first was to place greater emphasis on his Formula One photography with impactive, large scale imagery. The second element was to make the image galleries and blogs easy for Darren to update when travelling around the world.

                              Darren is absolutely delighted with the new website "...I can't believe what Formoda have done for me, the image gallery and content management system are so much better than anything I have had before...".

                              Darren is currently in Bahrain taking photographs in the run up to the first practice session and the race itself which starts on Sunday 14th March.

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[Vacancies at Formoda]]> Things are going really well for Formoda and therefore we would like to add to our team in order to prepare for some exciting times ahead.

                              We are particularly looking for the following types of people but the skills of the individual will probably determine the role:

                              • Website programmer
                              • Junior website designer

                              Do you like a challenge? Do you take pride in your work and always meet deadlines? Then we'd like to hear from you. We're looking for enthusiasm and attention to detail above all else, although we do have some specific skill requirements:

                              • PHP5 (OOP)
                              • MySQL
                              • Drupal / CCK / Views
                              • XHTML / CSS / Usability
                              • jQuery

                              The following would also be a bonus:

                              • YUI
                              • ExtJs

                              Immediate start. Please provide samples of your work including your specific involvement in each project.

                              UK residents only please - you'll be required to attend an initial meet & greet as well as occasional project meetings. Freelancers are welcome to apply - an excellent full time position will be available to the right person.

                              We'd love to hear from you so just give us a call on 08450 510 366 or email your CV to

                              <![CDATA[Microsoft offering alternative browsers to Internet Explorer]]> Microsoft offering alternative browsers to Internet ExplorerThe BBC website is reporting that Microsoft are to offer Internet users in Europe an alternative to their existing Internet browser. We at Formoda have had experience of this with one of our computers being offered up to 12 new Internet browsers instead of the installed Internet Explorer.

                              As Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on most users computers, they often know no different and are still using Internet Explorer 6 and 7 even though they have now been superceded by Internet Explorer 8.

                              Most importantly it will introduce millions of users to other browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera - which can only be a good thing.

                              Everyone has their browser of choice but we would encourage users to try some of these excellent browsers as and alternative to IE.

                              The full story can be found at the BBC Technology website.

                              <![CDATA[Smart website]]> Smart BookkeepersFormoda have launched a new website for Smart Bookkeepers.

                              A simple but effective website was the brief and getting across the character of the client through their cartoon images.

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[Formoda featured in local press]]> Formoda featured in local pressFormoda have been featured in the Herald Express a local paper which covers South Devon. They contacted us after hearing about some of our latest news.

                              Although we are excited about the launch of every new website or corporate branding that we create, their story concentrated on 3 key elements which are very positive about Formoda, particularly given the current economic climate:

                              • Formoda lands multi-national company based in Hong Kong - Touchwood are one of the leading forestry investment companies in Asia, with offices in 10 countries worldwide and have chosen Formoda for their brand development and website design.
                              • New staff : Formoda have recently taken on Andy Mantell as our new Senior Developer, Andy has re-located from Bristol to join Formoda's website development team. Kerry Marot has joined Formoda as our new Accounts Manager, Kerry used to handle the accounts at Dartmouth Golf and Country Club before the advent of children changed her circumstances.
                              • New premises : our new design studio and offices in Berry Pomeroy have been an instant hit with clients, visitors and staff. Everybody is really impressed and anyone who is not lucky enough to work here in this fantastic environment is a bit jealous!

                              2010 promises to be a really exciting year for Formoda so keep your eye out for more exciting news stories.

                              If you missed the Herald Express story it can be found here.

                              <![CDATA[5 Star website for luxury self catering cottages]]> 5 Star website for luxury self-catering cottagesWest Charleton Grange is a group of 5 star self-catering cottages near Kingsbridge in South Devon. Formoda have been working with them for a few years refreshing their brand and marketing material before moving on to the website.

                              West Charleton has a fabulous location and the high quality of their cottages have earned them the Enjoy England Gold Award. Formoda's task was to convert this into a website which illustrated this on the computer screens of their potential holiday visitors.

                              Use of good photography was essential as was creating a website that was easy for visitors and West Charleton to use. West Charleton can keep the website up to date using Formoda's simple but clever content management system Also the new website will work on many more browsers and computers than ever before and therefore be accessible to many more potential vistors.

                              Hazel and John Bustin from West Charleton Grange were always happy with their existing website and got many good comments but they felt that it was time for a change.

                              Often you need to see what is possible before you actually see the benefits that a new website can have for your business. So if you are reading this and wondering whether a new website could change your business, then please get in touch.

                              Some quotes about the new website from West Charleton Grange:

                              • John Bustin said "Just a quick note to say that we are absolutely delighted with the website.. it looks very stylish..and really does the place justice,... whilst still remaining understated."
                              • A current visitor said "Wow the new website is faaaaabulous and amaaaaazing"
                              • A potential visitor said "Btw, have just seen your new website - congrats, looks awesome!"

                              You can find the new website at

                              <![CDATA[BBC reports on phasing out of IE6]]> Phasing out of IE6The BBC website is reporting that British Government departments are being encouraged to phase out Microsoft's Web Browser IE6.

                              IE6 has been superceded twice by Microsoft with new versions of Internet Explorer, namely IE7 and IE8. Therefore many of the 'bugs' or problems inherent in the browser are no longer supported or likely to be sorted. This has lead Internet giant Google to announce that it is phasing out support for the out of date Internet browser.

                              Some people still use the system and for this reason, Formoda spend a great deal of time ensuring that the websites we develop work in IE6. However in addition to the time this takes, it often means that we have to re-create (or even break) systems to make them work in the out of date Internet browser.

                              In France and Germany the Governments have encouraged their citizens to switch to (allegedly) more secure browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Formoda would like to encourage our clients to do the same or upgrade to Microsoft's latest version IE8. We will then all be able to move forward together with Internet Browsers which work properly and do what they were supposed to do.

                              The full story can be found at the BBC Technology website.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda land biggest client to date]]> Corporate Branding for Hong Kong CompanyTouchwood are an international investment company based in Hong Kong, with offices in ten countries worldwide.

                              They have over 600 staff directly plus thousands more in the plantations they operate in many countries. Touchwood have been operating successfully for 16 years and aim to be a "Global 1000" (one of the most successful companies in the world) by the end of the decade.

                              With so many offices and staff in different countries worldwide it is imperative that everything Touchwood produce has the same look and feel irrespective of where it is designed and printed. Touchwood therefore turned to Formoda to discuss their existing brand and create a Corporate Style Guide which will ensure that the new brand is reproduced consistently across all marketing material.

                              Touchwood's Marketing Executive, Coran Maloney said "We first became aware of Formoda through a mutual client of ours in the UK. We noticed how everything from this company was professionally designed and followed the corporate branding exactly and we decided that Formoda could help us to do the same."

                              Formoda Director, Simon Dolley said "This shows the global nature of our industry and how it is possible for a design agency in South Devon to work with clients anywhere in the world. We have clients all over the UK and have worked with organisations in many different countries but to work with such a large organisation in the Far East is really a coup for us."

                              Formoda are currently working on the brand itself and stationery before completing the Corporate Style Guide. We will then be looking at Touchwood's other marketing material and re-designing the company website.

                              The current Touchwood website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[Formoda in the community]]> Formoda in the communityWe currently have two new faces in our lovely offices in Berry Pomeroy, as we have two work placements from South Devon College. Konrad Abramczuk and Jason Hellier are fulfilling their work placement as part of their National Certificate in Business - Level 3. They are interested in learning about the design and Internet industries and we are pleased to help them.

                              Formoda have a long involvement in working with local schools and educational establishments. We had a young lad from Paignton college over in December and he enjoyed it so much that he asked to stay for an extra week. By giving them some tasks to do and working in the same office as us, they not only find the time interesting (we hope!) but also educational. We also feel that our new offices in Berry Pomeroy provide an excellent working environment for everybody.

