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New South West NHS website and staff extranet

9th July 2012 @ 7:46am

New South West NHS website and staff extranetPeninsula Pathology Partnership represent the three NHS trusts of South Devon Healthcare, Royal Cornwall Hospitals and Plymouth Hospitals and provide pathology services throughout the peninsula and beyond.

Formoda created their new branding and we also have been updating their promotional literature, reports and other design for print. However the new website was always a key part of the development process and we are pleased that it is now live and being used by staff and potential clients.

The main website is quite simple at this stage and is being used as a promotional tool for the partnership as they promote their services within Devon and Cornwall and further afield. Peninsula Pathology have already added to the website by creating a new page. Also a key feature of the website is the Staff Login facility.

The staff login is an extranet aimed at the 500+ staff members in the Peninsula Pathology partnership, allowing them to log in and see content for their eyes only. This section includes special information, FAQs, contact details and the opportunity to feedback on the progress of partnership.

Chris Winfield, the Programme Manager at Peninsula Pathology said "Formoda have done an excellent job creating a visual identity for our new partnership, one that retains links to our NHS roots, but with a new, clean and commercial design. In developing our website, Formoda have worked with us closely to understand our needs and find solutions that work aesthetically and practically. I can see us continuing to work with this design and development team as our business continues to grow and meet the developing needs of our customers."

To find out more please visit the Peninsula Pathology website and you'll probably learn a little bit more about what happens after you have a test in a hospital or medical clinic too!



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