                              As well as work placements, Formoda Director Simon Dolley has also worked with local schools and colleges giving talks and advice to students to help them understand the needs and skills they will require when moving into the working community.

                              <![CDATA[New national website for Churchill]]> Churchill Retirement LivingChurchill Retirement Living are a leading provider of retirement developments and currently have more than 50 developments throughout the UK. Based in Ringwood in Hampshire, they have been using Summerhouse Design in Dorset for their design for print material and Summerhouse turned to Formoda to develop a new website to co-ordinate with the rest of their marketing material.

                              The Internet is a growing way of getting information out to potential tenants and it is therefore imperative that Churchill are able to update their information easily and regularly. Formoda have developed a bespoke content management system to enable Churchill to update developments, news, vacancies and their work in the community.

                              The resulting website can be found at

                              Formoda are really pleased that another joint effort with a design agency has worked so well. Summerhouse Design were able to put their faith in Formoda that the new website would complement other material they were producing and the results have strengthened their relationship with Churchill further still. Summerhouse Design

                              <![CDATA[Andy Mantell joins Formoda team]]> Andy MantellAndy Mantell joined the Formoda team on Monday 4th January in what promises to be an exciting year for Formoda.

                              Andy has been working for a top agency in Bristol as a website developer for 2 years but he could see the prospect of joining Formoda offered such excellent opportunities, that he handed his notice in immediately.

                              Some of our clients may already have got to know Andy as he has been thrown straight into our busy work schedule, helping to develop new and existing websites.

                              We'd like to welcome Andy to the Formoda team and we are already working on some new and exciting projects together.

                              <![CDATA[Nationwide car sales website goes live]]> usedcars2u.comChief Rentals are one of the leading vehicle rental companies in the UK, providing vehicles for casual purposes and also for commercial and domestic insurance claimants. In order to provide the highest quality service they change their vehicles every year and therefore have a large number of one year old vehicles to sell.

                              They had been selling a lot of these vehicles through car auctions and existing car sales websites and magazines but realised that the high quality of their vehicles (each one is regularly cleaned and serviced and goes through a 150 point check before being sold) meant they had the potential to sell these vehicles themselves.

                              The result was that they approached DNA Advertising, Formoda and SGA Marketing to create a new Internet solution for them. DNA Advertising have handled the corporate branding and design for print solutions, Formoda have built and developed a content managed e-commerce website and SGA Marketing are helping with the optimisation of the website and online marketing. The resulting website can be found at

                     is a revolutionary idea where users can buy vehicles outright online without seeing them first. The 14 day money back guarantee gives the user the confidence to make the purchase backed by well known company profile of Chief Rentals. Formoda have created three websites in one with the options to seek for and purchase usedvans and usedtaxis and the extensive content management system enables Chief Rentals to properly display the vehicles details to potential purchasers.

                              Not only are Chief Rentals delighted with the resulting website, Formoda are really pleased how the three agencies working together has provided an excellent solution for the client and we look forward to similar projects working with DNA Advertising and SGA Marketing in the future.

                              <![CDATA[Aromatika gets a facelift!]]> AromatikaAromatika have just opened their new shop in Totnes and needed shop signage with that 'wow' factor, so they turned to Formoda.

                              We took their existing branding and developed it with a new style which has gone down really well with existing and new clients. Aromatika are now carrying this new brand forward into all their marketing material.

                              Aromatika make organic and natural skincare products, which are not tested on animals, all hand made in Devon and SLS and Parabens free.

                              Corporate branding and graphic design services provided to Aromatika include:

                              • Shop signage
                              • New marketing brochure
                              • Enewsletter design and sending
                              • Posters and other promotional material
                              • Business cards and stationery

                              Lisa Hosking from Aromatika said, "The response to the new shop signage and marketing material has been amazing it has really helped us in the run up to Christmas. David got it just right, everyone comments on the flowers and the professional design."

                              <![CDATA[Fantastic new offices for Formoda!]]> New Formoda OfficesExciting times for Formoda, we will shortly be launching details of a great new website we have been developing and news of some exciting new projects coming in but immediately is the exciting news of the new offices we are moving into tomorrow.

                              Set in the beautiful and historic Devon village of Berry Pomeroy, the Byre is part of the Duke of Somerset's estate and we are really pleased that the Duke feels we are a welcome addition to the estate.

                              Everyone who has seen the new offices has the same reaction "Wow!". Set in beautiful countryside, this converted barn has been decorated to a very high standard and has exactly the right feel for a creative agency like Formoda. We feel that this will aid our creativity and take our graphic design and website development to new heights.

                              We'd love to invite all our friends and business associates to come to our new offices and will be arranging an open evening as soon as we have sorted out all the little bits and pieces with setting up a new office and also when we have a lull in our busy workload.

                              <![CDATA[Opportunity for web developer / programmer]]> It's exciting times for Formoda, not only are we soon to be going into new offices but we've got some really good projects in the pipeline. Because of this we need to add to our in-house team and associates.

                              Do you like a challenge? Do you take pride in your work and always meet deadlines? Then we'd like to hear from you. We're looking for enthusiasm and attention to detail above all else, although we do have some specific skill requirements:

                              • PHP5 (OOP)
                              • MySQL
                              • Smarty
                              • XHTML / CSS / Usability
                              • jQuery

                              The following would also be a bonus:

                              • YUI
                              • ExtJs

                              Immediate start. Please provide samples of your work including your specific involvement in each project.

                              UK residents only please - you'll be required to attend an initial meet & greet as well as occasional project meetings. Freelancers are welcome to apply - an excellent full time position will be available to the right person.

                              We'd love to hear from you so just give us a call on 08450 510 366 or email your CV to

                              <![CDATA[BBC reports on phishing threat to computers]]> PhishingThe BBC website is reporting that Internet users needs to be cautious of a new batch of Scareware (or phishing) flooding users computers.

                              Criminals are scaring users into thinking that their computers are infected and that they need to download a patch to repair the problem. Obviously as soon as they do perform the download they are actually infecting their computer and opening it up for the criminals to use your personal information (including secure passwords and card details) for financial gain.

                              We at Formoda have had a couple of clients contact us saying they are worried about something like this and we have advised them not to click anything unless they are 100%. Our email spam filters will aid the protection of your computer but you can easily pick up something like this from visiting websites. Our advice is to be careful on what you sign up for online, be careful who you share your details with and to get your own good virus protection on your computer.

                              The full story can be found at the BBC Technology website.

                              <![CDATA[Animal Travel Insurance Website Development]]> Animal Travel InsuranceAnyone who has ever bought insurance online knows that it is a very detailed process and everything has to be just right. Well that is exactly what Formoda have just created for Animal Travel Insurance an online quoting and booking system which is just right.

                              Many people insure themselves when they travel abroad but what about their pets? This is exactly what Suffolk-based Animal Travel Insurance address with their new online system, giving their customers the peace of mind when they travel abroad.

                              The new system developed by Formoda had to comply with strict insurance regulations and was checked regularly by Lloyds of London. It also had to ensure that whatever combination of pets or circumstances it delivered the correct quote and certificate.

                              Animal Travel Insurance are really pleased with the results and are looking to extend the system to other fields in the near future.

                              The new website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[Up to 2 years web and email hosting for the price of 1]]> Formoda have been inundated recently with companies worried about their existing web and email hosting and looking to change.

                              As many of these companies are part way through an existing website or email hosting account they are concerned that if they move now they will be losing out on the rest of year's hosting for which they have already paid.

                              Formoda are therefore offering up to 2 years hosting for the price of 1 year. Basically you will set up a hosting account now and pay for 1 year but you will get 1 year's hosting + the rest of the year until your domain renewal date (any date between 1st October 2009 and 30th September 2010). Therefore your next bill won't be due until 12 months after your renewal date.

                              For some clients this may only be a week or two and for others could be up to 12 months of free hosting.

                              This is not a gimmick, just a way of making sure that companies don't lose out just because they feel that it is time they moved their email or web hosting.

                              If you would like to talk through it more we are happy to chat, just call 08450 510 366

                              <![CDATA[Wow! Great new website from Formoda]]> Well we think so and we are sure after a little perusing you will too.

                              This is the first re-design of the Formoda website since we first launched it in March 2007 and we are delighted with the results. As our clients work takes priority, it has meant a few long nights and weekends working and finally a few scheduled days in to deliver a website design which properly showcases our work and internet development skills.

                              Some of the new features include a changing home page, just go back there and click refresh and you will see what we mean. Isn't that clever?

                              We have refined our portfolio - this is so it easier for people to see the potential of what we can do for our clients, sometimes with so many portfolio projects you can see the wood for the tree. We will keep the portfolio fresh by adding and changing projects from time to time.

                              We will also keep you up to date with all our projects via our latest news - which will also update our Twitter and Facebook pages - please feel free to follow us there. You will also see our constantly changing tag cloud, please feel free to ask us about this.

                              As with all our clients websites we build them the right way to ensure that they work on as many browsers as possible, meet W3C validation criteria, adhere to the disability discrimination act, aid search engine optimisation and mean that the website is available to as many potential clients as we can.

                              <![CDATA[Eco-investment website doesn't cost the earth]]> Eco InvestmentsFollowing a successful brand development by Formoda, EcoInvestments were ready to develop their new website design.

                              Because EcoInvestments are providers of environmental financial investment opportunities, it was fundamental that the site had a professional banking feel to inspire confidence and that it worked in conjunction with the newly created brand.

                              Special attention was given to Search Engine Optimisation in the initial concept and a comprehensive content management system now allows the EcoInvestments team to steal a march on the competition and to add the latest opportunities in an instant.

                              The new website can be found at

                              <![CDATA[Online marketing specialists turn to Formoda]]> SGA MarketingSGA Marketing are specialists in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, so you can be sure they would be very careful when selecting who would be best to build their new website.

                              We at Formoda are pleased to announce that they choose us and that they are very pleased about the results. It was imperative that the new website was built the right way and provided the information they needed to promote themselves to some of the leading blue chip companies in the country who make up their clientele.

                              Sam Gilson of SGA Marketing said "We chose to work Formoda as their work to date clearly shows that they understand how to develop strategic brand development campaigns. Since the launch of our new website and re-branding we have been inundated with new leads and enquires which believe are entirely down to their understanding of our target audience and their touch points. We would strongly recommend Formoda and its team to any company looking to invest in developing a brand to reflect their values across the board - excellent job!"

                              <![CDATA[Clothing and toys for twins and triplets]]> Kiki & Bree - All things twinsKiki and Bree of London are delighted with their new website from Formoda. Featuring the new corporate branding also designed by Formoda. The website is aimed particularly at mothers of twins and triplets offering them specialist clothing and products.

                              A user friendly content management system makes it easy for Kiki and Bree to update their products and other pages. The website has many features including a gift list where mothers of twins can help their friends and family find the right gifts for their children.

                              The new Kiki and Bree website includes

                              • New website design
                              • User-friendly content management
                              • Easy to use e-commerce
                              • Gift list feature
                              • Link to Google Products
                              <![CDATA[SGA Marketing take their first steps with their new brand]]> SGA MarketingSGA Marketing are a new online marketing company and when they needed a new corporate branding they looked no further than Formoda.

                              As a new media company they needed a brand which not only looked professional but illustrated that here is a company who knows what they are doing. SGA Marketing are one of the leading providers of online marketing in the South West with some very high profile customers.

                              Corporate branding and graphic design services provided to SGA Marketing include:

                              • New company logo
                              • New website design (coming soon)
                              • Email signatures
                              • Business cards and stationery
                              <![CDATA[Formoda bring Kiki and Bree to life]]> Kiki & Bree - All things twinsWhen Kiki and Bree were looking for a new design for their business promoting products for twins, they were recommended that they speak to Formoda.

                              It was important that the new branding set the right tone for their business, attracting new mothers of twins and relatives looking to buy gifts.

                              Corporate branding and graphic design services provided to Kiki and Bree include:

                              • New company logo
                              • New website design (coming soon)
                              • Packaging
                              • Business cards and stationery
                              <![CDATA[Harbour World - new website portal]]> Harbour WorldHarbour World is a brand new website portal for everything to do with boats. On the website you can:

                              • Post and look for crewing positions
                              • Buy and sell boats
                              • Promote your sailing club
                              • and much, much more

                              As all the listings are being populated by individuals and companies, the user interface has to be really user-friendly. Easy to use text editors and even a simple plot-your-location-on-the-map feature, have made it simple for users to add thier listings already.

                              Harbour World has already attracted dozens of new members in its first few days and new features will be added throughout the summer, so why not check it out and even add yourselves before the rush?

                              <![CDATA[Look at this! New website design]]> Look at this!Look At This are a unique promotional company based in Berkshire, who needed an eye catching new website design and Formoda were happy to help.

                              On-car advertising has been around for a while but the added zest of the "carvers" has given Look at This an added bonus at top promotional events.

                              Formoda have created an attractive website and through the use of flash animation have easily illustrated the method and use for the advertising of Look at This. How do you think the Formoda car looks?

                              <![CDATA[New Website for National Association]]> APSAThe Association of Professionals in Services for Adolescents (APSA) came to Formoda when they were looking for a new content managed website design, because of a recommendation from another professional association who had already had a website designed and developed by Formoda.

                              They needed an easy to update website for members and staff. It was also important that the website provided a good source of communication with members and potential members.

                              The main goals of the new website were:

                              • New fresh website design
                              • Easy to update by association members
                              • Aid communication with members
                              • Attract new members
                              <![CDATA[Greenlife featured in Vogue magazine]]> GreenlifeFormoda are proud to announce that our client Greenlife have been featured in the latest edition of Vogue thanks to their website.

                              Vogue magazine found Greenlife via their website (which was designed and developed by Formoda) and chose to feature them based on what they saw. In the April Edition of Vogue they say "...Greenlife is reaching out to customers globally via Take a cyber trip around this amazing online shop, you won't be disappointed."

                              If you'd like to see more about Greenlife, please visit their website or read more about them in Vogue's "Natural Selection" in the April Edition.

                              <![CDATA[New website design for Devon company]]> Southernhay LivingFormoda have launched a new website design for Devon based Energy Assessors, Southernhay Living.

                              Southernhay Living are energy assessors based in Devon but providing Energy Performance Certificates all over the South West.

                              Southernhay are specialists in Commercial Energy Performance Certificates so a key element of the new website design was to showcase the variety of types of clients they work with.

                              Southernhay's Director, David Fletcher said "I have worked with the Formoda team for a number of years and as always their work is exactly what we wanted and needed."

                              The services for Southernhay Living include:

                              • New website design
                              • Corporate branding
                              • Stationery design
                              <![CDATA[CRM Limited Website and Extranet]]> CRMFormoda are pleased to announce the new website design and extranet development for CRM Limited in Oxford.

                              CRM is one of the main commercial property managers in the UK and is the largest manager of student accommodation in the country.

                              The new website is aimed to showcase their variety of services and case studies to other potential clients and also to show their growing portfolio.

                              An essential part of the new development was the new online "Extranet" which has enabled CRM to keep in touch with all their people at all of their sites across the UK. They are able to search for people, download files, view details of latest news and vacancies.

                              CRM's Director of Student Services, Heriberto Cuanalo said "The website and extranet are absolutely marvellous, communication within the company has never been better. Thank you to all the Formoda team for another excellent job."

                              The services for CRM include:

                              • New company website
                              • Content managed news and vacancies
                              • New company extranet
                              • Content managed people database
                              • Company document download facility
                              <![CDATA[Torquay United Fans Survey]]> Torquay United Football ClubFormoda have helped Torquay United to run a fans survey.

                              The survey is available in to ways, one is an online version and another is a A5 postcard which can be filled in at the matches.

                              The online version developed by Formoda is quick and easy to use and also adds all the details to a database so that they can effectively be used for market research by the club.

                              The A5 postcard was also designed by Formoda and has been handed out to fans at recent matches for their feedback. Fans have the added incentive of 2 season tickets on offer to the winners.

                              The benefits of the Torquay United Fans Survey are:

                              • Greater knowledge about the TUFC fanbase
                              • Fans from all over the world can feedback
                              • Adding email addresses to the TUFC database
                              • More intuitive details on people for targeted emailing
                              • More positive feeling for the fans who are being asked for their opinion
                              <![CDATA[Bluetooth Interactive Website]]> Bluetooth Interactive Formoda have launched the brand new Bluetooth Interactive website.

                              Bluetooth Interactive are a proximity marketing company based in Central London. Proximity Marketing is when companies send promotional messages to user's phones via bluetooth technology.

                              Bluetooth Interactive needed a new website to showcase their service, product and previous work to potential clients.

                              Internet Services provided to Bluetooth Interactive include:

                              • Content managed website
                              • New website design
                              • Email signatures
                              • Home page flash animation
                              • Website hosting and email hosting
                              <![CDATA[Corporate Branding for London Agency]]> Bluetooth InteractiveFormoda were asked to create a new brand for a London based proximity marketing agency..

                              Bluetooth Interactive are a proximity marketing company based in Central London. Proximity Marketing is when companies send promotional messages to user's phones via bluetooth technology.

                              It is very important to pitch a branding at the correct target market. It was therefore essential to create a brand that was fresh and modern to fit in with their market place but also had a professional aspect to give credibility to their company.

                              Corporate branding and graphic design services provided to Bluetooth Interactive include:

                              • New company logo
                              • New website design
                              • Email signatures
                              • Business cards and staionery
                              • Company order forms
                              <![CDATA[Happy New Year]]> Happy New YearDavid, Richard and Simon would like to wish all our clients and business associates a happy new year.

                              We hope you didn't over indulge during the festive season and hopefully (like us) you are raring to go in 2009.

                              We believe that if we all pull together we will all come out stronger following the current financial situation, so please do not hesitate to ask if you need any help or would just like some advice.

                              <![CDATA[Season's Greetings & Xmas Opening Hours]]> Xmas 2008 FormodaFormoda are closing down for Christmas at 12pm on Christmas Eve and will be back in the office on Monday 5th January 2009 from 8:30am.

                              If you have any urgent enquiries during this period, please email (other email addresses may not be checked over the holiday period)and we will endeavour to respond when we can and according to the urgency of the request.

                              So we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to speaking again in 2009.

                              <![CDATA[Sending too many Christmas Cards this Xmas?]]> Xmas 2008 FormodaFormoda would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and also show some samples of the e-cards we have been sending out for clients this year. An ecard is a quick and environmentally friendly way of keeping in touch with your clients and business associates.

                              They can also be used, like the one for Torquay United AFC below, to promote your products or upcoming events. Formoda can send them out for you and track how many people open them and click through to certain pages in your website from the email. An email doesn't just have to be for Xmas either, they can be an excellent way of keeping in touch (but not pestering) your clients all year round.

                              To find out more please contact us.

                              <![CDATA[South Devon Business Club Website]]> South Devon Business Club WebsiteFormoda have launched the brand new South Devon Business Club website. The website is designed to handle much of the administration for the club.

                              The Business Club has approximately 100 members throughout South Devon and holds 12 diverse meetings each year. The website provides a central point for members to share information, they can post news and offers - which can also be viewed by all visitors to the website.

                              The new website is fully content managed and handles all the membership applications and renewals, including sending reminder emails to users. Reminder emails are also sent out for each meeting and members and guests will book meetings via the website.

                              South Devon Business Club officers are able to add in meetings automatically and users can view details, search for the location on a map, get directions and book the meeting online. Members of the South Devon Business Club can also update their information.

                              The key features of the new website design are:

                              • Content managed meetings
                              • Members information, news and offers
                              • Automated meeting emails
                              • Automated membership renewals
                              • Content managed members information
                              <![CDATA[Executive Recruitment Agency in Central London]]> Fenton Clark Recruitment BrandingFenton Clark are an experienced team of executive recruitment specialists based in Central London who needed a fresh new branding.

                              Formoda were commissioned because of our experience in the recruitment field and because they liked what they had seen us do for other companies requiring new corporate branding.

                              Formoda have been commissioned to design and develop

                              • A new logo and brand
                              • A series of business cards
                              • Company stationery
                              • Promotional material
                              • A content managed website (currently under development)

                              Fenton Clark Recruitment Website The new website is fully content managed with an easy to use Job Search to ensure that candidates can find the right vacancy for them.

                              Fenton Clark's key services are

                              • Executive Recruitment
                              • Interim Management
                              • Business Analysis
                              • Turnaround Solutions
                              • Leadership Coaching
                              • Training and Mentoring
                              <![CDATA[Up "Pops" a new website for London Recruitment Agency]]> Pop Recruitment Website Pop Recruitment are specialist in the PR and Marketing recruitment fields and they therefore like to make a splash with their advertising and website.

                              The brief was to make a "pop art" website which targeted candidates and clients for both permanent and freelance vacancies. While the design might not be everyone's favourite, we truly believe that it will help Pop stand out and continue to succeed in a very competitive London recruitment market.

                              The new website is fully content managed with an easy to use Job Search to ensure that candidates can find the right vacancy for them

                              Pop Recruitment's MD Melanie Lawn said "As a team you have made this whole process a pleasurable trying to run a business, be an active recruitment consultant, and get a new site live - all in one go - could have been difficult but you made it far easier than I expected. We love it! Our clients love it! As do our candidates! - so everyone is happy."

                              The key features of the new website design are.

                              • Unique "Pop Art" design
                              • Content management system
                              • Updateable jobs database
                              • AJAX based hide/unhide features
                              • Automated email alerts
                              <![CDATA[Green and environmental jobs all over the country]]> Green Roles Website Green Roles is a new name in the environmental and green recruitment sector in the UK and are part of the larger Roles Group.

                              Formoda are proud to be involved in their new development and have just helped launch the new Green Roles website..

                              Green Roles Clients Formoda created the main branding for Roles Group as well as the sub-branding for Green Roles and other sub-brands. The new Green Roles website has been designed and laid out by Formoda and is the first of the Roles Group websites to hit the market place.

                              Green Roles Jobs If you look at the new Green Roles website designed by Formoda you will recognise many household names and also jobs throughout the country..

                              <![CDATA[New Branding for London Recruitment Agency]]> Roles is a new face on the recruitment block in London and will soon be launching a new recruitment portal website. Formoda were entrusted with the crucial branding process to set Roles in the right position in the market place.

                              Roles Targeted Recruiting

                              Formoda have created or are currently working on

                              • a new logo
                              • a new corporate font
                              • letterheads
                              • business cards
                              • a new website design
                              <![CDATA[Get your vitamins and minerals 'ere!]]> Greenlife Website Design Greenlife Direct are moving forward in the promotion of vitamins, minerals and other health products through their new website designed and developed by Formoda.

                              They have been trading online for a few years now and realised it was time to improve their website.They specialise in the sale of natural products and remedies for you and your family including vitamins and minerals, natural health supplements, natural skin care, bath and shower products and organic herbal teas.

                              Greenlife Direct Online Although Greenlife are already successful trading with many people in Devon and online, they want to reach a wider market. So they have employed Formoda and E-Strategy (a search engine optimisation company) to ensure that their website is easier to find, targets the right markets, is easier to update and actually makes them money.

                              Greenlife Totnes Town Store An integral part of the new website is not only to sell to users online but also to promote the, already successful, Totnes town store and the events they hold there. The website links in with Greenlife's EPOS system to keep product information up to date and then Greenlife are able to update other information for the website.

                              The key features of the new website design are.

                              • Linking with Greenlife's EPOS system
                              • Content management system
                              • Updateable products and database
                              • Ecommerce developed by Formoda with link to Secure Trading checkout
                              • Updateable information on the Totnes Town Store
                              • Bespoke VAT reporting plus order management and selection system
                              <![CDATA[Total Employment website evolving]]> Total Employment Website Just Accounts Recruitment have been doing really well but their name has been a little restrictive since they have branched out into Office and Industrial job vacancies. So a re-brand into Total Employment UK, has meant that they are able to tackle more recruitment fields and Formoda have re-developed the website to use the new branding.

                              Just Accounts Recruitment It was important that the new website didn't change too much as existing customers should know that they are still getting the high level of service, so Formoda evolved the design and used some new colours for the different sections.

                              Industrial Jobs Total Employment have a whole new "Industrial" section and the website mirrors this and has a subtle new colour for the "accounts" section.

                              Total Employment is an excellent example of how a well built and designed website need not be binned entirely even when a company re-brands and changes its name.

                              <![CDATA[Maker Coating make a splash]]> Maker Coating Website Maker Coating have just launched their new website.

                              The website utilises the new corporate branding and logo (also designed by Formoda) and coincides with Maker's move to new and improved premises in Exeter.

                              Coatings Manufacturers Online The website is content managed enabling Maker to add and change all the products for sale themselves, all they need now is the time to do this, as the new brand, move and website are already making them busier than ever!

                              Coatings Colour Swatch The new website has lots of key features but two of te main ones are the ability to choose your own colour from teh swatch under special colours (where applicable) and the special online quoting system for existing trade customers who may be able to get special discounts for regular and bulk orders.

                              The key features of the new website design are.

                              • Fresh new design to tie in with new corporate branding
                              • Content management system
                              • Updateable producs and database
                              • Ecommerce developed by Formoda with link to Secure Trading checkout
                              • Special colours and swatches
                              • Special trade and direct login and quoting system
                              <![CDATA[Estate Agent Website helps Helmores]]> Helmores Estate Agents Website We hear so much at the moment about the credit crunch, how the property market is in trouble and that estate agents are going bust. Well I'm pleased to say that one of clients is bucking the trend and they say that is partly due to the website designed by Formoda.

                              Helmores Estate Website Rob Stoyle from Helmores Estate Agents in Crediton said "Just some feedback to you guys: We are receiving so many positive comments all the time regarding the new site, many people tell us that its by far the best one out of our competitors and we've secured many new instructions off the back of it! So money very well spent and many thanks to you all for putting together such a brill site!!"

                              Helmores Olympics Header The website is easy to update and also easy for users to find and hear about the properties they are looking for. It also features a changing header, showing a different graphic each week. Currently you can see the first of two special Beijing Olympics Headers.

                              <![CDATA[Welsh camping and caravan park reap rewards]]> Gower Villa Touring Park Gower Villa Touring Park had a new website designed and developed by Formoda in the summer of 2007.

                              The website was a new venture and key to increasing their numbers. Despite the terrible weather we have experienced so far this year, the owners of Gower Villa were pleased to tell Formoda how well the website design was working for you.

                              Holiday Attractions Map Pembrokeshire Nigel and Gareth Featherstone said "Just to let you know that the site is full now until the end of August and we can put most of it down to the web site." They continued "We keep getting comments on how well designed the site is. A big thank you to you and your team on that."

                              <![CDATA[Fresh Move Letting Agency Website]]> Fresh Move Website Fresh Move is a letting agency based in South Devon and, due to the increased number of people wanting to let property at the moment, needed to make their website more user friendly and easier to update.

                              It was extremely important that anyone at Fresh Move was able to update their website easily, as lettings agents need to be able to add, update and remove properties extremely quickly.

                              It was also important that the new website was more user friendly to help people to find the right property for them. One of the key new features is the email alerts which sends out emails as soon as a property is added which meets their criteria.

                              Lettings Agents Website The new website has already had a remarkable reception. Fiona Loud from Fresh Move said "I have already had more enquiries from the new website in the first day than I normally have in a week, I hope that continues!"

                              The key features of the new website design are.

                              • fresh new design to tie in with offline material
                              • content management system
                              • updateable properties and database
                              • property email alert system
                              • Google maps and directions
                              <![CDATA[Student Accommodation throughout the UK]]> CRM Students Website CRM Students is the leading independent manager of student accommodation in the UK and Formoda are proud to launch their new website for 2008.

                              The website is easily updateable via the specially created content management system enabling CRM Students to keep all their locations up to date.

                              With 20 sites throughout the UK the Internet is proving an extremely effective way of marketing student accommodation for CRM and a comprehensive but easy to update website was very important for them

                              Student Accommodation UK The website has a variety of features to bring the accommodation to life and an easy to use navigation to help you find the right location for you and the relevant information when you get there.

                              CRM Students Accommodation The key features of the new website design are.

                              • fresh new design
                              • content management system
                              • updateable photos and room plans
                              • walk throughs and videos
                              • flash location maps
                              • content managed prices, faqs, features, etc
                              <![CDATA[Formoda take part in Charity Golf Event]]> Formoda Charity Golf Event Formoda were proud to take part in a charity golf event last week raising money for Cancer Research UK. Pictured in the Formoda team above are Simon Dolley, Pat Duke, Matt Bettesworth (from Bettesworths Commercial Estate Agents) and Jim Green from DNA Advertising.

                              The event was organised by Loughtons Independent Financial Advisers and Lameys Accountants. Last year's event raised over £4000 for Cancer Research UK and they are hoping to raise even more this year.

                              A great day was had by all and our team managed to represent ourselves well and even manage a net eagle or two. If you would like to donate any money to the Cancer Research UK feel free to follow the web link below.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda Launch New Servers]]> Webmail Hosting Email Formoda completed the smooth mirgation to new website and email hosting servers over the weekend.

                              The upgrade means that we will be able to carry on our extremely high level of service. We still guarantee 99.9% level of uptime but our previous servers enjoyed an unblemished 100% service.

                              Thanks to our communication with our clients and preparations, hopefully the disruption should have been non-existent. However as discussed it is worth our clients checking mail on the old server via WebMail, in case any emails were directed there during propagation. Just go to "My Account" using the link below, choose "WebMail (Old server)" and enter your email username and password.

                              Email Hosting Webmail I you have any questions about our server migration please do not hesitate to ask.

                              <![CDATA[Happy 70th Birthday HPI]]> HPI Platinum Prize Draw HPI celebrates 70 years of vehicle history checks this year and to celebrate they are offering the motor trade the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

                              Formoda have set up a simple website which allows the motor trade to enter the Platinum Prize Draw. Entrants are compiled, stored and details sent through to HPI to manage the prize draw.

                              <![CDATA[Do you need to freshen up your house?]]> Interior Design Website penelopetom a new interior design and homeware gifts company based in Devon launched their new website this week.

                              Using the new corporate branding, also designed by Formoda, the website has already been wowing potential customers, so why not have a look yourself?

                              The bespoke shopping cart and content management system developed by Formoda for penelopetom, enable them to keep their website up to date and also process orders securely.

                              Homeware Gifts Website There are a wide range of homeware gifts and products to improve your interior design and the unique photography brings the website to life.

                              Interior Design Products The key features of the new website design are.

                              • new Corporate Branding
                              • content managed products, interior design news
                              • bespoke product photography
                              • secure checkout and transactions
                              <![CDATA[Bristol Urban Design Consultancy]]> Hamilton Baillie Website Hamilton Baillie, an Urban Design Consultancy based in Bristol got their new website design today.

                              The new website design has been developed to help Hamilton Baillie showcase their past and upcoming projects and keep them up to date via the user friendly content management system.

                              Traffic Planning UK It should be nice and easy for users to find projects via the interactive google map or using the search facility. The map uses UK and Global co-ordinates to pinpoint the locations accurately.

                              Urban Design Consultancy The key features of the new website design are.

                              • interactive google map
                              • content managed projects, news and publications
                              • cartoon gallery
                              • enlargeable images
                              <![CDATA[Fabulous new website for Mayrose]]> Mayrose Farm Cottages Today we have launched the new website for Mayrose Farm Cottages in Cornwall.

                              We have developed a new design and style for Mayrose for the website and the use of excellent photography has brought the website to life.

                              Farm Cottages Cornwall The other key element of the new website is the ability for Mayrose to keep the website up to date with the bespoke content management system developed by Formoda, check out the cottage availability section.

                              Holiday Cottage Availability The key features of the new website design are.

                              • interactive google map
                              • content managed cottage availability, prices and offers
                              • updateable cottage information
                              • new website design and photography
                              • embedded Flickr gallery
                              • latest news and guestbook
                              <![CDATA[Need to know about Schwarzkopf hair products?]]> Ask Schwarzkopf Website Formoda, in conjunction with GM Design, are pleased to announce the fresh launch of the new Ask Schwarzkopf Professional hair products site.

                              Originally an intranet, the upgraded site now available to the general public for the first time. It contains up to date information on the full Schwarzkopf Professional portfolio and helpful application tips that can be referenced by hairdressers and their clients all over the world.

                              Ask Schwarzkopf Russian Website GM Design, global marketing consultants for Schwarzkopf Professional, created the new design and are able to maintain the website in conjunction with their client in Germany by using the user-friendly content management system developed by Formoda. The site is also available in 11 different language options with the ability to add more.

                              Lucy Clare Robarts-Arnold, Director of GM Design said "...we're delighted with the project outcome. Your team spirited, 'can-do' approach greatly appreciated again."

                              <![CDATA[Nice design for Penelope Tom]]> Penelope Tom Logo Penelope Tom is a new name on the interior design map in Devon.

                              They wanted a fresh design for the new interior design shop which will be opening soon in South Devon and also for the new e-commerce website, which is currently being developed by Formoda.

                              Formoda have created the new branding which will shortly be used on

                              • promotional cards
                              • shop signage
                              • a new e-commerce website
                              <![CDATA[World Wide Web comes to an end]]> It was announced this morning that the Internet is to be shut down with immediate effect. The announcement came following calls to get people to start talking together in person once more rather than virtually.

                              Simon Dolley from the Devon website design agency Formoda said "It is shame because we make our living out of the Internet. Oh well, I think I'll go and live on an island somewhere."

                              Reports suggest Simon's colleagues Richard and David have decided to respectively start up a sanctuary for mad border collies and a cheesy chips outlet.

                              Government officials were unavailable for comment but Bill Gates was heard to say "Damn".

                              <![CDATA[Maker get a new lick of paint]]> Maker Coating Logo Maker Coating provide specialist coatings to protect surfaces.

                              Their brand and logo was looking a bit old fashioned and as they were planning to move premises in 2008, it seemed a great time to refresh their image and produce some new stationery and marketing material.

                              Formoda developed their existing logo and brand so that it had a fresh appeal and more professional appearance, but not too far removed from the original in order to maintain existing customer confidence.

                              Formoda have created or are currently working on

                              • a new logo
                              • a new corporate font
                              • letterheads and continuation sheets
                              • business cards
                              • a new corporate folder design
                              • a new e-commerce website
                              <![CDATA[Formoda hold Internet and Design courses]]> Formoda director, Simon Dolley, has been holding Internet and design courses on behalf of Enterprise South Devon.

                              The courses have government backing to provide local businesses with useful information to help their marketing, so Enterprise South Devon turned to local business experts in this field. Simon's courses have been aimed at helping businesses to utilise graphic and website design to move their businesses forward.

                              Some courses have already been completed (details below)

                              • Search Engine Optimisation - 20/02/08
                              • Branding and Image - 03/03/08
                              • Websites, where do I start? - 05/03/08
                              • Selling using the Internet - 06/03/08
                              • Marketing Using the Internet - 19/03/08

                              For more details of these and other courses, please contact Enterprise South Devon - 01626 837000

                              <![CDATA[New Website for Crediton Estate Agents]]> Helmores Estate Agents Website Formoda are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for Helmores Estate Agents in Crediton

                              With a fresh new design and much increased functionality the Helmores website aims to maintain their position as the leading agent in the area.

                              Helmores Estate Website There are so many great features on the new website, that we'll just explain some of them here, the rest you can see for yourself by visiting the website.

                              • interactive google maps
                              • similar properties nearby, with distances
                              • find properties by area or find nearest to a postcode
                              • content managed, ask the expert, helmores team, etc
                              • vendor section - to keep updates on how many people are viewing and interested in your property
                              • email to a friend, get a mortgage quote, etc
                              <![CDATA[Formoda Business Link Presentation]]> Formoda Business Link Presentation Formoda Director, Simon Dolley has been asked to make a number of presentations for Business Link and the Enterprise South Devon.

                              The above image is from one seminar held to help businesses to make effective use of the Internet and Simon's presentation was one of four you can view by the following the link below. (the event was filmed by 2.0 Ltd)

                              You too might be interested in hearing more about what Formoda can do to help your business grow through effective use of the Internet, if you are please contact us.

                              We'll have details of upcoming presentations on this website shortly but the next one is one entitled "E-strategy" held on behalf of Enterprise South Devon with Sam Gilson from E-strategy. This event to be held on Wednesday 20th February, for more details please contact Jessica West at Enterprise South Devon 01626 837000.

                              <![CDATA[New website for Edward Drummond]]> Edward Drummond Website Edward Drummond is a high quality head hunting and recruitment company with offices in Bristol and London.

                              Following a highly successful re-branding exercise in 2007 with Formoda, Edward Drummond needed a new website to show off their new branding and back up their professional services.

                              Edward Drummond PD Generator A key element was the ability to keep the website up to date and respond to potential clients quickly and with the correct material. One element of this is the ability to create quality pdfs (example pictures above) for sending by email or in their high quality printed folder (also designed by Formoda).

                              The result has already been effective in helping Edward Drummond to develop their market with the top employers throughout the South of England.

                              <![CDATA[Wedding Matters new website]]> Wedding Matters Website Wedding Matters provides a variety of wedding planning options throughout the South of England.

                              Formoda provided a whole new corporate branding in 2007 and the next step was a content managed website to match.

                              Wedding Gallery From the wedding gallery pages (check out some of the incredible weddings), through to the press, blog and suppliers sections, Formoda have made it easy to keep the website up to date.

                              So if you're thinking of getting hitched, why not check out the website to see what the possibilities are and how you can reduce your stress.

                              <![CDATA[Does your website work the same for everyone?]]> Website Testing Would you open a new shop and only allow certain people through the door? No of course you wouldn't, so why do just that with a website?

                              It may surprise you to know that people aren't necessarily viewing your website on the same Internet browser as you, and if your website doesn't work on that browser you could quite easily lose that customer.

                              Current figures (source has 48% of users on Internet Explorer 6, 33% on IE7, 13% on Firefox (though it is suggested that this is higher in the UK) and 3 % on Safari. All of these browsers (and others) will render coding errors differently and this is why websites may appear differently or not work.

                              Formoda Website Design It is important that the website meets W3C compliance criteria (look out for validation links at the bottom of your website) and is tested on all browsers. Formoda test their websites on IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari (on PC, Mac and even itouch - pictured), Opera and Sea Monkey.

                              A client of ours recently brought my attention to a brand new website designed by another agency which didn't work in Firefox or Safari despite claiming to meet W3C validation criteria. Have a check of your website, ask your developers and give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your customers.

                              <![CDATA[Happy New Year from all at Formoda]]> Happy New Year 2008 from Formoda David, Richard and Simon would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2008.

                              We hope that 2008 will be as fruitful for all our clients as 2007 was for us. A year ago we did not even exist as a company, so we are delighted with the progress we have made in such a short time.

                              Just have a look at our portfolio for the website design and graphic design we have carried out over the past 10 months. So if you are looking for website designers in Devon or anywhere in the UK why not "knock on our door"?

                              Probably even more successful has been our web and email hosting success. Since we set up our new servers 6 months ago (upgrading after only 4 months due to the delightful success we achieved early on), we have not had one second of downtime. Hopefully our clients are pleased with the success they have had and are benefiting from a simple service which works.

                              <![CDATA[Just Accounts Recruitment new website]]> Just Accounts Recruitment Just Accounts Recruitment Ltd is a specialist accounts and office recruiting agency based in Plymouth.

                              They came to Formoda to give a whole new look to their website and also make it easy for them to update.

                              Just Office Team Just Accounts can update their latest accounts and office vacancies, update their team members and also keep their clients and candidates up to date withe their Frequently Asked Questions.

                              Potential candidates can register their interest in new vacancies and also subscribe to receive automated emails as soon as a new vacancies added.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda help out with Quail by Mail website]]> Quail By Mail Based in South Devon, Quail was established to provide a range of ladies ethical fashion encompassing comfortable basics to flirty couture.

                              Quail had the advantage of using Jason Clark to design their new website but Jason was let down by the back end developer he was using to integrate the website with their ecommerce provider. Because they were running out of time, they decided to contact Formoda to see if we could help.

                              Quail Content Management System Formoda were able to build a content management system to enable Quail to maintain their website and integrate the shopping cart with the PayPal payment system.

                              This will hopefully be the first of many collaborations between Yellowfields and Formoda, combining our graphic design and website development skills for the benefit of our mutual clients.

                              Jason Clark from Yellowfields said "I took the conscious decision to commission local expertise to help me meet a very tight deadline. Formoda rose to the challenge. They were very flexible, responsive and professional. Within a very tight timescale, they integrated my design with a CMS and PayPal shopping cart. Quail's website is live, trading and working really well. I look forward to tapping in to their expertise in future projects."

                              <![CDATA[New Job Shop Devon Website]]> Job Shop Devon Job Shop Devon is the home of permanent and temporary vacancies in Newton Abbot and Paignton. They provide jobs for people throughout Teignbridge, the South Hams and Torbay and needed a new website.

                              Of paramount importance was the ability for all their staff to be able to maintain their vacancy database quickly and easily. They can also print out a full list of job details for users who wish to read them offline at their leisure.

                              Job Shop Devon Vacancies The new website makes it easy for potential candidates to register their interest in a particular vacancy and also subscribe for vacancy updates. As soon as a new vacancy is added, all users who are interested will receive details of that job.

                              <![CDATA[Agricultural Economics Society]]> Agricultural Economics Society The Agricultural Economics Society has over 350 members in 65 countries worldwide, so an update of their website was an excellent way to keep in touch with their members.

                              Their information changes regularly so a content managed website was a must. They produce two journals which need regular updating and also hold an important annual conference and other conferences and events.

                              Agricultural Economics Society Journal The Agricultural Economics Society are extremely pleased with their new website, finding it easy to update and it has already received a positive response from their members.

                              <![CDATA[Stylish cars, stylish website]]> Richard Thorne Classic Cars Richard Thorne Classic Cars in Berkshire have been going for over 25 years and this was their big step forward with the Internet.

                              The nature of their classic cars are perfect for viewing online and Formoda have enabled them to keep the website up to date themselves and promote their new and used Morgans and Lancias.

                              So if you're looking to add a little style to your driving experience why not log on to the new Richard Thorne website and see where your desires take you.

                              <![CDATA[Quanta leap forward with...]]> Quanta Consulting Quanta Consulting is a new venture into the environmental and energy sectors for an experienced recruitment team. Formoda have provided their branding and are developing a new website.

                              The new brand had to be clean but reflect the new market they were targeting. This has already been used on their stationery, business cards and promotional brochure.

                              Quanta Consulting Website The new website is currently in development and is content managed, enabling Quanta to update jobs regularly and easily in order to keep them at the forefront of London recruitment agencies.

                              <![CDATA[Car Dealer's can win with HPI]]> HPI Dealer Exchange HPI are the leading provider of used car checks in the country and Dealer Exchange is an excellent system developed to aid car dealerships do a check and promote their vehicles.

                              The new website is part of a marketing campaign to promote Dealer Exchange. Over 55,000 car dealerships all over the UK will be receiving a mailer with a unique code. They will be asked to enter this code into the new website to see if they've won one of the excellent prizes on offer.

                              The website developed by Formoda, manages all the winning and losing entries, whilst providing reports to the HPI sales team with details of who is entering on a daily basis.

                              HPI Publishing Partners HPI are already delighted with their new website and hope that it will be as successful promoting Dealer Exchange as it is with data and information capture for their sales team.

                              Please feel free to visit the new HPI Dealer Exchange website by following the link below, though you will not be able to enter without a valid code because of the security and failsafes incorporated by Formoda to protect HPI from fraud. You can also visit the main HPI website and see for yourself how an HPI check works.

                              <![CDATA[West Charleton Grange gets a refresh]]> West Charleton Grange West Charleton Grange is a complex of self-catering cottages and apartments in the South Hams, Devon.

                              They came to Formoda in order to freshen up their website with new photos and new prices. We were able to include a whole series of new photographs for each cottage, showing the individual delights of each one.

                              While we were doing this we suggested it might be a good idea to create some nice pdfs of each cottage for website users to print off and read at their leisure.

                              Self Catering Cottage Devon "FAB. I would book to stay here immediately. So pleased - wondering whether to rebrand." Hazel Bustin, West Charleton Grange

                              <![CDATA[Camping or caravan in West Wales?]]> Gower Villa Touring Park Gower Villa Touring Park is an established camping and caravan park in Pembrokeshire, which has enjoyed a marketing face-lift thanks to Formoda. New stationery and a new website aim to take this site forward for people looking to holiday in West Wales.

                              The website includes new photos of the attractive Pembrokeshire countryside and information about what to do when holidaying in the area.

                              Holiday Attractions Map Pembrokeshire A key feature is the interactive Google Map which Formoda have programmed to include local tourist attractions with website links and more details when you click on that particular venue.

                              <![CDATA[Racing Morgans at Britcar, Silverstone]]> Formoda Britcar Formoda would like to congratulate the RTM Morgan Roadster Team on their superb showing at this weekends Britcar 24-hour endurance race at Silverstone.

                              Formoda were originally commissioned to build a site to showcase the capabilities of Richard Thorne Motorsport. With Formoda consequently deciding to sponsor the team themselves, the site was developed to keep visitors updated on the race via a content-managed area which would also allow visitors to see the latest images from the race. David from Formoda was particularly grateful for the comprehensive content managed system since he volunteered to join the team and update the site himself for the entirety of the race!

                              Morgan Britcar Silverstone The team came a fantastic 17th from 61 starters and finished 4th in its class. You'll see more of the race in the new series of Top Gear as they had their own team entered in the event, their car finishing a respectable 39th. Clarkson and Hammond also made a personal appearance in the RTM garage to remonstrate with the team next door!

                              The event will also be televised soon so look out for the little Morgan!

                              <![CDATA[Torquay United Club Shop Website]]> Torquay United Club Shop Formoda are pleased to announce the launch of the the new Torquay United Club Shop website.

                              The website offers the full range of club merchandise, is easy to update and also features season holder discounts and an account login facility.

                              Torquay United Flyer Formoda designed a new flyer (pictured) to promote the new website and this was handed out to fans at a recent home game and also in the club shop.

                              The reaction to the new site has been 100% positive even prompting one fan to say he was tempted to buy from the website when he could just nip down to the ground and save on the postage. Hopefully the website will help the continued revival at Torquay United and lead the club back to their rightful place in the Football League.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda do our bit for Charity]]> Formoda Charity Golf A team representing Formoda were pleased to take part in the recent Lameys/Loughtons charity golf day raising money for Cancer Research UK.

                              Over £4000 was raised by the fees paid by the golfers on the day, the various raffles, additional competitions and charity auction.

                              Paul receiving prize from Bruce Grobelaar The event was organised by Lameys Accountants and Loughtons Independent Financial Advisers. Although Formoda didn't win the event (or even get close), Paul did win the longest drive competition and can be seen receiving his prize from Bruce Grobbelaar who also took part in the event.

                              To find out more about Cancer Research UK or to pledge any more please visit the link below.

                              <![CDATA[Free Hosting for up to 6 months]]> Server Uptime Report So many companies are keen to swap their web and email hosting over to Formoda (because of our excellent customer service and uptime - see report, left) but may have already paid another company for up to a year's hosting. So Formoda have decided to help out and offer free hosting for up to 6 months - until your domain registration/renewal date. If you renewal date is 6 months to 12 months in the future we'll offer half price hosting. You will then be free to cancel or continue to take advantage of our excellent hosting service.

                              Don't take our word for it, see what some of our customers say. Pi Kerr of Pi Designs, Bristol commented, "Formoda have been especially helpful when transferring domain names over to their hosting. If you need help or advice you can talk to a human who talks in plain English and makes the process as easy as possible."

                              Every domain has a renewal date (even if it has been registered for more than one year at a time) and the offer is valid up until that date in the next 12 months for your domain. You will then decide whether you want to continue with our excellent service and prices (our combined web and email package is just £100+vat p.a.) or cancel.

                              We know that you won't want to cancel because of our excellent customer service and quality of service (see the server uptime report for July).

                              Please contact us for full details and to take advantage of this limited offer.

                              <![CDATA[New site for London Recruitment Agency]]> Holland and Tisdall Holland and Tisdall's new website is another step forward for this London Recruitment Agency.

                              Not only does the new website reflect their professionalism but it is also easy to update. This means that potential candidates can be assured that the website is right up to date.

                              With jobs available throughout the UK and the world, users can search by category, industry and/or location.

                              There will also be a Google Map making it easy to search for jobs in your area.

                              <![CDATA[Home4pets - is the home for pet products]]> Home 4 Pets - products and supplies is just that, a home for pets. They have everything from pet products to articles, news, DVDs, books and even software for all your pet needs.

                              So whether you're looking for something for your cat, dog, horse, bunny or even that snake or spider home4pets probably have the product or information for you.

                              As well as the UK version of the website is also available in the USA, Canada, France and Germany.

                              <![CDATA[View the source Luke]]> Customer 1st - Customer Services Customer 1st had a website built only a year or so ago but it was not valid W3C code which meant that it was not accessible to everyone. This was important as they deal a lot with the public sector, who know how important it is that everyone can view your website.

                              So they approached Formoda and we updated their website to make it W3C valid, meaning that more people can view the site irrespective of what browser they use or any disabilities they may have. We also added content management and a new news and partners section, so that they can keep their website up to date. All of this will also help their search engine results.

                              Stephanie Edwards of Customer 1st said "Formoda not only delivered on time an exceptional website, with the international flavour we required, but exceeded all our expectations. The customer service we received was first class, well done and thank you."

                              <![CDATA[New Exeter Estate Agents]]> Southernhay - Exeter Estate Agents Welcome to Southernhay Estate Agents a new estate agency based in Exeter.

                              Because they are new they are keen to get new properties so give them a call as I'm sure you'll get an extra special service.

                              The new website features their new corporate branding, is easy to update and has features such as rss feeds and an integrated Google map.

                              Mukau Media Listen to what David Fletcher from Southernhay Living thinks about Formoda by clicking on link below. This service is kindly provided by Mukau Media

                              <![CDATA[Is your website compliant?]]> Formoda website is compliantDoes your website conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards?

                              What good is a website if not everyone can see what you see?

                              What is validation?

                              Validation means that your website has met the standards set down by the W3C. More details can be found if you follow the links below.

                              Why does it matter?

                              If your website is not valid, Internet browsers will automatically do their own error checking, leading to wildly different displays of your website.

                              Valid websites are much easier to read for users with disabilities, who might want to make it text only, increase the size of the text or convert it into audio. You might be losing a lot of people who might otherwise want to use your website.

                              There is very good evidence that search engines much prefer valid websites, as the code is cleaner and easier to read. Therefore a valid website could mean better search engine results.

                              If you'd like to check your own website please follow the link below. If you'd like to talk to Formoda about whether we can help yo to make your site valid, please contact us on 08450 510 366

                              <![CDATA[If you want to Stay in Brittany...]]> The new Stay In Brittany website Set in the fantastic Brittany countryside, Le Presbytere offers a very warm welcome and excellent accommodation.

                              Excellent use of photography and good information were paramount in showing the benefit in staying in this part of Brittany, along with an easy to use location map.

                              The website is maintained by Frank and Penny Down via a user friendly control panel, enabling them to keep the information valid and up to date.

                              <![CDATA[Countryheat really cooking now!]]> The new Countryheat website This is Countryheat's first foray into the Internet world and the key thing was to drive people towards their showroom on the edge of Dartmoor.

                              Clean design was necessary to showcase their range of wood burning stoves, cookers and accessories but also the ability to update the website with new or changing products. Now they've just to find the time to keep it updated.

                              You can listen to a podcast of what Lorraine Flood from Countryheat thought about the development process with Formoda by clicking on the feedback link below. This service is provided by 'mu@kaumedia

                              <![CDATA[Priory Fisheries nets the net]]> Formoda are pleased to announce the launch of the new Priory Fisheries website.

                              The website combines excellent images with easy to update content. Priory are able to update fish species, prices, images and even keep a blog.

                              <![CDATA[W3C compliant website for Formoda]]> W3C Sites is a collection of web sites created by designers that conform with the W3C standards.

                              Formoda's website has been ranked highly and conforms with the W3C compliance standards.

                              We like to think the websites we develop meet all the accessibility criteria to help our clients but to have it confirmed by the industry standards is even better.

                              <![CDATA[100% up time on Formoda internet hosting]]> As part of our web and email hosting we guarantee 99.9% up time, therefore meaning that chances of your web or email hosting being down are 1 in 1,000!

                              So we thought we'd better test this to make sure we weren't making false claims and this is what we got back.

                              From: Apr 01 2007 12:00 AM (EU/Western
                              To : May 01 2007 12:00 AM (EU/Western)

                              1. Formoda site ( HTTP Test (Port 80)
                              - uptime: 100.000%
                              - downtime: 00min
                              - outage: 0

                              Not bad eh?

                              <![CDATA[That's Living Alright]]> Formoda are pleased to reveal the new name and branding for Southernhay Living (a division of Southernhay Estate Agents Ltd).

                              Southernhay needed a fresh design which reflected the professional nature of their market but also the environmentally friendly side of their business.

                              The new branding has already been incorporated into letterheads, business cards, compliment slips and for sale boards. There will also be a new website appearing in the near future. Samples of the design can be found in our portfolio.

                              <![CDATA[Formoda gets thumbs up from techies]]> When we launched our new website we decided to give it the hardest possible test and submit it to the web development community for feedback.

                              These people are at the cutting edge of Internet develoment and programming and are extremely difficult to please.

                              When we develop websites for our clients we aim to use the latest technologies and up to date coding such as CSS, XHTML & AJAX.

                              The results have been a resounding success, so please feel free to view our rankings.

                              <![CDATA[Welcome to Formoda]]> We're so pleased to be able to launch our new company and our new website. Formoda was established by three individals with a wealth of experience in the design and Internet industry. We are already building strong relationships in order that we can provide the best possible service to our mutal clients.

                              We hope you like our new name, brand and website and we welcome feedback and enquiries from everyone so please feel free to drop us a line.

                              From all at the Formoda team.

                              <![CDATA[Are you protected?]]> Fewer than half of Internet users believe that it is their responsibility to protect personal information online which may explain why 12% had experienced online fraud in the last 12 months.

                              So reports the BBC website in an article today based on a Government backed survey. The website suggests a series of tips on how to stay safe online:

                              » Use passwords made up of letters and numbers and change them regularly
                              » Install spam filters and if you do receive spam, delete them immediately
                              » Install anti-spyware and anti-virus software and keep it up to date
                              » Ensure home wi-fi has a password and firewall
                              » If you suffer an online fraud, report it to your bank, retailer & the police
                              » Ensure your computer's firewall is switched on